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McDonalds Responds To Minimum Wage Protests (hoax)

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posted on May, 25 2015 @ 09:09 PM

originally posted by: johnwick

What you think magically in the last 20 years all the hard working smart workers just disappeared?

I travel into dozens of manufacturing facilities across many industries and there is a very COMMON theme - they cannot find the skilled workers to run the machines and maintain the machines. My own employer has ran short-handed for years because we cannot find people smart enough and skilled enough to do the job, and we pay GOOD MONEY.

My job is made more difficult when I have to place a new piece of equipment into a facility, and that employer can't find enough people with the skills and intelligence to learn how to use the automated equipment. And when I do find a location with skills, and give them education to use the equipment...guess what??? They move ON to another employer that steals them with offers of bigger pay! Skilled laborers are in short supply and great demand.

With all the complaints about people not being able to find a decent job, it shocks me to see dozens of GOOD paying careers go unfilled.

So, is possible that workers now ARE lazier and stupider than they were 20 years ago.

There HAS been a change in 20 years, and it is the youth that want to go to college and find a DESK job, and cannot, who are complaining about the minimum wage, while skilled blue-collar jobs that require technical education go unfilled. It must be that the youth are not interested in hands-on type of work anymore...until the student loan debts from their MBA or their liberal-arts degree pile up and force them to flip burgers....and they think they should make more money doing jobs that used to be reserved for teenagers?

posted on May, 25 2015 @ 10:55 PM
a reply to: ProfessorChaos

Oops, I noticed I left out the part where I invited you to now "tell me how hard you had it"

But I guess you figured out on your own how much I needed to hear that!

Actually, if you really have an idea where they're coming from, you'd at least have some kind of empathy and understanding, which you don't showcase as far as I can tell.

Basically, the only thing you did was expand on your rant against me, and I only skimmed over it. I'm not buying it, sorry, YOU and your family managed, I'm very happy for you, however, the reality of the matter is that not everyone can nor will, it is built into the system, so how exactly do you avoid this??

You think poverty can be fixed by the same people that are in the class? Lmao, sorry
They're given tools to try, and they can fight eachother over it. As much as a couple people can escape poverty, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of this class, you're ignorant for pretending "it's their own fault!", it's the same everywhere, the poor are an inevitable side effect that is all too easy to point the finger to

Yep, you sound like you look down on them, just my opinion I'm sure.

How do you get rid of the poor? Give them all IT jobs? Who's going to cook burgers at McDo? People who don't deserve modern commodities? Please.

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