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Dogs and Vaccinations

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posted on May, 25 2015 @ 04:10 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

If what is an animal serum? The pet vaccine?

posted on May, 31 2015 @ 06:11 PM
a reply to: iDope

Well,being as I groomed for 15 years I have to say I am totally shocked by your statements. If everything you say is true,then I want to know where this groomer is and what state. I have never ever heard of that being standard working conditions for groomers,where you can just up and give someone's dog a shot!!! That is totally against anything we ever did in Missouri.

Number 1.Yes SOME dogs will act up. Those that have been mistreated,not groomed often or at all,and those that are always brought in with matted hair.(matted hair constantly pulls on skin making anything painful for the dog)
2.Dogs that are brought in regularly and are in good condition,tend to really enjoy going to the groomers.I have had many many dogs that were really happy to be at the shop,we even had a yorkie that showed up on his own! He just walked in the back door and said hi. We figured out who's dog it was and called them to tell them their dog wanted to be groomed it seemed. They laughed and said okay.
3.Anytime we had a dog that was so unruly that we could not correct it's behavior to do the grooming,we would simply call the owner and tell them,the grooming had to stop. They could come pick up their dog and either,get it a shot at their vets,then bring it back,or just pick up the dog and take it home. We refused to dispense ANY medicines to the dogs. Not our circus folks.
4. Any correction done by us,was humane and gently. A firm NO,repeated as needed generally did it with dogs. It is more about the GROOMERS attitude than the dogs when it comes to grooming. If the groomer is calm and relaxed,the dog will soon become that way as well.
5.I am very very upset and sincerely sorry that this happened to you and your loved one. All the groomers I worked with loved dogs to no end. They were like crazy cat people on steroids over dogs. I personally have known groomers that :
Jumped out on a highway stopping traffic to save a dog,duck,cat and other animals.
Have opened their homes to strays,and injured animals to keep them alive until someone could be found that wanted them.
Have suffered numerous injuries from dogs,yet go back every day to get bit,jumped on,scratched,drooled on,peed on,humped,puked on,and even bled on. And they go right back the next day and do it again.Most of those groomers were bitten in the face by dogs as kids.And never learned. I am one of them. Our love for dogs is so strong,we can't stop. Its an addiction for us.But its an addiction we can't and won't give up.
If the apocalypse happens,you will see a bunch of crazy dog groomers out there trying to round up dogs and 'save' them from it.
Personally,I would sue them. You must display terms and conditions where they can be seen for all the customers.If not,they don't apply. I worked for the Danforths here in St.Louis.They are dog crazy people.There was even a case where the one Danforth (a lawyer) went to bat for the rights of a dog in court.

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