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A brief synopis

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posted on May, 18 2015 @ 08:30 AM
So I'm bored and have an excessive amount of free time at the moment (which is AWESOME btw). So I have decided to attempt to VERY briefly address my thoughts (to the best of my limited knowledge.) on all of the current top threads (just for fun). Her we go...

1. Marijuana - agreed, anyone with a brain and a moderate degree of literacy knows that marijuana legislation is based on corruption, propaganda, lies and corporate greed with no credible science to back any of it up.

2. Internet oversight - "They" whoever they are have been monitoring and controlling the flow of information available on the internet for quite some time now. So Im not really surprised here though I think this is somehow more about money.

3. NC woman in tent - I've known for a long time now that none of us save for the elite truly own any property. ( look into the real estate and business practices of the first american millionaire john jacob astor)

4. Zimbabwe aliens - not familiar but I've been convinced of ET''s presence for a while now so I usually avoid related threads

5. Mayan Pyramid - Absolute shame and just another blatant example that all corporations care about is dollars.

6. Gender fluidity - Get over it (view my post history for more on that one)

7. Israelis want compensation - at the risk of sounding insensitive this almost seems to perpetuate an age old stereotype of "Gods chosen people" call it social programming but I can't help but picture an old school orthodox jew with his hand held out saying " eff you, pay me"

8. Vanishing houses - I heard about a house in Indiana that moved itself once, I found the source to be credible.

9. Russian history - lol, most of official history is wrong. Have fun celebrating slaughter the nativ...err I mean thanksgiving.

10. Obama on private schools - Don't really see the logic here and I could be wrong but didn't our chief executive go to private school. If so what does that say about his stance on the very government he is currently "in charge" of?

11. Aliens not saviors - Quite a few respected scientists including Stephen Hawking have made this claim. While I hope for the best on that one it would not surprise me in the least if they are in fact already here working with the governments of the world. Which should speak volumes on their intent unfortunately.

12. Fact resistant humans - While I know this has to be a spoof article, I have personally met many of these such humans, sadly.

13. Bright spots ceres - not familiar at all so no comment

14. Jeb Bush - we need more like this young woman who are willing to face these creatures known as "politicians" and voice their anger, frustration and that we know the truth in our hearts.

15. Roswell slides - again I'm already a believer so no further comment

16. Universe a matrix - I personally find this to be scary and not so bad at the same time. I find it better than believing that some very judgmental and angry invisible sky man will condemn us to an eternity of suffering for even the slightest offense but then confuses us with stories of compassion, forgiveness and free will.

17. Nepal earthquake - my thoughts and best wishes out to them in their time of hardship (HAARP, JK)

18. Ameritox urine testing - This is atrocious absolutely, I would seriously look into a good lawyer and aim for a big suit on this one. If you can not afford one try getting your story out there to forums where you may be able to find donations from compassionate people.

19. Congress doesn't care - again lol, I think most of us here have known that for quite a long time.

20. lion in cage - Sad that that majestic creature had to suffer like that for so long. Heart warming to see him enjoying the earth the way he was meant to.

21. Michelle Obama - hates white people it would seem

22. Boston proffesor - is it any surprise that our higher learning institutions push agendas that are not good for us? After all it is the already

23. kentucky free range family - Don't really know what to think here, on the surface I say let them be but...I think I saw something about a gun and some threatening comments made by them to a neighbor. Not a smart way to stay off the grid, right?

24. Cops lose jobs - while I see the hypocrisy here I have no sympathy for CLEOS (Corrupt legislation enforcement objects). I also can speak from personal knowledge of a situation where a person I know was arrested for possession with intent of a substantial quantity of a certain plant. The arrest was made based off of an illegally obtained warrant that violated that persons expectation to a right of privacy. The officer who obtained the warrant was force retired be in doing so he embarrassed the judge. However the only reason that came into play is that this person had the money for a good lawyer to fight their case.

25. Train derailed - then congress slashes their funding the very NEXT DAY, oh the irony. Are there coincidences in the universe, I think not.


posted on May, 18 2015 @ 10:50 AM
Now tie it all into a story...

I loved #21

posted on May, 18 2015 @ 11:16 AM
I've had that idea for a while now but unfortunately I've also had the worlds longest case of writers block but thanks for stopping by and checking it out. I was starting to get disappointed that no one did and assumed it was because of my misspelling of synopsis. a reply to: whyamIhere

posted on May, 18 2015 @ 02:08 PM
That was quite funny your majesty.

posted on May, 18 2015 @ 02:33 PM
Courtseida reply to: blupblup

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