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The day Obama sold us out

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posted on May, 20 2015 @ 06:57 PM
Our basic problem is this:

The elite have scientifically come to understand that revolution and change comes from a vibrant middle class even often the upper middleclass known as the classical Bourgeoisie.

Indeed, revolutions rarely start with the poor they have found out. The poor are too busy trying to just survive.

So a few years ago one of the think tank elitists wrote a book revealing that the middleclass needs to be brought down a few notches so the elite can be safe from change

This middleclass was growing by leaps and bounds up until the Reagan revolution where he basically innovated the voodoo economic trickle down scam: Let the rich have all the money and they’ll make a bunch of good jobs for us all.

Of course this was a ruse in order to shift the resources from the Middleclass back to the rich
And it’s worked like a charm with the advent of the second Bush the results of this scam come to fruition in the 2007-8 depression where the elite took all that money and gambled it away on those exotic investments called derivatives that all came crashing down.

It proved that the elite, when they do have practically all the money, they DON’T invest it, they play with it in order to get richer

So after that Obama was hired to calm the storm and get things back in order so the elite can carry on with this scam.

They created the tea party, gave us this insufficient Obamacare( instead of single payer) and the new right wing to help get the GOP back in power

Now we are basically DOOMED!

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posted on May, 20 2015 @ 07:31 PM
a reply to: wayforward

I agree with everything you have posted here, except the percentage of my income directly controlled by the government.

Let us not forget that the government has mandated all members of my family must be covered under a health insurance plan with coverage for things my family will never use.

Prior to the ACA I could at least select coverage appropriate for my family. Or, God forbid, if things got tight, could take the chance of going without coverage for a while.

So by my calculations, because the law requires I have health insurance, other laws require I have auto insurance, if I have an FHA guaranteed mortgage, the law requires i stash about 1/12th of my property tax and mortgage insurance with the lender every month so they can pay my taxes and insurance once a year... approx 60% of my income is a tax or government mandated payment to the system.

My disposable income just keeps getting smaller and smaller.

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