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"I want to join the Space Force."

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posted on May, 16 2015 @ 10:55 PM
Sgt. Boot - Are you gonna read that magazine all day or are you gonna look up?

Willie Vee - I'm sorry. I didn't know you were there.

Boot - Here I am! What are you reading? Oh, "Space Force Life." You wanna join the Space Force or you just wanna read the magazine?

Vee - I was thinking about it.

Boot - Oh, you were thinking about it. That's real sweet. Well, come on sweetheart! Follow me to my office! I'll help you make a decision. Sit down! I'm Sgt. Boot. And you are?

Vee - I'm Willie Vee.

Boot - You are Civilian Vee. And you want to be a Citizen. That's beautiful! Are you thinking about the Space Force?

Vee - Yes, sir. I'm here to get some information about it.

Boot - You want some information? That's fantastic because I'm an information giving type of man! What do you know about the Space Force, Civilian Vee?

Vee - Well, I was hoping you could tell me a little bit about it.

Boot - Wait a minute. Stop right there. I asked you what you know about the Space Force. Give me an answer and I'll fill in all the blanks. And speak up, young man! My daughter is 8 years old and SHE speaks louder then you.

Vee - I'm sorry. I'm a private person. That's why I talk soft.

Boot - Your a private person and you want to join the Space Force? Just how in the hell is that supposed to work? You can't even say your own name with confidence. Listen to me, I want to know what you know about the Space Force and I want you to look me right in the eyes and speak with confidence. Go! (short silence) What happened? TALK!

Vee - I think the Space Force would be good for me. Plus, I want to travel the universe and visit other planets.

Boot - Civilian Vee, you don't know a damn thing about the Space Force. You want to travel the universe and visit other planets. And you think it would be good for you. I'll tell you what I think. I think you'll find yourself a closet and hang yourself in it if I put you in the Space Force.


Boot - There is no way in hell! Listen, do you know anybody that has joined the Space Force? Anybody. Do you know anybody that has joined the Space Force?

Vee - Well, yeah. I think.

Boot - Well yeah you think. Well yeah you think? Well, what are you thinking? Do you know anybody that has joined or not?

Vee - Yes, sir. I don't know them well but I know them.

Boot - Beautiful. Now, do you recall meeting anyone that has RETURNED?

Vee - From the Space Force?

Boot - I don't recall changing the subject. Do you? (silence)

Vee - I don't, I don't think I have.

Boot - Son, you've got to start giving me solid answers. Listen, we have allot of Earth based options for you. Your not cut out for the Space Force.

Vee - I can do it, sir.

Boot - You don't even know what the hell it is. Let me explain something to you, son. I only work 8 hours a day. I have to move this along because I can't spend them all with you. I fee like you could get lost in a barn. That concerns me. So listen, the Space Force is a one way ride. It ain't for everybody. There is no way in hell I'm going to let you in. You won't survive basic. I don't think you'll survive the pre-basic classes. There are a number of Earth based military options I am going to show you. Let's get busy on that.

Vee - Sir, I really want to be in the Space Force.

Boot - Your not listening to me. Pay attention. The Space Force is a one way ride. You probably won't even make it to an Earth-like planet before you die. You get on the ship, go for a hell of a long ride, fall in love, have three kids and then you get out of the way. The Space Force is about colonization. We're looking for Earth like planets to put human beings on so they can spread all of our diseases. There is no return trip to Earth. If you get sick, you either get well or you die. When you die, they just push you into space and they keep going. If they find an Earth like planet, they drop off half the people on the ship and the other half go further into space. Once you leave this planet, everyone you know will be a memory to you. And you will be a memory to them. There is no email. There is no vmail. When you leave Earth, you leave everyone you ever knew behind. They don't even let you take pictures.

Vee - That's, why do they do that?

Boot - Listen, you go at light speed for 5 years. After 5 years, you send a vmail. At takes 5 years to get back to Earth. So they reply but now your 10 years out so you have to wait 15 years to get a damn response. You respond but now it takes 10 years for your vmail to get back to Earth. Now your 20 years out. So now your waiting 30 years for the next response. By the time you get it, your parents are probably dead. That's why you can't write or vid anyone. The agony of waiting is worse then the agony of leaving them forever. Now, just sit there and let that sink in.

Vee - (silence) What's the pay like?

Boot - Pay for what? Your in space; where do you think your going to go to buy something? Look, in the Space Force, you have MBNUs, Minimum Basic Needs Units. So let's say as a Crewman Third Class, you get 100 units. You go to the Ship Exchange and you spend your 100 units. When you get promoted, your MBNUs go up. You go back to the Exchange and get more stuff.

Vee - Sir, I'm still interested.

Boot - Alright, fine. Let's take it to the next step. How old are you?

Vee - I'm 17, sir.

Boot - Okay, your 17. Are you a senior?

Vee - No sir, I'm a junior.

Boot - So, do you graduate last or do you turn 18 last?

Vee - I graduate last. I turn 18 next year, then I graduate.

Boot - Fantastic. Here's a special folder for 17 year olds. Read it, sign it. Your parents read it and sign it. If you have siblings, all of the oldest half of your siblings have to sign it. If you have at least one aunt and one uncle, each of them need to read and sign it. Three cousins need to do the same thing. Three friends. Three of your teachers and if you have a job, three coworkers. You also need to get three psych reviews from three separate doctors and three physicals from three other doctors.


Boot - If you join the Space Force, you never return. You will never communicate with anyone on Earth again. Your decision affects many people. You get all that signed, I still have to agree to let you go. They say yes, you say yes, I say no, you don't go. That's how it works. If you want to go past Mars, you don't come back. So what are you going to do?

Vee - I guess I need to talk to my parents.

Boot - Your correct. That's an outstanding guess. I'll be honest with you, I don't think your going to have a good experience in the Space Force. You'll leave all your family and friends behind but your going to bring all your mental problems with you. And don't you look at me like you don't have mental problems. You can't even say your own name with confidence. You get with that folder and you get all those forms filled out. If you get that done, bring it back to me and we'll go from there. If you can't get it done, don't come back here and expect me to let you go through. It won't happen. Civilian Vee, thank you for stopping by. You have your first military assignment. Get busy.

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 01:50 AM
Very good, now where is the next bit?


posted on May, 17 2015 @ 02:00 AM
Very good but its a bit like kill bill 1 . Your into it then ... nothing .

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 02:05 PM
I'll try to add another bit during the first part of this week. Thanks everybody!

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