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No fingers...

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posted on May, 16 2015 @ 03:40 AM

No fingers to point, no fun to poke with
No tongue to wiggle & waggle
No eyebrows for making funny faces
The Claws around my heart
Squeeze in tightly.
I do my best to take it lightly.
I breathe in slowly
As the fear tries to hold me.
The lakes turn green and ugly.
All the trees lay fossilized before me.
down on my knees.
my life turns cold , icy.
Suddenly, a song is reborn,
my heart beats ever so slightly.
A warmth inside, that feeling.
of love that truly delights me.
As it rises up in to the back door,
of the mind.
It implodes, driving me wholly crazy.
The cherry trees are blossoming,
the waterfalls shivering,
Like the salmon.
I leap, I leap, I leap.
Eliberocelta mayo 2015

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