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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Awakening

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posted on May, 17 2015 @ 12:38 AM
a reply to: Elementalist

This entire new age Aquarius thing is not an awaekning of any sort. Humans have always been waking up, if indeed you speak of expanded knowledge or spiritual insight of self.

No, because what about the dark ages? They were called that way for a reason. And I agree it is always a gradual progress, but with breaking points.
And the Aquarius is simply the name Hippy-culture gave it, since we humans use symbols to communicate, I used the most commonly understood one to describe what I was talking about.

I asked what your awaekning was, you gave me "age of Aquarius, and facets of mind". What does this mean and how is Aquarius which I belive is a cosmic region we pass through in our celestial journey with Sun, have to do with your mind's facet?

Now you sound like you play deliberately stupid. It is in the other Thread not in the OP but it is there. And since my bubble floats through the universe, I guess the rest of your post is just as obsolete.

a reply to: khnum & a reply to: Rosinitiate

Pandora's Box is awesome, I like it, because I see it as a description of revolution, the chaos where all madness gets unleashed, but also hope. The breaking down, the spiral coming to an end and the whole society jumps over to the next spiral in a different frequency.
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posted on May, 17 2015 @ 12:12 PM
Just found it and it fits:

Or on the homepage all four parts:
Inner Worlds Outer Worlds
Part 1 - Akasha
Part 2 - The Spiral
Part 3 - The Serpent and the Lotus
Part 4 - Beyond Thinking

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 04:52 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

In the context of the OP, I took "awakening" to mean "paradigm shift" or basically a new worldview for global civilization. Of course, personal spiritual experience and awakening is a fundamental part of the new paradigms of spiritual sciences, and McKenna and Sereda and all of those guys essentially "downloaded" their epiphanies/insights from altered states of consciousness in the first place. The secret history to scientific breakthroughs throughout human history has been that all of them have come through profound dreams and reveries and borderline paranormal experiences.

I am just starting to get more interested in the legitimate astrology, not the stuff in newspaper horoscopes, and I have found that Richard Tarnas, who is Harvard-educated but also quite familiar with transpersonal psychology and shamanism, has written a cutting-edge book on the subject of astrological alignments and human history. It is called "Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View". It is the type of book where people say things like "It is hard to think of many books written in the past century that will be read in two hundred years from now. Cosmos and Psyche will top that short list". I am only part way through, but it speaks a great deal about collective and personal unconscious processes, synchronicity and awakening - coinciding with non-local energetic/effects of various planetary transits and alignments.

I was watching a recent lecture of his about 'Humanity's Rite of Passage' (2 hours, for a rainy day LOL):

p.s. From what I understand, the Age of Pisces represented a 2,000 year astrological cycle that was archetypally symbolized by Jesus the Fisher of Man. That archetype seems to definitely be in decline, so I can intuitively understand how a new rising energy to replace it exists. I think the Age of Aquarius was symbolically represented by the "water-bearer" - which may relate more to pouring forth and sharing of all cultural information i.e. co-creation etc.
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posted on May, 17 2015 @ 05:30 PM
a reply to: Peeple

And you just lost any credibility of being an honest person, to me.

Hope the hitchhike guide helps you on your journey to whatever you perceive it to be.


posted on May, 17 2015 @ 11:41 PM
a reply to: corsair00
The Magus by Francis Barrett has a list of the magical/allchemistic attributes of the planet and beautiful numerical plates. I never really could imagine what the stars should have to do with us here on Earth, but then we are all parts of the spiraling Milky Way, so it is maybe a realtionship as in lung/kidney, or something. The kidney "knows" when the lung is sick, because of the increase of "poison" in the collective physical system.
Edit: Just started watching and am pretty amazed. again: thanks.

a reply to: Elementalist

I am not here to gain credibility, i left it at the doorstep. Freeing myself to discuss the wildest # without shame.
And if you think I am one of the filmmakers and try to promote my stuff, i don't, i found it yesterday, because FireMoon brought it to my attention and i thought it fits and is worth the 2h watch.
You know what i am here for, to gather different perspectives and contributing knowledge. I get that my theory is bothering you, because there is no room for "good vs. evil" left, once you understood the mechanism of the bigger flow, I also elimanetd the greater being taking the burden of responsibility from you and I am sorry.
But honestly, since you do nothing but proving you lack reading comprehension skills and have contributed nothing so far, that would have provided me with additional information:
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posted on May, 17 2015 @ 11:59 PM
A reply to: Elementalist

You kinda probed him a little too aggressively earlier but you ended it in a peaceful way so kudos on that. I also see a lot of threads here with people who are eager to share their awakening theories and experiences with the rest of us and honestly it makes me smile. Most people are stuck in the daily grind and have no time to think about "reality", so it's always a good sign to see posts like this. Even if their descriptions don't fit with ours, it really doesn't matter cause it's impossible to describe the absolute with our handicapped language and limited perception.
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posted on May, 18 2015 @ 01:37 AM
More and more, I find I don't feel an attraction to the idea that there is a moment or time period in which humans, altogether, shall "awaken" spiritually. I did for a period though. As if I projected out onto everyone else the internal experience I was going through.

I guess, at some point, my conception sort of began to englobe all my experiences, in all their different phases, as if they were no longer existing in linear time (past present future) .
I am the completely ignorant child ,
I am the conditioned, thought-fed teen
I am the bewildered disillusioned young adult
I am the seeking adult, struggling between my desire to cross my conditioned limitations and my fear of that unknown I was entering,
I am the triumphant ecstatic person, on the top of the proverbial mountain, celebrating the long reaching view and cessation of fear
I am the quiet minded person, walking slowly back down the mountain, but in a state in which each blade of grass, each grain of sand, that I perceive is filled with meaning and power, nothingness and everything-ness.

I identify with all these states, therefore, as I look out onto the world, I see them in everyone.
There are many consequences of that, but one of them is the growing view that at any given moment in time and history, there are souls incarnating and experiencing different levels of awareness, all across the board.
I even have it flit in mind at times that it might be possible we do not (as souls, or points of consciousness, whatever you want to call that) actually experience these states in a linear fashion of reincarnation.
Perhaps in between, we look at our entirety and decide to go to this or that stage, or life experience- more or less "aware". But they are all happening simultaneously.

The experiences we have do not change according to our state of spiritual awareness. It is only the meaning we attribute to it- the way we interpret it, that changes anyway.

As a child, I went into a tourist attraction, a Haunted Shack, in which people stood at a strange angle and water flowed uphill. It was magical and amazing! I interpretted it as a mysterious event.
As an adult, knowing the actual way this worked, the angle of the structure, I found it rather boring.

A part of me thought- it would be fun to return to that past state of not knowing, and experience it again through the eyes and mind of ignorance!

Such is the way I mean that our souls may just choose to go back and forward, and play hide and seek with themselves, and hide their knowledge from themselves, or return to it again. For the joy of experience, in all it's diversity.

ETA: That does not eliminate the possibility of some point in the spiral in which the experience exists that all humans experience a similar awakening at the same time! I just mean that perhaps at this particular point of my experience as an individual spark, it is not so much my choice of perception.

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posted on May, 18 2015 @ 09:47 AM
I actually disagree and believe this is an era of awakening, and for various reasons.

1. And this is something to bear in mind, the elite do things according to plans, and have reset buttons where they want to create negative harvests and remake another fascist controlled paradigm. So this could be partly their doing. But tend to believe that they may just be capitalizing on a cosmic function so are choosing their time to coincide with the cosmos, or try to get their forced reset underway before the cosmos does it, ie reset ahead of schedule.

2. Our star moves through the galaxy into different areas encountering different systems closeby. Not all are asshat controlling predators like what has set up camp in our solar system from Sirius B, and is hijacking our school and trying to reset humans over and over in their hash karmic system. So we are encountering some different energies and Teams, some of them don't like slavery and really want to wake us up.

3. Cosmic functions, ie energies from our galaxies center, as in LaViolette's theory. Like a bungee cord to get people stuck in the dark realms out.

4. However, when people start to awakenin in the truer sense, not jump through their hoops, recognize the events are caused by them and stop allowing the division card to be played, if a disaster happens, SHARE FOOD AND LAND, GROW AQUAPONICS TOGETHER, CARE FOR THE NEEDY, LIKE A NATIVE VILLAGE, CREATE GENERATORS. Or if they try to enforce control laws, unite and don't comply. Start to form counsels and do things together, create businesses and cottage industries and only buy from each other. Arrange whole neighborhoods as eco villages with backyard greenhouses and VOTE OUT ANY CITY COUNSEL THAT TRIES TO STOP YOU WITH LAND USAGE LAWS.

Grow up. And don't go to war if they call you because....

5. They stop awakening populations by calling wars in, by bringing resentment and immigrants in, by creating divisions and fights. That shuts down our frequency ascension and keeps us in lower mind, and fighting each other. So we are back in hell, and then they usually do harvests, disasters that kill people in low frequency in a negative harvest.

Thats what they do, and we pay huge salaries to those people.

But we have universe, Love, Teams, and Family beyond the universe on our sides who love us MORE than we love our babies.
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posted on May, 18 2015 @ 10:00 AM
There is a lot of negativity about ETs and the universe in movies, put out by famous physicists, who really play the dog eat dog lower mind cap on everyone, predators must be out there. In a duality universe they are, and we're under their thumbs right here, so it can't get worse.

Bearing all that in mind, its best to really look into what Infinity and Infinite Progression implies in terms of Consciousness. It takes Love and Compassion and Empathy to get to higher levels.

In Infinite Progression, duality systems would phase out in higher levels and unity, win/win's, love for all, caretaking children, etc would be the only way to progress because use some logic: if you take away your empathy to the point of killing someone coldly or for your purposes, you just lost a chunk of your intellect. You reduced your consciousness. So the analogy would be, you became a dark star, like sirius B, the very star that controls our system, head of the annanuki, head of our religions, ie Muslims call one of the names for allah, the king of sirius, our religion codes Sirius right in the word for god. Our leaders follow this guy or dark team, of a dead darkened gravity system.

And they've hijacked our reality and are mining the gold of human consciousness. We're the gold the annanuki mine.

In a hijacked realm.

Now, in a duality school, we can call in half the universe to help us. For real. Hero's help. And the higher technology ones can come very quickly in.

Some of it takes knowing that and sending out SOS, humans are being hurt, please help. And if we did that, we'd be getting lots of help.

But the other component has to do with frequency. ARK is acts of random kindness. Ie start giving to the poor, ignoring laws to the contrary, feeding the homeless, setting up yurts, building paper crete trailiers for bikes and making them electric or wind recharging things because the homeless are very sick physically like someone who can barely walk in the hospital, if they' ve been homeless for a while. They need to be helped.

The more you give, the more Love can give to you, its interactive. So you have to put, asking for the Good to come in with, giving to others.

When you do that, its all over.

That is the WIN. WE WIN. We join the cosmos, we pass the tests. It takes helping everyone around us. Being a Family. Being Hero's. Being Good. Being what you want to become. If you can't do that, you are the same frequency as the dark hats who hate and control and dominate and run starvation as weapons against our consciousness and don't share, or make sharing a fascist thing.

Well, unless we grow up and SHARE but not wedding that to loss of freedom and uphold FREEDOM and start to care, we don't pull in as many miracles and help as we should.

Send up SOS's and lets find ways locally to ensure everyone is well and not a slave, whether they work like one or not.

PS, Edit To ADD: Please understand, there is a cosmic awakening, with help from Friends and Hero's behind the scenes that don't do it overtly because we're not on their level yet. We still don't look after each other and create win/wins for everyone around us. We are still divided and controlled and buy into horrible systems of slavery and heartlessness to those in need.

So we haven't the ability to see into the higher realms and they aren't empowered to help us by our actions in the tests. Its interactive, more Good we do, more GOOD comes in to help, and visible if we really were all waking up. So they keep sending in the energies. And giving us dreams, and showing us crafts and sending messages.

However, there is also a FAKE AWAKENING. CONTROLLED BY CIA AND BLACK OPS. Whenever you see those establishing themselves as names, who speak about personal responsibility, talk about not paying taxes (or sharing, because without money you would do it with efforts to help those in need, ie everyone would have land, but not everyone can grow food, look after their place or create goods for others, some are busy with small children, some are handicapped, and some are too old, and you have to contribute and have teams that weekly get things done for others), so personal isn't the word that gets us up and out. Well that is CIA.

Or plays a religious card, Et comes bearing a new paradigm religion: CIA.

I am giving a higher realm message, this is info i know and have been allowed to remember and given. "We're Here!" A message I'm always inspired to give. Start to really wake up, not the fake awakening. That means, it wouldn't matter if they called you to war, you'd not go, you'd defend family and community from attack but not go to war.

You don't jump through their hoops.

You don't obey their unlawful legislations, but start to help each other and stand up for freedoms. And then send out constant SOS, we could use some help. Be Love and become them. Become the higher level, be good, be kind, give and restructure locally in overt ways, or low key ways.

And tend mother earth, she's sick. The cell you're living on requires some love now. Going to add this: THIS IS THE WAY. THE ONLY WAY. There are many fake ways out there, there are mountains of mystery school things, but they don't get you where you want to be. The entities that those who don't love meet up with, when they open their pineals or practice their rituals or meditate and gain astral, are not nice. You don't want to go there. And they don't give you good advice.

This is the only way back home. Being Good, Being Kind, Helping, (or if it really is totally blocked here with anyone trying to do so arrested or set up and discredited then the intent to help and do this, that you would on a dime given that you weren't blocked, in which case the right intent AND the SOS are needed). And half the universe would come in. Behind the scenes, overtly, doesn't really matter does it.
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posted on May, 18 2015 @ 11:05 AM
a reply to: Bluesma

The inner-child and awe in front of new things is still there, you just can't find it in the same place two times, maybe?
I enjoyed your post, mostly how you handle your InnerOlymp, read somewhere else where you talked about your male self and his realtionship to your female soul and you're right, sometimes it feels a bit like echoes rippling through the aware mind.

Such is the way I mean that our souls may just choose to go back and forward, and play hide and seek with themselves, and hide their knowledge from themselves, or return to it again. For the joy of experience, in all it's diversity.

a reply to: Unity_99

Your first post and all the SiriusB talks (Sitchin talk, i guess?) are not my cup of tea.
But the second one is actually quite beautiful. And in the end it doesn't matter who or what is behind where and when, as long as you know you followed your moral integrity. There are just these few things, which are never wrong and those are: honesty, kindness and hospitality. ET yes/no, TBTB yes/no, entirely doesn't matter, what you can do here and now and how you treat the ones you share this here & now with, makes you a good, or constructive person.
If you just want to cause mischief, you're destructive and no one needs ET, or Bilderberger to make some people that way, they just are.
The Planet is sick and we need help, thats true and what we should focus on that, because what the true background story might be, shouldn't matter as much, as the question: where do we go from here?

posted on May, 18 2015 @ 11:26 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Sitchin is more about creating slaves to mine for earth's resources. These entities are from failed system, they're really like death or darth vader, and they understand the metaphysics. They don't mine for gold, they mine for what advances us, experiences, and recycle people so the people don't gain from their experiences. Kind of like Smaug sitting on the pile of treasures but not able to use them. Love of Power versus Power of Love.

Anything in a body suit is positive or negative in their outlook, or the ocean of grey compromised actions and intentions. And some of them here and in the cosmos are willing groupees to the dark side. We're under that. And our 1% serve the king of sirus b, or dead stars, entities.

We can't get any worse, unless we just continue following bad orders here, and continue until earth herself either dies, our cell dies, our throws us off in a reset.

Equality and Freedom need to be combined, along with having faith and asking for help from Good. Equality shouldn't need explanation, though problem solving through land exhaustion, ie aquaponics, fossil fuels, ie clean energy solutions, etc, takes adopting the solutions that already been found, on local, regional and national levels. But people can start in their backyards locally solving problems. Equality is Family.

Currently Freedom means setting up a system where sharks are free to take over and dominate the masses. That's not Freedom. Freedom means not letting a bully create an unlawful legislation over you, so you don't comply with their bad orders If they say you can't feed the poor, FEED THEM. If they say, you can't grow gardens in your front yard, GROW THEM. Don't comply. Do Not Follow Bad Orders, especially from bullies.

That is what Freedom means. It's not an enemy to equality or win/win's for everyone.

So awakening means literally seeing through the system, seeing the dark side running it and their soul traps, seeing that they like to do negative harvests, stir up fear and hate and then drop the curtain on the region with catastrophe or war.

The Good helps behind the scenes, but it can only win battles, metaphoric or literal cosmic ones, if we're doing Good here and empowering them. They're not from this lower realm. The good people in this realm operate on the principles of freeing minds who are entrapped, and if enough wake up, then some real changes could take place.

Love caretakes and yet also inspires others to develop their gifts and honors and respects freedom, while being there for someone who has made a mistake, so nudges the good out and yet doesnt dictate. So individuals grow up free and equal. And it also caretakes the host world its on, earth and nature. Everyone and this planet should be healthy and thriving.

edit to add: If we use a body as an an analogy. And earth is a cell. Or perhaps the solar system is and the sun is a nucleus within a cell. Earth is a component. And we are (in our bodies) microbes that should be good and beneficial, caretake the surface and ensure health, well being, and happiness of the whole system. It does literally take happy thoughts to fly, up and out, or ascend, reach the next level, in infinite progression.

Then those who either failed in their systems, and became dark entities, some of whom with higher technology could create body suits, AI, they would be akin to a virus, trying to attack the body, trying to kill the body in their war against Love and seeing what they think is a huge error in the judgement of the Creator (to them everything is a pyramid, dog eat dog). To them, they are the fittest, survival of the fittest, the predators and dominators. Love is weakness and they walk over loving hearts. So they're blocking our way and entrapping us. Our leaders serve Destroyers of Worlds, Dead Stars and Virus's. Their war against prime creator, the body is to kill it, and block ascension of weaklings, those with Love, which is error to them. Upholding weaker ones, helping them, its just error, so they are in war against the Host. In addition, they excell at Love of Power systems and harming others.
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posted on May, 18 2015 @ 12:48 PM
I wonder- if all of earth awakened, and society became "enlightened".... where would the souls go for their first experiences in matter?
Maybe to another planet.

posted on May, 19 2015 @ 01:22 AM
a reply to: Unity_99

We can get worse and we are on the way to get worse, but not because of some "they", but because we the people are dumb assh'les. We don't need anyone to make stupid, false decissions, to always look for the easy way, it is kind of human nature or nature in general, always looking for the biggest result with the lowest input, or effort.
Is that some kind of "deceiver", or someone ordering us to eat 8 burgers a day, or drink beer and whiskey all day long, or to eat pills like smarties? I think not, it is just me not being able to take responsibillity for my actions. "They make commercials that made me smoke" that's just stupid bs and why we need to get over this state of powerless submission to an imaginery construct, that's obviously not working and weakening us as a species. Each and every one has to grow up, like you said, awakening in a sense, that we accept our imput, however tiny we feel in the face of the collective, but each one of us can cause a tornado, just like the butterfly(a symbol for the psyche btw.)
An "Anima Mundi" is a much healthier God to subscribe to than some two #heads fighting over our souls while they could easily end our misery. Our some Anunaki, or Reptilians, or whatever, it won't help us, if we keep on telling eachother fairy tales. Fact is fact and beyond that every one has his/her private description, but we need to re-establish a common basis of reality, that's mostly responsible for the mess we face, the discrepance between the ones with all the information and those still living in a world of witches and demons. That's the new order, information is knowledge and knowledge is the new currency.
The question where will our souls go will stay unanswered till you die, because you don't really want to know, you're not supposed to because you are here to live, to the fullest. All good and all bad is necessary to shape your personality for what is coming after, you are your own pyramid. But there is no one taking care of you, as in pre-painting your path, there is no one rescuing you, from your own bad decissions.

a reply to: Bluesma

That's a nice paradox you created. Aren't we the matter?

posted on May, 19 2015 @ 03:11 AM
a reply to: Unity_99

The more you give, the more Love can give to you, its interactive. So you have to put, asking for the Good to come in with, giving to others.

When you do that, its all over.

That is the WIN. WE WIN.

This is The Truth. If you don't live through Love, then you are still sleeping. No wisdom can help the world like Love can because Love is wisdom.

posted on May, 19 2015 @ 04:04 AM

originally posted by: Peeple

That's a nice paradox you created. Aren't we the matter?

I don't know. It was a spontaneous thought.

I have, at times views that exist in my mind, and they arise or sink below in response to what I am observing, and though I cannot claim to hold a belief in them, they don't go away.
One is the view of us having a soul- type point fo individual consciousness, which enters bodies as if they were containers (with built in coping systems according to their environment to help out), and that this isn't limited to earth- that we enter containers of all sorts, to experience varied environments.

That different planets could be different environments to experience, much like people do here with video games - they go into worlds which are often primitive, or violent... why? We could argue that with a video game, one can experience that without actually feeling physical pain, or just restart when they "die".
But what if our soul can do that with these physical containers? I mean, simply disconnect when there is extreme pain or suffering, or jump into another for a restart when it dies? That would make our souls rather indifferent to whether this particular world becomes "enlightened" and peaceful. Maybe there are other ones we go to for that experience?

I am just letting my mind drift, that's all.

posted on May, 19 2015 @ 06:02 AM
a reply to: Unity_99

Very interesting insights and input to this thread. You said something:

This is the only way back home. Being Good, Being Kind, Helping, (or if it really is totally blocked here with anyone trying to do so arrested or set up and discredited then the intent to help and do this, that you would on a dime given that you weren't blocked, in which case the right intent AND the SOS are needed).

In what context are you discussing this aspect of people doing good being set up and discredited? Some examples would be good for my understanding of what you meant...

posted on Jul, 31 2015 @ 05:05 AM
a reply to: arpgme

Define Love please. If your defintion of Love leads to a seperation, i.E. good vs evil mindset then there is not much wisdom in that. The first step to wisdom is to free yourself of judgments-

a reply to: Bluesma

I have a very similiar outlook on our souls, we are part of an at least nine planets, or stages "growing circle/ school". Funny you said that, after everything lately I almost forgot I have that line of believes (on the side) too.

posted on Jul, 31 2015 @ 05:17 AM
a reply to: Peeple


And Carl Jung did a better job.

posted on Jul, 31 2015 @ 12:11 PM
a reply to: Peeple


You are the the Kwisatz Haderach -

Every day I remind myself I am the fool. I try to see the ego for what it is - a spoiled little brat. I try to pay it as little attention as possible. Every so often I use my Guild Navigator abilities to move safely through this reality.

One of the biggeat threats we face in this period of the awakening is those feeling "enlightened", you know the type, those which "just know" despite any valid arguments and completely disregarding everybody elses eperiences, because it doesn't fit the narrative they swallowed

Only an unenlightened one would say they are enlightened.

S + F

posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 11:46 AM
a reply to: Peeple

It is of my opinion that some people see the new ideologies as an escape from reality, I think they call it a spiritual bypass or something. Seeking "enlightenment" in the form of not letting the world bring you down when the odds are not in your favor. They sometimes forget in the process that reality is the subject of our collective consciousness. They forget, or neglect to see the bigger picture, they are happy so long as they can rid their I minds of hindering thoughts.

The true enlightenment is in that of everyday life. The beauty of conciousness, the beauty of complexity in what at first sight is simple, until analyzed at a level only we humans are capable of comprehending. The abilities we take for granted such as our conscious state of being, our ability to share information and experience through individual preseption.

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