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How much (in dollars) has each young person LOST thanks to the NWO's recession and globalization?

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posted on May, 15 2015 @ 12:24 AM
We know that in the 60s, jobs were everywhere. A high school graduate could walk into a factory and have a cushy, high-paid job. There was no "fighting for a job"; a man who wanted to work got up, put in an honest day's work, got an honest day's pay, and came home to his non-dysfunctional family. You could succeed, live a good life without crippling yourself with student loans. If you did choose to go to college, it actually meant something. You would be practically guaranteed an interesting, stable, high-paid job.

Now, people must go through 4 years of academic slavery, a lifetime of student loan indenture, and are considered lucky to have a $12/hour job after all is said and done. Those who choose not to go to college and choose to remain debt-free are almost guaranteed to be working minimum wage and living in poverty.

The good middle-class jobs are gone, shipped overseas. All that's left are "genius jobs" such as engineering, law, and medicine; good, cushy jobs that you'll never get unless you "know someone"; and "slavery jobs" such as retail, grunt office work, and service.

We know all that. My questions is, how much has each of us (in the 20s) lost thanks to the NWO, their recession, and their globalization? How much have they STOLEN from EACH of us? Can you put a dollar amount on how much we could have had (but don't) if we the jobs were STILL THERE like they were in the 60s?

I'm thinking around $500,000. Seems like that's what the NWO has stolen from each and every single American.
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posted on May, 15 2015 @ 02:30 AM
a reply to: thetruth777

So much more than 500k USD has been robbed.

- cost of living, insurances and all the now mandatory stuff you need to pay for - all gone up through the roof
- salaries are down the sewer - and jobs are non-exixtent
- investments are not for a working man (used to be), because there ain't much anything left to invest when you paid off the roof and the bread

Your life, freedom, all which it is depending on - is robbed off.

500k would be cheap.

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posted on May, 15 2015 @ 02:35 AM
a reply to: thetruth777

Interesting you place $ n Cents on it. I am 61 and always look at the pay check as missing time from my life of doing things I want to do. Growing up and living in California until I moved for the greater good of my ex wife's family needs..... UK prison island... LOL Know how Al Conpone felt.... He could hear the partying and smell the food from Fishermans wharf.... I know there is life going on out there. LOL just kidding I live on a beautiful sea side that too many people visit sooooon.

Back on topic. I hated Over Time (working in factory before Uni degree) cause after 52 hours the gov and employer is stealing what summer life you thought you were entitled to.

30 years living away from US of A I am sad someone had their back turned. I no longer see what I left behind. A few friends have suggest I go home as I long to do outside stuff that is only available in Ca. YOU know RedWoods Mt Lassen So many lakes that someone allowed to be mud holes do to LA needing 866 golf course green over the animals to have a watering hole.... the list goes on but the Sierras rate high there but without water......

When I left 1 in 100 were millionaires. That is no longer the case. Sad the American dream is dying with the raping of the economy... The big boys are pleased I am sure job well done....

I honestly want to place a black armband on in mourning what we have lost.....

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posted on May, 15 2015 @ 02:49 AM
Kinda off topic but kinda relating to the first part of thetruth777's post... hasnt the population of the US almost doubled in the last 50 years whilst a number of jobs have been out sourced to other countries? I am not trying to cause a debate as I only have resources at hand which seem out of date.

But over the pond we feel your pain, uni fee's have gone up to a capped £9,000 ($14,000) a year, over a minimum of 3 years (£27,000 or $42,000) + living expenses which can be cheap but not all the time. When some come out they fight for minimum wage jobs just to say they have a job at £6.70 ($10.50) and normally rent a one bedroom flat if they have the cash (depending on location minimum £650 down south - or $1020 a month).

So again, feel your pain as we have lost out on a lot BUT at the same time over here we are lucky with health care, prescriptions and holiday so its not all bad.

All my wages go on my house, wife and future child.. paying off debts and getting to work, before the crash I would easily have had £200-£300 a month right now of spare money but now I would say over the next 20 working years (I wont count the 20 after that as it would be depressing) I would have spent over £400k if I was to stay on my wages with only a wife and child to show for it.... which isnt a bad thing, its actually a good thing.


Lets say someone like me, earning my yearly wage works until 67 from the age of 18 on the same wage in an imaginary world where inflation is a myth and everything stayed as it is.

I didnt go to uni so no problem there

Pre crash I would have spent and saved:

£1.4 million £200k saved

Post crash I would have spent:

£1.6 million

And now... I am depressed

posted on May, 15 2015 @ 05:02 AM
First off one cannot lose something they never had to begin with.

One must try to find out what it is that is missing because of this supposed New World Order or whatever it is.

There is no New World Order as this is the same old crap going on as has always been going on. The names change and technology changes but it is the same old junk as has always been here.

The name of the game is reducing the options and outright stealing from as many people as is legally possible without the stupid masses realizing it.

It has been working quite effectively for quite some time.

It's called "business" and it's about managing to keep the people stupid or naive or distracted enough not to notice they are being played.

Business as usual.

posted on May, 15 2015 @ 05:21 AM
a reply to: IceHappy

If one were to reference the dollar amount lost it would have to be measured by the amount spent to remedy the physical and psychological damage caused by the lifestyles we are forced to live and the costs to reduce the pain and suffering.

The lives we are forced to live make us sick.

posted on May, 15 2015 @ 01:53 PM
retracted post

can't math so well right now

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posted on May, 15 2015 @ 02:03 PM
a reply to: thetruth777

I think that the most that have lost in the last 20 years of bad policies and catering to big interest has been the middle working class baby boomers.

My husband and me are not in our 20s, we are part of the baby boomers but didn't make it for a about 10 years, since the recession we have lost substantial amounts of our retirement.

That was hit hard during the 2008 market crash. This is considerable as we are in the group that pays for those that are retiring now.

The future is uncertain due to the fact that with lost of jobs and not fix in site the next group that will be retiring will be facing major cuts in government benefits within the next 10 years, even when my husband has paid most of security SS allowed so as it stands today he will be receiving in the higher end of the pay scale, that top with retirement investments, military pension is not that bad, but all this can change as we know, you work all your life, to pay your taxes and dues and then the government can change all that with a strike of a pen.

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posted on May, 15 2015 @ 10:20 PM
For the second time or so since before Gen X that younger people are making less, own less than their parents did. Sure they may never have had it in the first place, as a previous post had mentioned, but they are not having what their parents did. That in itself is a big factor, a hurtful ones causing a lot of issues. Not even to mention even getting by is such a challenge many are opting out of even trying to have children, if not opting out entirely. What do many have to look forward to now?

Somewhere in the MSNews that college students are committing suicide at never before seen rates. Many are learning what the recent older generations have learned, get your degree but end up working for McDonald's or the Dollar Sore, barely making enough to pay off college debt let alone the rent-which continues to rise.

Sure also, as mentioned, there may not be an outright NWO, or at least all have the same goal, order causing this but globalist and politician decisions helped to send the jobs overseas and more that could be for our citizens but now are not.

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