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There is something wrong about the official Russian history - and here is why

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posted on Dec, 19 2016 @ 01:54 PM
a reply to: evilcommunist

Came across this by accident when tried searching same topic information in English... very difficult to find anything on this other then in Russian, unless its maps, which ultimately are more accurate then most history books, as they preserve the information as is at the time. Thankfully theres a multi lingual site which has an abundance of material that covers the topics here, specifically Tartaria and its destruction / erasure from history as well as other theories in;
Volume 4.
Book 1. NEW CHRONOLOGY OF RUSSIA - A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy
Book 2. - A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy.

Volume 5.
Book 1. - A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy.
Book - A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy.

About the project:
"Created finally in the XVI century A.D. and accepted today chronology and history of the ancient and medieval world, evidently contains big mistakes.
Many outstanding scientists understood it and discussed during a long period of time. But it appeared to be a difficult task to build a new, non-contradictory concept of chronology.
Starting from 1975 a group of mathematicians, mainly from the Moscow State University, were engaged in the development of this problem. Interesting results were received and published both in scientific periodical print and in separate monographs. We underline, that new concept of chronology is based, mainly, on analysis of historical sources WITH THE METHODS OF MODERN MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS and vast COMPUTER CALCULATIONS.

The task of chronology is to put in order the events into proper way on a temporary scale based on the available information. This task naturally fits into the field of applications to modern mathematical statistics, theory of information. The methods of humanities, one of which is history, are not enough for solving chronological issues. New chronology imposes another psychological picture of perception of the antiquity. Now the word "antiquity" should be connected with XV-XVII centuries A.D. that is with the events, distant from us on 300-400 years. Expression "high antiquity" should now relate to the XIII-XIV centuries A.D. And the words "the highest antiquity" – are already the XI-XII centuries A. D. BEFORE THE X-XI CENTURIES A.D. THE EPOCH OF SILENCE OF WRITTEN DOCUMENTS COMES. (See the book RECONSTRUCTION).
Our analyses of the chronology and history opened a striking circumstance. Based on the applied by us mathematical methods it was proved, that the Scaligerian chronology, and therefore also the Scaligerian history of the "antiquity" and the Middle Ages, is totally wrong. Moreover, it appeared that our history right up to the end of the XVI century was consciously falsified at the epoch of the XVII-XVIII centuries..."

posted on Feb, 28 2017 @ 03:30 AM
a reply to: evilcommunist

Hello. Im first time on this webportal and it was interesting to read your post. I have read a lot about the state/land Grand Tartaria that existed for a very long period of time and final civil war between Moskovian Tartaria and Western (Europian) parts of it happend in 1775 and is know as Pugachev's Rebellion (but it is an actual civil war from the sources that I used). There are a lot of data and knowlegable material on russian language about it. And fortunatelly there is something in enligsh that is worth to check. There are articles and even book of russian physicist-mathematician Nic0lai Levash0v. His been researching in USA for 15 years and got help with translation of a his works/books in english. There are different opinions about his activities but still it is worth to check it!
Levashov dot info (books, articles)
The Untold History of Russia – 1
The Untold History of Russia – 2
The Theory of the Universe and the Objective Reality
http:// English/ articles-eng.html

His famous work is the book Russian History Viewed through Distorted Mirrors that got illegaly forbidden in Russia because of its material. The forbidden fruit is sweet, it was only a "trigger effect" and his information/knowledge depressurizated to public and became a weapon for suporters of realy history (not official history) and threat for those whos trying to hide and rework real history and making (forcing) people believe in religions and pseudoscience.

Yuriy M

posted on Apr, 29 2017 @ 11:42 PM
Although this might by by some considered as "off topic", I think it is highly related. The small problem is we have to go few thousand years back... So we have a great amount of talk about Great Tartary. It is said it existed for thousands of years until it was destroyed and wiped out of map and history... Not long ago, official history and archeology came up to a shocking (at least for them) discovery! In the area of present Serbia they had found ancient European culture, that not supposed to even exist...! After all, official history still teaches that Slavs appeared in 6th century AD from Pripjat swamps... The official history has tendency to describe us as monkeys, uncivilized sillies, who were capable to chase rabbit or some game, climb the tree and perhaps make fire. The European cradle of culture has always been considered Greece... Not anymore. So archeology discovered "Vinča culture" and dated it back to 4700 - 5500 BC!!! That is roughly at least at the timeline when Sumerian culture - the supposed cradle of the world's civilization appeared (as always out of nowhere). The name "Vinča" got after the village/region where the excavations were made. This culture covered pretty much entire Balkan peninsula. The ancient Greece appeared only much later...

Vinča is first civilization in World is located in Serbia!

Now comes the interesting part!
In a Slovak article at the sources and links is cited this link:

"Lazarovici,G.-Lazarovici,C.M.-Merlini,M.: Tărtăria and the sacred tablets. Cluj-Napoca 2011. "

Tossing it to Google we get this:,G.-Lazarovici,C.M.-Merlini,M.:+T%C4%83rt%C4%83ria+and+the+sacred+tablets.+Cluj-Napoca+2011.+

From where we can pick several links... I will continue with them in a while. Now return back to Tartaria...
Anybody noticed the word "Tărtăria" in the link? Great! So continuing... The "Tărtăria" is actually a VILLAGE in present day ROMANIA!

Here is the link on the Google maps, where it is clearly visible!!4m2!3m1!1s0x474e9f709b19b761:0x737582885dcd5d8d?hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjQyNz Tq8vTAhUH3mMKHQMsD-AQ8gEIhwEwDw

So, how to hell could get Tartary to Europe? Very easily. In fact, for those of you, who have been on the topic of Great Tartary for a while, you already know that the ancient empire was not just within of present day Russia or USSR or tzarist Russia prior to WWI. It supposed to cover almost entire northern hemisphere... Europe was simply part of Tartary or however the ancient empire was called.

OK, now back to the Vinča culture...
Here is the link for the clay tablets that were found there:

or PDF version 2Fpdf%2Fdl.asp%3Ffilename%3DLazarovici-Merlini-Tartaria-and-the-Sacred-Tablets-2011.pdf&usg=AFQjCNGoDKIoS9vWCPwBCNZgFIp6LDuRBQ&sig2=Yu0QSvdx8uINA-VQ2P URZg

Surprisingly the writing is similar to the clay tablets found on Crete (and I bet the same tablets were found all over world)! Aside from the video about the Great Tartary that is currently available I think only in Russian (original language) and Slovak (subtitles), there is a much more to learn about our past. But that is for almost entire book...
For now, recall that Vinča culture is dated to 5500 - 4700 BC, Summerians supposed to start somewhere around 4500 BC, Egyptians some 3 thousand, Greece and Rome even much later... For those, who think it is a myth, make your own research. A lot of stuff is about to be revealed and discussed so please, do not come up with the "brave" ideas as some like to come such as "Vinča" was not Slavic culture, etc.
ETruscans were just part of ancient Russian empire. Every tribe resembled its history by keeping the RUS at the end of its name. Thus we have ET-RUS, P(erun)-RUS, Kievan RUS, Belo-RUS...

For non-believers I give a hint: Check the current flags of Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia:

Any similarities clearly coincidence? Off course we could keep going, but that is for another time.

For now I finish here. I hope, this would contribute something...

Wishing a wonderful day to everyone!

posted on Apr, 30 2017 @ 12:57 AM
S&F on this thread!!!
History is written by the winners, and accompanied by a facelift. Why should Russia be any different?
I find this a very interesting subject, and hope this thread goes far.


posted on Apr, 30 2017 @ 02:03 AM
Russians would not discuss it much not a high point in their history. This area wasnt a country it was a geographic area,much like saying Europe on a map. The reason its not mentioned is the mongols came in and took over the Russians. They are still around depite stalin trying to kill them off. Here is some of their history.
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posted on May, 1 2017 @ 11:01 AM
a reply to: dragonridr

Mognols were nomads and their way of life was too primitive to conquer even slightly more advanced societies as were they. Are you trying to tell me that horse Shepherds who knew only to ride the horse, milk them and eat meat, who had no freaking idea about agriculture or food making except hunting, and who were dependent on their hoards of horses, were suddenly capable of defeating highly organized, fortified settlements with ballistic, metallurgy and firepower? That is the same as the US media tries to convince us that gunboats are a huge threat to battle strike group of aircraft carrier.
How would Mongols retain and sustain such a wast territory, when they many times can not even sustain their own right now? Remember what Napoleon said "History is a lie everybody agreed upon." Why would he say such a thing if he did not know it is simply a nasty fact? History is the biggest weapon you can ever use and its consequences are such a devastating that nuclear explosion is nothing compared to that. What were doing Ottomans? Capturing young boys and raising them as theirs! Thus they were fighting against their own, simply because they did not know that.
How many books have you read about history that you are such a great experts? It is very sad that the biggest experts on Slavic history are always foreigners... The Russian modern history was written by Germans and Russian emperors (at least the last few centuries) were Germans! They did not speak Russian language! The official "royal" language was either German or French! The Russian language was considered as worth only for beggars.
Stalin and his friends were just another insiders aimed to destroy remnants of true history. No wonder that whoever tried to come up with something different than official "science", was quickly removed, mostly executed or at least sent to Siberia to gulag. Nobody says everything is exactly as pointed, but there are too many facts that point to a conclusion that perhaps not so long time ago there was indeed wast country stretching across at least through the most of Euro-Asia.

In order to get at least some insight on the topic, one should do its own research and read any possible info, including other languages and certainly not just take text from WIKIPEDIA and say "This is as it was!" Should I remind that few centuries ago the official theory was that the Earth was plain...? How different is then present with its old-sculptured views on "unchangeable" history? If serious research was done, historians would have to in fact completely rewrite their textbooks, but that would destroy the current establishment, which bits on "divide and conquer". Perhaps some decades from now History will deny existence of USSR or Yugoslavia and proclaim it as "myths".

Here are some links:
Гибель Тартарии


The biggest source of energy of present days if without doubt "DENIAL" :-)
If we just could build powerplants using and utilizing denial, we would have in fact infinite amount of energy present at any time :::---)))

posted on May, 1 2017 @ 11:12 AM

originally posted by: Janofano
Are you trying to tell me that horse Shepherds who knew only to ride the horse, milk them and eat meat, who had no freaking idea about agriculture or food making except hunting, and who were dependent on their hoards of horses, were suddenly capable of defeating highly organized, fortified settlements with ballistic, metallurgy and firepower?

No, they were not capable, ONCE the settled territories had those things, which is why Mongol hordes are not troublesome today.
But use your imagination a little, and try to conceive of a world WITHOUT advanced metallurgy and firepower. That's the world of the Middle Ages. A large mobile gang with arrows can easily scatter a static crowd of peasants armed with not much more than knives.

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 12:21 AM
I have a bad English. So please forgive me.
I stumbled upon your topic and decided to share some facts.

1. Russia officially acknowledged the existence of TaRrtary.

2. Why Russia for many centuries kept the secret of Tartary? Because the Mongol invasion is a lie! It is a fairy tale to cover the bloody civil war in the history of mankind.
Remember that the mentality of the Slavs to fight to the death. And you will understand the horror of this civil war.
A symbol of victory over the great Tartary known to all of you! It is the emblem of Moscow!
It is also present on the state Emblem of Russia.
But win it??? Or lose?

You have probably heard of the battle of Kulikovo? The field is covered with corpses of people. No one knows how many died in this war, but probably we are talking about millions of lives.
Why was this war? Russia (Muscovy) is baptized by fire and sword part of Tartary. Which became known as the Rus.
In the correct transcription reads "Thar Thary". The names of the pagan Slavic gods. Tara and Tarkh. Brother and sister.
The story of Tartary is the story of the destruction of the last of the Aryan state. Using the biblical project and the "civilized West".
This war lasted 300 years. Today it is commonly called the Mongol invasion. In reality, it was a fratricidal war.
If people found out about this tragedy would be a riot! Therefore, the history was carefully changed.

3. Serious scientists seriously discussing the theory that the real Peter was killed in Europe. Instead it returned a double. There are so many interesting facts to prove it.

4. Across Siberia from the Arctic ocean to the Chinese seas, there are graves of white people. The Dating of burials from 30 thousand years and more. You can also read about the Tarim mummies found in China. All found the mummies had a haplogroup R1a1a

5. Why the official science is silent? Because as soon as you begin to explore, you will realize that the homeland of the white man is the North of Russia. And Russian ancestors - it is the parents all white nation.
The West can not let this became known to the masses.
Because then it will become quite clear that the whole history of Europe is a process of dismemberment of a great country. So it was with Prussia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland... this is happening Today with Ukraine.
Just 5 centuries ago, Sweden spoke in Russian. Here is the proof.
It is written in Russian, but with Latin letters: the Deplorable speech at the burial.
People had to explain something so close to Swedes and Russians. Therefore, proposed the theory that the Russian state is created by the Swedes. But of course, upon the slightest consideration to details you will see the absurdity of this version.

6. Why the government had to access information about Tartary? Well, first of all. Russia has become too much interested in its history and to ask too many awkward questions.
And second, Putin used this to unite the nation...

7. Slavic calendar begins its chronology "from the creation of the world in a star temple". The word WORLD here is to be understood "peace". The chronology is conducted after the war Between the ancient China and Tartary. This is the conclusion of a peace Treaty. Before that there was another calendar.
It was necessary to destroy it... Or the Bible just would not be able to fit in.
But the transition was so long that even Peter could not erase the memory of it.

I'm not going to delve into the details. If you would be interested - ask questions and I will try to answer you.

P. S. In conclusion I wish to say that this is not only a terrible secret that holds Russia.
You all know the amazing city of Saint Petersburg. It's just not that city, for which he claims to be. He is much older than you think. But its real name is Alexandria.
Find medieval engraving - "the lighthouse of Alexandria". Or "library of Alexandria". And compare with some of the architectural structures of St. Petersburg...

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posted on Nov, 22 2017 @ 01:44 PM
Why you're sticking to the so called Russian ancient history and variations around it - it is all fake!?!
Have you ever heard about Bulgarians!?!
Then about the Great Bulgaria - the only remained true successor of so called Tartaria, but not tatars, mongolians, turks, moskovians or any other tribes who ripped the flash of the great ancient state.
Do you believe to talks about so called "slavic sea of people" who appeared for a historically flash period of 100-150 years and flooded all around Eastern Europe, Balkans and today Russian Federation!?! (...and nobody can find artefacts of them)
How many of you even know that the so called Cyrillic alphabet is actually the Bulgarian one (not to talk about the historical transformation from the Glagolic and Proto-Bulgarian runic incriptions!
Just make some research guys, because if I give it to you, then it will be accepted as a biased!

posted on Jan, 2 2018 @ 11:15 PM
a reply to: PsyLab

Are there any peoples left anywhere that claim a lineage to the Tartarians?
Also , what is the first or oldest record of these people?
I've been following them a bit since I was introduced to them by newearth's youtube channel of alterered history theories.
I had come to some srt of conclusion that they might be the proginators of the white people and now you have peeked my interest once again in them. Thanx for all your info so far.

posted on Jan, 3 2018 @ 03:27 AM
Much the same with Tibet, no long shown on modern maps, totally swallowed up by China.
Much of that land now occupied by Chinese nationals.

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