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Kundalini--Just my two cents

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posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 04:41 PM
Despite the fact that we all have our personal way of conceptualizing surrounding reality and that spirituality has always been subjective experience, there are some aspects to spirituality that are archetypal; like the one of Kundalini, the (female) snake coiled up at the bottom of the spine. Increasing number of people are having Kundalini awakenings, some of them being spontaneous and sadly there isn't always a guru around reassuring that what is happening to the person is perfectly normal and controllable to a certain degree. Unknown subjects are vulnerable to disinformation.

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is psycho-sexual energy that sleeps in the area of the coccyx, the tip of the tailbone. It can be aroused trough visualization, breathing, sexual activity and special sounds.

As Kundalini rises it charges the psychic centers called chakras. The raised energy remains stuck with no way out, pursuing release or means of manifestation. This temporary state often feels inconvenient. Here's the reason for the misconception of demonic obsession and this is something that one with adequate psychic awareness can easily validate.

The arousal of Kundalini can be felt as subtle energy creeping up from the base of the spine to the head. This is often accompanied by various physical and spiritual sensations. However there is not one specified Kundalini awakening experience that could be pinpointed into one description.

How to live with Kundalini?

As I already mentioned sometimes there's no guru around when needed most, and even when there is, they cannot or won't (spiritual abandonment and misuse are not new to this world) always offer help for the one in need. Especially when an unprepared body-mind -unity has to cope with something entirely new, there are certain complications that can arise.
(See link at the bottom of the page.)

One problem that is often mentioned with Kundalini arousal is that of person becoming draned of vitality because of sexual obsession. The reason for this is Kundalini being stuck at the lower chakra.

The most important thing one must learn in order to avoid problems caused by excessive and/or stuck Kundalini energy, is to find a grounding method that works for oneself. A method that works well for somebody doesn't necessarily work that well to someone else.

Here are a few methods that I've gathered from all around:

FOOD: Construct your daily meal from protein and food that grow underneath; potatoes, radishes, onions, turnips, peanuts, carrots, beets, garlic, and so on.

VISUALIZE RED: Red is the color associated with the root chakra. Visualizing it is an easy tool to help ground yourself.

TREE VISUALIZATION: As you stand firmly like a tree, imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet and visualize the roots pierce trough the layers of earth and growing deeper and deeper until they reach the center of the Earth. Imagine the center of Earth being ball-shaped and radiant yellow/goldish. Now imagine the roots attaching to the center and feel Mother Earth absorbing or the extra energy trough the roots into the Earth core. Know that it is the natural destination of energy and that you don't have to force it. After you are done imagine the roots fade away so that you won't be raising new energy.

GET GROUNDED IN NATURE: Walking barefooted in nature is a great way to get grounded. Now is winter of course and in some parts of the planet this would be more preferable to do on a warmer season. Trees are known to be able to absorb all kinds of psychic energy without being harmed themselves.

Kundalini energy has a tendency of building up in the head. This might disturb reading etc. Here is a simple remedy that you can try in nature: Stand with your back towards a tree. Lean on a tree so that the back of your head touches the trunk. Don't let the soles of your feet touch the ground that much. (Only after you've found a pleasant way of standing like this advance to the next bit.) Now while exhaling slowly imagine all the extra energy in your body being absorbed to the tree trough the back of your head and trough the tree roots into the ground, (and to the Earth core if you wish) Then simply step forward, take a heavy breath and walk a bit.

Term "treehugging" has probably roots in this sort of practise.

OTHER STUFF THAT MIGHT HELP: Sometimes it might be worth consideration to keep a break in spiritual practises. If you feel spaced out and overly energized for a long time, then you should avoid performing any energy raising practises for as long as necessary.

Walk in nature etc. It's just as rewarding. Follow a sunset and feel all your worries sink with the sun. Feel grounded and peaceful watching the red evening sky.

Signs and symptoms of awakening:

A list of Kundalini complications:

Mystress´s grounding visualization:

Kundalini FAQ:

Kundalini links:

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posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 06:58 PM
thanks for your two cents and the links
I agree with you on all your points


posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 09:29 PM
Thanks worldwatcher..


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