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Breaking News Smoke Rising at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

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posted on May, 10 2015 @ 12:21 AM
I hope video of that fireball shows up eventually. Witnesses said it was 200 meters high.

posted on May, 10 2015 @ 12:53 AM

originally posted by: jessme2
This is from ten minutes ago:

There is smoke rising from the Indian Point nuclear plant.

Witnesses are telling Eyewitness News that there was some sort of explosion at the plant located in Buchanan, Westchester County, just south of Peekskill.

We are following this story closely, and bring the latest details as they become available.

Has this been brought up yet?
From Wikipedia

There is a debate between Entergy and various opponents[who?] over whether the two Indian Point reactors should continue to operate beyond September 2013 and December 2015, when their respective initial forty-year operating licenses are scheduled to expire. Entergy has applied for license extensions and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is moving toward granting a twenty-year extension for each reactor. Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, however, wants them shut down at the end of their current license periods.[5] As of midnight on September 28, 2013, Unit 2 has entered its "Period of Extended Operation" (PEO) until the NRC makes a final determination on its license renewal application.[6]

They are owned by Entergy and operating now under an extended license. They are older. It does not make me comfortable. This is the ninth incident and several were transformer fires.

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posted on May, 10 2015 @ 10:21 AM
a reply to: jessme2

Nuclear Power equals 'Big Mistake'.

posted on May, 10 2015 @ 11:19 PM
a reply to: combatmaster

No, this has Megatron's fingerprints all over it...those Decepticons must be stopped...

posted on May, 10 2015 @ 11:52 PM
just like the first atomic accident in Denver Colorado....Sept. 11, 1958.....I was there for that one....the world was saved when the transformers for the stacks got hit by a firetruck....shut down the blowers pumping the bad stuff out.....rocky flats

posted on Feb, 6 2016 @ 08:05 PM
More Problems!

65,000% Spike In Reported Radioactivity After Tritium Leaks At Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

posted on Feb, 6 2016 @ 08:54 PM
a reply to: glend

Ug, that looks troubling.. As our Nuclear infrastructure ages I expect stories like this will become commonplace.

Hopefully the radiation will at least mutate us slow enough for us to develop some cool new features and abilities!

posted on Feb, 6 2016 @ 09:28 PM

originally posted by: glend
More Problems!

65,000% Spike In Reported Radioactivity After Tritium Leaks At Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

So water that is irradiated, free radicals then? gases, blah blah. That doesn't sound so good.

posted on Feb, 6 2016 @ 11:52 PM
a reply to: caterpillage

Ug, that looks troubling

To say the least. You'd think that they would have closed the 53 year old nuclear plant long ago given incidents are escalating as it gets older. Spent fuel is stored at the site in a pool. So if disaster did strike it possibly could cause the permanent evacuation of new york city just 25 miles north.

2000, Unit 2 experienced a Steam Generator Tube Rupture (SGTR)
2005, Entergy workers while digging discovered a small leak in a spent fuel pool.
2007, a transformer at Unit 3 caught fire
2007, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission fined the owner of the Indian Point nuclear plant $130,000 for failing to meet a deadline for a new emergency siren plan.
2010, NRC inspectors reported that an estimated 600,000 gallons of mildly radioactive steam was intentionally vented to the atmosphere after an automatic shutdown of Unit 2.
2010, an explosion occurred in a main transformer for Indian Point 2, spilling oil into the Hudson River.[32] Entergy later agreed to pay a $1.2 million penalty for the transformer explosion.[5]
2013, a former supervisor, who worked at the Indian Point nuclear power plant for twenty-nine years, was arrested for falsifying critical safety records and lying to federal regulators.
2015, a transformer failed at Indian Point 3, causing the automated shutdown of reactor 3. A fire that resulted from the failure was extinguished, and the reactor was placed in a safe and stable condition.[33]
2015, a mylar balloon floated into a switchyard, causing an electrical problem resulting in the shutdown of Reactor 3.
2015, Reactor 3 was shut down after a water pump failure.
2015, Indian Point 2 was shutdown after several control rods lost power.
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posted on May, 29 2016 @ 12:09 PM
As mentioned some time ago, there are more than 1 NPP that are at risk of a sudden meltdown. One of them is in Belgium, and it is a very special one. In fact in that reactor, a nasty isotope is produced: cobalt-60. In case of an explosion in that NPP, particles of cobalt-60 would fly over a large part of Belgium, probably covering even Brussels. The main characteristic of cobalt-60 particle is that they radiations render the affected uninhabitable for about 12 years. That is until the isotope decays.

posted on May, 31 2016 @ 05:24 PM
a reply to: jessme2

wow I did not know do you live near the nuclear power plant?

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