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True Love, Raw Energy

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posted on May, 6 2015 @ 03:41 AM
Well, as you see many people see love with different eyes. But i think if you feel love all the time and some stupid dude is doing something harmful to innocent people or nature. And you feel love for him then something must be wrong with you. If you feel strong love, then you need to feel a strong hate too. Since you know what true love is then you know what true evil is too.

Also you are saying that nature is chaos? OHHH boy, that upset me. Nature is in perfect order. Without people this big organism (earth) will be haven. In nature everything works, there are patterns, there are predators, there are all kind of organisms which work in perfect harmony with nature. Only we humans have made bad things to this harmony, many times direct but offten indirect.

If we all have true love, then yes, we can be in harmony with earth. But as i say, you cant have true love when there are so many bad people around you.

posted on May, 6 2015 @ 05:28 AM
a reply to: saadad

well, if I would feel deep love for everything and saw some hurtful act in front of me. I think that love would not turn to hate, this does not compute for me. Certainly I would try to help, but in different way, the love way. We are talking about ultimate compassion. To good or evil! It is the same coin with two sides...
But I agree with the thing you said about opposites. The more you know love, more you know evil to, and because of that you know that is not the way?

posted on May, 6 2015 @ 07:12 AM

originally posted by: saadad
If you feel strong love, then you need to feel a strong hate too. Since you know what true love is then you know what true evil is too.

I see this dualistic argument a lot. What you are talking about seems more in terms of whether you feel positive or negative toward someone. Such positive feelings are not necessarily true love. For instance, people often feel extremely positive when they meet a new person they are excited about being intimate with. This is mainly a biochemical reaction that produces a strong sense of attraction, even mindless giddiness relative to the other. This is fun, etc., but is not the same as true love.

But first, a very important word to the wise:
NEVER EVER tell anyone in this state of "honeymoon delirium" that this is not true love, as they will just laugh at you, or worse, they may start telling you how great it is and why, and even possibly try to demonstrate it with one another to you!

This state reminds me of that Leslie Nielsen movie in which during his "honeymoon period" he takes his new intimate to see "Apocalypse Now" and they come out laughing and dancing!

So why do so many people leave this so-called love of their life once that feeling of great positive energy during the "honeymoon period" is over? How true was their so-called love then? That period is one of the greatest "tricks" of nature to ensure survival of the species!

True love is beyond mere positive feelings about someone - it is a profound connection at the heart in which one is bonded to the other in deepest feeling, beyond the ups and downs of mere positive and negative feelings of the body-mind.

True love is spiritual/transcendental at root, and provides the means to feel ecstatically connected with another, both in intimate sexual occasions and in every day life. And yes, such a love does feel very positive too - but it is not simply limited to such feelings in the body, for if it was, every time we got sick or whatever, we may not be feeling so positive about anything.

So I cannot agree with you that to know true love you must also know and animate hate. True love also "knows" how to act when one sees someone hurting another - without having to give oneself up to feeling hate or evil which would just provide more separation rather than real intelligence relative to what is occurring.

The heart-based root of Love is also our greatest source of real intelligence.

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posted on May, 6 2015 @ 08:36 AM
This is the odd part about the duality, and universal laws, that many of the mystery school ilk, seem to bring up, but never quite sure if they're just doing that to program false information into people, or whether some of them are confused and walking both a fundamental path and a metaphoric one. The universe would give a strong opposite, so Love means Hate exists.

Its not true.

And their concepts of universal laws are equally bogus. Perhaps on some elements some of the time, such as affinity, for instead of chaos, the universe is harmonious, matter composed of many harmoniously arranged bucky ball magnets, and implosive rather than explosive are positive ways of harvesting energy, so studying up on Tesla and Walter Russell shows what we're in. But even that can change based on our actions and intentions because the dream is less solid than scientists think and somewhat interactive.

Why they insist we live in a concrete fundamental duality, whereas their belief system is gnosis and metaphor, mystifies me. Pun intended!

The duality isn't a concrete, you Love, that makes more Hate.

The duality is an inner division between Mind/Body/Spirit (oh well thats the triangle), or rather Mother/Father: Subconscious/Conscious, Spirit/Body, Pineal/Pituatary, Equality/Freedom in the outer.


Its also all gnosis, not fundamental stuff. They can't be gnostics on the one hand and then pretend to suddenly be literal fundies on the other, they're not.

Love does NOT bring in hate.

The backdrop of duality in the universe is the opposites coded into the set of the play and our bodies, that are neutral, not Love or Hate, not Good or Bad, just the tests.

ie. Day/Night, Sun/Moon, Health/Sickness, Bounty/Drought, Birth/Death, etc.

And then, the choices begin, what we do about things, how we feel may be hardwired, but overcoming low mind reactive feelings to help another or choosing to perform loving, kind actions. Love isn't always a feeling, that is a state of spirit, writing an answer on the test.

So the backdrop is a duality structure, but the Spirit entering the Set/Stage/Backdrop, then starts to make choices and fills in the answers on the test on a daily basis, shrinking or growing their soul.

There is no pendulum swing to bring in the opposite answer they write. They wrote Love, so HATE comes in.

No, instead it's, they wrote Love so they pass the tests.
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posted on May, 6 2015 @ 08:48 AM
The real work on earth, is growing or shrinking your consciousness/spirit and ultimately soul orb. Love is growing bigger. Fear and Hate is growing smaller. One does not bring in the other, that would be saying, growing bigger and gaining the next grade brings in growing smaller and being sent back to preschool.

The natural order of things however says otherwise, for a child in grade 6 is far beyond the skills and scholastic understanding of most kindergarden students and no teacher would place them there.

The natural order is Infinite Progression in an Infinite System, no matter how long it may take each individual. As posted before, more love, more understanding, more empathy is an increase in soul orb and intellect. To murder someone you have to decrease your understanding and empathy that is a shrinking of soul orb in the end. But in a positive system they will be given more chances to turn it around down the line.

What is built into the cosmos is that a seed grows to a flower or tree. Growing up and growing bigger is built in.

Now, that is a natural and all important universal law, and the only one that really really matters. And that makes everything about LOVE.
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posted on May, 6 2015 @ 08:28 PM

originally posted by: Elementalist
...why are so many disconnceted from it then, you make it sound so easy to attain, but it's rare to find in the "reality" (True love).

As you see I'm still not seeing what your saying.. maybe I need it in a different context..

We are already in Unity - that conscious Force or Love is already the case, prior to, but not separate from, all that appears and disappears. We do not have to create it or seek for it - we are modifications of that same Light-Energy. We simply have to recognize this and notice that everyone, whether they recognize it or not, are in this same sea of relatedness, of Light, of Energy, of Love. Once we truly notice this, we will begin to live based on the truth of our relatedness.

Keep noticing this Reality - it is the case and the more it is embraced, the more it is revealed to be the essence of everything. Are we not always in a condition of relatedness, of connectedness, regardless of what we may think or experience?

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posted on May, 7 2015 @ 12:41 AM
a reply to: Elementalist
Now your heart center was activated in 2010 summer solstice, if you would; could you please describe your emotional and mental state around this time before your heart center was activated? Can you please describe what you were doing? Like, were you meditating, yoga, eating well/vegetarian diet?

I have experienced something like this before, but it didn't last nearly as long. it's happened about 3 - 5 times in my past and for me it literally felt like a big flower was opening where my heart is. Before this would happen I was feeling joy, appreciation, pure contentment with where I was, the people around me and myself, etc. It would only last for a few hours, but when it would happen my positive emotions were compounded exponentially.
I haven't felt that again since 2008 though.

Nice thread by the by.

In Lak'ech

posted on May, 7 2015 @ 09:20 AM

originally posted by: MidNight sunBefore this would happen I was feeling joy, appreciation, pure contentment with where I was, the people around me and myself, etc. It would only last for a few hours, but when it would happen my positive emotions were compounded exponentially.

Right, you were relaxed in your feeling, happy in relationship to what was appearing. The open heart has this kind of trust - it is the same as faith. And the more we surrender our resistance to recognizing the truth of our actual relatedness altogether, the more the heart blossoms as you describe.

It is not a matter of seeking for some great experience of this - those are nice and can be very transformative. But the inherent and natural disposition of the heart is already love, trust, faith in Truth - and the more we embrace the truth of our situation, the less resistance we have in our feeling altogether. This day to day practice then begins to make for a more constant flowering of heart-feeling, of love, trust, and faith.

posted on May, 7 2015 @ 11:48 PM
Ah yes, I was contemplating this today. Love is the highest form of energy, and it has been watered down to lustful superficial emotions. Speaking to a friend earlier I let him know that Love is nothing like we know it. Some people love their dogs, other their Iphones, but most their money. How can we say outloud," I LOVE this new gadget, I LOVE this new design so-and-so came out with" People don't know love. They overly-appreciate materialism. I don't claim to know what LOVE is, but i know it transcends all we know. Love is the greatest mystery. Not until each of our souls have evolved to the path we won't realize our simplicity veiled through this earthly complexity. WE ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD.

posted on May, 7 2015 @ 11:54 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

Despite what you think you feel, you are still describing it from a programmed point of view.

Take it further and you will discover far more complex things that defy the subject of love as being all.

Love is the delusion in of itself, the higher trap for those who seek finality.

It is certainly a foolishly named energy, and if you REALLY experienced all of yourself you should easily see, that it is not in any sense something to even think about.

And in fact will open the doors of many other realities, none of which care about how you feel about it, or what you do with or without it.

I wait for someone to see the true complexity, and stop trying to fit the brainwashed images they have from ALL forms of higher searching.

posted on May, 8 2015 @ 12:17 AM
a reply to: ParasuvO
Love is not a delusion. People Like "Crowley" even said "love is the law". Again, I do not know love in its purity. I do know love encompasses everything from compassion to murder to forgiveness to revenge. Love is transcendental and is nothing like we know it. Love IS and until we learn what BE, IS, and AM is we wont understand raw love. I've been on this journey for 7 years and I have just barely understood what it is to BE.

posted on May, 8 2015 @ 09:38 AM
a reply to: ParasuvO

Obviously thus OP is written via my experiences and collection of information upon others and their experiences.

Mainly a period in my life that was very profound and unexpected to say the least. I thought I knew love, I had several relationships with very different woman, I love and had passion for sport and knowledge, love my dogs and cats, earth and the universal creation.

This experience was far different then any of these variations of love. When you walk and live in waking reality, with a constant overpowering sensation (thst whirlpool energy is my best description) in your chest (above sternum), it's very different then any other "feeling" or state I've been in (happiness, joy, excitement etc)

To say it's delusional shows only your own delusions. That would be to say all feelings and such are delusions.. I've no idea where your going with that. Lack of love and experience maybe.

One poster asked what I felt and how I was upon these 6 months; if you met me, I had a smile from ear to ear. Sometimes I would have to just sit down and forget what I was doing because it was pretty overpowering, the sensation in my chest.

People would say "you seem different!" And such things that would show me, they can sense something else within me. The entire 6 months I was attracting very positive people, even animals in the forest (I lived in the country and spent a lot of time by ponds, in forests, lakes etc..).

Horses, birds, SNAKES (which was creepy), other people's animals were always attracted to me..

It was just a profound experience. And to this day I haven't carried that state and sensation again. Thiugh I'm "in love" with my partner.

Appreciate thise who read and gave input

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posted on May, 8 2015 @ 10:05 AM
Love is not without self protection elements, ie self defense and defense of another. To me, this is also a component of Love and Higher Mind, though it seems like a contradiction.

For example, if we were in a matrix, illusion, dream in our minds, but akin to the movie the matrix, we were actually in the moon, in pods with tubes connected to our spine and neck. Then is life life? If we could wake up, not some code in that but our definition of this, would our enslavement be in body or soul? Could we blast it all away with our mind or not, and would that be considered Love. I believe if we woke up to a strange reality that blasting it all to smithereans, setting free all souls and squishing all slithery bullies and then throw it all into a big black hole or metaphorically flushing it down the toilet, would be LOVE. It certainly seems like a loving thing to do on behalf of my children.
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posted on May, 8 2015 @ 02:51 PM

originally posted by: veritaslux7

I found myself agreeing with your post up until this last sentence. Why do you say we are not of this world when we obviously are appearing here? I am not saying there are no other worlds, etc., but these body-minds certainly are of this world, and our awareness is associated with them here at this time.

Would you elaborate on what you mean?

And welcome! A good first post - all about Love!

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posted on May, 8 2015 @ 03:28 PM
a reply to: bb23108
Guess they didn't realise that love couldn't be made but is creates itself through emotions.
We are not machines.....guess they didn't see that one coming.
Hence why the global conscious shift or manipulation to negativity is a must for some profitable orgs.
Those that prey on the ill health, misfortune, I'll treatment of others.

its never good news to boost the teams moral......

posted on May, 8 2015 @ 04:01 PM
a reply to: jazz10
Isn't Love the root of emotion in that it is unlimited feeling?

This place is a real ordeal - no doubt about it - and there are forces everywhere that don't want anything to do with unlimited feeling or Love. But we always do have a choice:

To contract away from feeling love in this condition of relatedness we are always in (whether we recognize it or not)


to release our resistances throughout the body-mind into feeling our whole situation here and participate whole bodily in relationship to all.

And really, regardless of how we feel, this is always possible. Why is it always possible? Because relatedness (connectedness/non-separation) is already our condition - we simply have to keep noticing this and releasing what we are doing that obstructs this inherent capacity.

This is difficult, no doubt, but once we recognize our situation of relatedness, it provides the basis for our inherent capacity to love, to be unified, to come forward in this moment, and now in this moment, etc., etc. Persist every day, and Reality does reveal more and more of its depth as one needs and avails oneself.

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posted on May, 8 2015 @ 04:31 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

" if you met me, I had a smile from ear to ear. Sometimes I would have to just sit down and forget what I was doing because it was pretty overpowering, the sensation in my chest.
People would say "you seem different!" And such things that would show me, they can sense something else within me. The entire 6 months I was attracting very positive people, even animals in the forest (I lived in the country and spent a lot of time by ponds, in forests, lakes etc..).
Horses, birds, SNAKES (which was creepy), other people's animals were always attracted to me.. "

Thank you for replying and that is AMAZING. I've listened to channelers talk about what one experiences when they're in these Vibrations/specific states and it is exactly similar to what you describe here. Attracting positive people into your experience as you felt such High Vibrations - sounds a lot like Law of Attraction, which is VERY interesting; and the birds, snakes and other small wild animals did they come 'right' up next to you?? Lol, that is pretty freakin' cool.

And so, you weren't meditating at this time in your life, or eating a healthy diet, practicing yoga? Before you moved into this state were you simply feeling REALLY good; any particular reason? Or did this feeling/vibration just spontaneously come to you as you were going through your day to day life? Surely you weren't in Low vibrational states and then this High vibrational state spontaneously came to you, right? And it stopped or it got more difficult to maintain because life took a turn? You don’t have to go into what happened, I know that can be personal.

But so, things came at you in your life that helped you to Low Vibration despite you having been in such High Vibration for so long, and that made it difficult to maintain this state, yes? From what I know of the Law of Attraction that's weird that such Low Vibrational things would come to you even though you had been in such High Vibration; and Yea, I could see that Low Vibrational things coming into your experience would take you our of that state or make it difficult to maintain, that’s what Real Life stuff is.

Despite what comes to us in our external and sometimes internal realities though, I think we have to hold on to the way we desire/want and choose to feel/hold onto your preferred vibration/state of being. I liken it to Tests and having to Prove yourself by offering the Vibration/State you want to be despite what you're experiencing – but I could be wrong; perhaps we have/need to integrate the negative in our lives to truly move on from the low vibration. . .

I keep searching and learning as the days go by,
And Thank you for answering my questions!

In Lak'ech
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posted on May, 8 2015 @ 06:11 PM
a reply to: MidNight sun

I love and appreciate your enthusiasm in learning the internal being and truth. And for that, nothing for me is personal because my perception is; we are all of the same raw energies bundled in bodies away from true self, to experience this reality via body/5senses.

There is no division to me, just that, people have different ideologies that govern their lives, and this creates a low state of dividing further from self and source.

You percieve it as low and high vibrations. .. I dislike this terminology because again, it gives "one better then the other" and a sense of new agey favoritism.

I see it as our hueman spectrum; from love to hate is all apart of internal self, just different states along the colour spectrum so to speak. It's not that low "vibration" affected me negatively and pulled me out of this state.

It was a conscious choice to "come back down " in your terminology, vibration. I experienced and held such a state, I had my incredible experince and what came with it internally and externally.. but it was a choice to leave thst state, knowing it's apart of me, and I can attain it again.

I'm still a human in society, and to function as such, it is necessary to move back and forth along this hueman spectrum, ranges of self.

So it was not a negative experience to leave this profound state I was constantly embracing. Just a change for the matter being, to correct things in other areas of life.

We are all made of the same matter, energy, connected into gaia's Web of consciousness and electric grid. We all share the same potentials and originate from Source, or the churches version.."god".

I was meditating, connecting with the elements, with earth as a whole accepting my being and position in the universal crestion, connecting with many people intentionally, and showing all the variations of love (kindness, empathy, joy, happiness, excitement acceptance etc)...

I was doing such things for several months before that profound experience happened that made me real eyes love is more then a word, idea, and relationship etc..

I had a super vivid and lucid, as well as spontaneous experience, internally, with my third eye and energy centers / chakras (after constantly living as I did 2 paragraphs up).

Thst is when for the first time it felt, like a "seal" broke open and bloomed, then the whirlpooling thing manifested. I couldn't belive any of this; as a student of biology and sport I couldn't comprehend...

I remember after the initial experience and that whirlpooling, I pulled off my shirt and checked out my chest (above sternum where whirlpool energy was) to see if I was dying or my body was changing. It was such a raw physical and energetic sensation...

My goodness recollecting it still blows my mind...

posted on May, 10 2015 @ 10:03 PM
a reply to: Elementalist
Thank you for answering my questions,
Oh, and when I say High and Low Vibration I mean for them to be 'completely' equal - simply different, but all inherently the same, all energy. It's simply suppose to denote that these types of emotions/energy are in this part of the spectrum, and these are in another part - all connected, all equal; that's all. Unless you believe that Fear and Love can be at the same space at the same time - that's what I'm goin' for.
And I get that the terminology can give that impression, I like the way you describe it.

And so to deal with other area's in your life you felt that it was better to leave that state; okay, I get that.

How does one connect with the elements and the Earth as a whole? that sounds SUPER interesting.
And how long were you meditating for, like an hour, two? Did you practice Zen meditation? Did you meditate every day?

I'm glad all my questions are not annoying, I kinda worry that I ask too many; but I just can't hold them back and really I don't want to. And hearing your experience is simply astounding, I Love that I found this thread and worked up the nerve to post - and continuing posting.
So, yea.
In Lak'ech

posted on May, 12 2015 @ 11:07 AM

Love is a true, real, raw energetic state and words cannot simply describe it. How ironic, but I'm doing my best here..

I have found that Love is what we are, not something we attain, or a state to be maintained. It's our natural fundamental nature. Love is what we are eternally, and only by directly recognizing this within the self, can there be true, never-ending peace and joy in the experience of life throughout its ever changing permutations.

It is said that Love is the energy of the entire cosmos, it is consciousness itself, that love is God and God is everything in existence. If this is true, then the closest thing to existence, God, consciousness etc, you have is your own life. Inseparably so.
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