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A question about an anomaly in Antarctica – Old footage (Around March 2012)

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posted on May, 5 2015 @ 02:26 AM

originally posted by: artistpoet
Sorry I believe it is Mimas a Moon of Saturn
Look at the shape of the larger crater to the left .. lol mean right

I can't see that as the same object. that crater is far too large. None of the other regions near it appear to match. In fact, your left, and flipped upside down, would have had me more convinced, and I may even opt for it being a similar imagoe of that moon, flipped and reversed so as to throw off suspicion.

the smaller crater if it were flipped, would be more accurate.

Yet, if this is real footage taken in that region, there will be real footage of it somewhere that ths hoaxers could have obtained it from.

Unless it is 100% cgi, with the moon superimposed. and I don't see that. They, whoever they were, are at a real place imo.

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posted on May, 5 2015 @ 02:29 AM

originally posted by: gortex
a reply to: ICycle2

Is this our Moon, a hoax or what?

It's a hoax , another CGI wizard with nothing better to do.
Aside from the fact it's CGI the video was uploaded 2012 yet no one has seen this huge object in the last 3 years , not likely.

Who took the original base footage then?

Billionaires on a hop off to the antarctic?

Or is this the Mojave desert with snow effects added?

Seriously, it just might be, but if it's real footage with cgi added, and it was found, it would go a long way to rule it out as hoax, than to jump up and down screaming CGI.

posted on May, 5 2015 @ 02:33 AM

originally posted by: Vasa Croe
I believe this is the old thread.....not sure as the video has been taken down.

worst thing about that thread, is the first legit post says it's been posted.. and we're back to square one.

as we can't tell what it is they are discussing, I dunno what to do. I'd like to know more.

Any older members who have seen it? I don't want to read a plethora of posts to garner info that may simply still be conjecture.

For the record, I do not think it is real. I just want to know where the original footage came from. From there I can deduce, and ponder. -- original being, if they are in an area so remote, and snow bound, you don't get your run of the mill hoaxers popping off to get some footage to bung into after effects... so someone must have the original.

posted on May, 5 2015 @ 12:38 PM

originally posted by: sn0rch

originally posted by: Jonjonj
I think this is the video you are referring to. I would definitely class it as fake though. Like poet, I remember a thread about it.

I would start looking in the HOAX forum.

There is one thing that strikes me about that, and I'm not saying I believe or not.

But they are indeed in an area that your average hoaxer would not be, and they are for some reason focused on the sky. Imagine no object there, seems odd.

It could be they were filming the real small moon, or a plane, or some craft they were expecting, anything mundane.

But in terms of your general hoax, you don't get people in regions like that just out for a jaunt to make a scam.

I would love to see the original footage.. you don't often have reason to scope the sky out down there, unlike places such as the middle east where that 'ufo' blowing up the enemy was recorded months ago, which turned out to be a fully prepared strike, but with super imposed cgi.

I want to know more on this, and so I shall look

It seems to me that they are just filming the horizon, or rather, that which is in front of them. Just my opinion of course.

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