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Dream Connected To Reality

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posted on May, 2 2015 @ 10:44 PM
I hear many people say that when you dream you go to other place and in other dimension. And i think that can maybe be true. Now this dream is very interesting and i have more types of this dream. I bet you had same type as well. It is something like your brain trying to communicate with you while you are on other side.

Ok here is a dream log:
I was a fat old teacher in a school in woods. And suddenly in middle of the class i need to go take a leak. So i m going into woods to take a leak. So i go above hill and i was running, but there were some ducks which i scare. But also there was a Leopard and Black Panther.Leopard scream at me and i started running. Now wierd thing was i was not using legs to run, but hands, i m not sure exactly were did my legs go. Anyway i turn back and i see Leopard is not chasing me. So i started walking, but then i turn back again and i see black panther is chasing me, so i was running like crazy and i was really scare. Then i wake up and i notice that i need to take a leak in real life.

So it was my brain sending me message wake up you need to go to toilet. But why did he create such a nice story? That day i did talk about teaching and me being a teacher, also i was talking about having ducks. Not sure where from did Leopard and Black Panther come.

But if my brain wants to send me a message why didn't he just scream and say wake up, you will piss your self, go to toilet.
I think new dimension at which we go when we sleep is maybe hard to communicate and maybe things over there are not exactly clear like the things over here.

Anyone with more experience please give me some info.

posted on May, 3 2015 @ 01:52 AM
Last night i had a dream i was in a classroom full of human looking robots and the robots were trying to be taught to be like humans and i pranked one and stole its can of pop cuz robots don't drink pop but the pop was for an experiment.

And one of the robots tried to blind me with tinfoil but i resisted and said, no that's not how you play a pratical joke on someone, that's just violent. The teacher was getting mad at me for pranking the robots, i knew the robots would rise up against humanity anyways so i didn't really care if i was doing it because i was lucid dreaming.

Also dreampt i could teleport through lightning i cast and jump place to place as an invisible bolt of electricity, and i teleported onto a bus that was going in circles around the elementry school a block away from my house. And this bus driver was going faster and faster. And everytime we hit the corner i thought we were going to crash but we didn't.
It was one of the bus drivers iv seen many times in this town.

Then a it picked up a bunch of people i knew and one of them was one of my friends i saw an alien with and he said we gotta go on a adventure man, to gain the secret power. And everyone was trying to talk to me saying hi chris hi hi trying to get my attention and i was just kinda ignoring them. then i woke up.

Today i went to a friends house and took the bus, Donno if that has anything to do with my dream lol. But he asked me to come over today so here i am. Over at his place. Oh and it was the same bus driver from the dream lol.

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