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Could Patton have averted our present unrest?

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posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 01:03 AM
In the violent and unsettled world that we live in today I always find myself looking back at critical times in our history and contemplating what we could have done to avert such present day unrest. What key, critical, choices in our past have lead us to this present state? Could one decision, that went the other way, have made all the difference and averted the violent times we now live in?
At the end of World War II it’s a known fact that General George S. Patton wanted to lead his soldiers into the Soviet Union and “liberate” it's people. He knew that our way of life would soon clash with communism and could see the problem that we would have with the U.S.S.R. in the near future. With the help of redeployed Nazi soldiers and his American boys it would have probably been an easy task. The fact is that most of the Soviet soldiers that finally rolled into Germany had virtually no supplies, or supply lines and thus no way to sustain themselves in combat. We could have probably taken the U.S.S.R. within a relatively short period of time and then could begin planting the seeds of democracy.
With these two countries now democracies is it possible that the Middle East problems of today would have never surfaced? Could democracy have swept the entire continent of Asia, with such a strong influence present? Would we have such hated enemies if we, and the Soviets, never used them as pawns during the cold war? I know that our differences in religion will always be a heated issue but with a “free” Europe and Asia could we have healed centuries of deep wounds?
It’s easy to look back and contemplate what could have been if certain, key, events would have taken place. In times such as these it makes one wonder, how has it come to this and what could we have done to prevent this? I believe that if Patton was allowed to march on the Soviet Union, and through force take control, we could be living in a much more peaceful world today. What are your thoughts?

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