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The 2014 Canadian UFO Survey

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posted on May, 2 2015 @ 08:38 AM
The 2014 Canadian ‎UFO‬ Survey has been released. This is just the kind of work that is necessary for UFO studies to be taken seriously by mainstream science. Chris Rutkowksi has shown a lot of dedication over the years in this service.

2014 Canadian UFO Survey by study group Ufology Research shows UFO reports last year at third-highest level since 1989

The 2014 Canadian UFO Survey has found that 2014 was another good year for UFO-watchers. Data compiled by the private study group Ufology Research, based in Winnipeg, Canada, found that there were 1,021 UFO sightings reported nationwide last year.

Details at: Ufology Research: The 2014 Canadian UFO Survey

posted on May, 2 2015 @ 09:11 AM
a reply to: CardDown

Hiya buddy! I was just reading this survey and the data tables an hour or so ago.

Rutkowski is someone I quite admire in the field. He's been there for over 25 years and taken part in investigations/interviews that most people won't even know about. I wrote a thread about his 2012 Survey that questioned where ufology is going.

It seems like some of the concerns from that old thread still count. For example, most of the data is yielded from internet sites and has very little or no follow-up. MUFON is a big source and we both know how inconsistent their investigators are. This follow up dictates Chris' reliability scaling and yet who's to say whether the investigator spoke face-to-face, by phone or via email? We wouldn't know if the investigator was competent, credulous or stringent.

There are patterns in there that conform to what we've seen in the data for decades - timings etc. That could be used to suggest that there's some validity to the reports. In a sense, I see such patterns as a similar means of auditing the data as Benford's Law is to accountancy fraud.

I'll have another read and see what else stands out.

What are your thoughts on the survey?

posted on May, 2 2015 @ 09:44 AM
Most of the major findings presented here I found interesting. Especially the facts that almost half of the sightings were described as "starlike", orange in color, and that they lasted an average of 13 minutes. Wow, to me that is a long time for a ufo sighting to last. Its pretty natural that Canada would be seeing so many sightings, being so close to us geographically speaking..

posted on May, 2 2015 @ 10:40 AM
I've questioned Chris about some of the workings of the survey, and it's all very interesting. He mentions that "polls show 10% of the population has seen UFOs, and only 10% of THAT demographic report them," but that, "It can be demonstrated statistically that Ufology Research does in fact get most of the reports from people who see and report UFOs in Canada. So it's quite a rigorous sample." He notes however, that CE2 cases are down all over.

On my first pass of the report, it seems that most of the sightings appeared during favorable weather during the weekend evenings. In other words, when people were more likely to be outside to see or something.
The lesson? Go play outside, and look up every so often!

posted on May, 2 2015 @ 11:39 AM
a reply to: CardDown
Cool, ive fallen behind on the ufo reports, but good to see there are still a decent amount of them coming in, also kind of interested to see Edmonton tied for fifth in sightings, I live there and I've seen a few weird lights in the sky. So im hoping I might have a chance to see more

posted on May, 2 2015 @ 07:02 PM
Any hot spots?

posted on May, 3 2015 @ 06:10 AM
Nice work by Chris....thanks for the heads-up OP.

I always worry when I see movies or videos because I had a gut instinct many years ago that the Govenments and Religons had been Broadcasting specific MOVIES GLOBALLY which contained many things which this process was suppossed to project as TRUTHS TO THE HUMAN RACE but which instead were craftily presented as Fiction to the people.

I believe some groups on the planet have been in agreements to DISCLOSE technolgies and realities and incoming Catastrophies and other races. .......that they were TOLD to disclose....that these Governments and religons and small special interest groups have been pulling a Big Masquerade on everyone---playing both ends of the dynamic---they have been broadcasting TRUTHS IN MOVIES AND VIDEOS as per their orders...BUT....they have presented these truths to the people of the planet under the auspices of these being imaginative discourses NOT FACTS thereby keeping humanity in the dark as to these tangible realities......but still pleasing their masters.Their Masters must be able to SEE what is being BROADCAST GLOBALLY.....BUT BUT BUT...they dont understand how Hollywood and imagination work.....the Masters of TPTB DO NOT GRASP the concepts of "made-up" television or of lies......they think the cold hard facts are being presented to humanity by TPTB as per their agreement....but alas it is not so because of the subterfuge created by TPTB.

So we have our Pals from Topside making agreements with a small contingent of humans who are falsely representing all of humanity ....... these misrepresentative influences are screwing both sides for their own benefits.....and they are making it seem to their Masters that the majority of Humanity is INTENTIONALLY IGNORING THE DATA BEING BROADCAST....that Humanity DOESNT CARE ABOUT ITS OWN FUTURE......because we all write off Hollywood as fiction it seems as if we are writing off our futures to TPTBs Masters.

You see TPTB which we answer to have MASTERS who they are subservient to or they would not risk the gamble of Broadcasting these truths under any circumstances.......they are trying to make lemonade out of bad situation where they are being forced to tell Humanity truths they do not wish to share.

It is not Fluke the technologies on Star Trek and many many thousands of other predictive things have materialised AFTER being broadcast globally as "fiction"....there is a "process" in play here which we have now identified.These things WERE BROADCAST AS TRUTHS and these specific technologies were GIVEN TO TPTB UNDER PRETENSES OF BEING GIVEN TO ALL OF HUMANITY .......when Star Trek broadcast these technologies to the global humanity as was demanded to ensure their was no abuse of the process the technologies were SUPPOSSED TO AS PER THE AGREEMENT been given to us all but because of the Hollywood con-job they were able to be obtained and held in secret by TPTB.

TPTB have played off of the primary weakness of other humans can integrate their imaginations with reality is not completely understood by other races even ones we presume to be extremely "advanced" in some areas.

These races "think" or are under the impresson that HUMANITY TAKES THESE GLOBAL BROADCASTS SERIOUSLY AS IF THEY WERE TRUTHS...........this is not the truth......someone will be paying the piper for this way it goes unpunished or unremediated simply because of how the other Race or Races involved rationalise things.....there is an extreme likelyhood these Races identify the entire cabal of TPTB as enemies of not only Earthbound Humanity but celestial humanity and simply choose to protect the many by wiping them out completely......the real problem is that they CAN NOT DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN Governments which represent the people truthfully and ones which do in the examples of the USE,CANADA,ENGLAND ect ect where the people have been lied to ,the most educated people on the planet lied to enmasse,the PEOPLE MAY BE DESTROYED BECAUSE THEY MAY BE VIEWED AS BEING COMPLICIT WITH TPTB WHO ARE MISREPRESENTING HUMANITY.

The other celestial Races NEED TO KNOW about this seperation of reality which has been intentionally induced by Hollywood.....know that Humanity currently HAS NO CONDUIT FROM WHICH IT CAN EXPRESS ITSELF OR FROM WHICH IT MAY RECIEVE MESSAGES ....that a small number of Humans have intentionally pirated the voices of billions using subterfuge and deciet.

TPTBs MASTERS.....simply need to be told how this has been done and shown in ways THEY WILL GRASP how it was accomplished....then the gig is up.

We need to let them know ASAP because they have the ability to identify and pick out every single hidden protected member of TPTB no matter where they happen to be.They simply need to know who to aim for and it is done.....TPTB are hiding AMONG US because their Masters have no process to seperate them so far because they "think" the "majority" of humanity is derelict for ignoring the improvements which should have happened when the wonderfull technologies were given to them how all hunger and disease should have been cured and how we should be spacefaring now,these celestial Races think we are barbarians for not helping each other 75 years ago.......we ARE BEING JUDGED UNFAIRLY......Humanitys charachter is being assasinated by TPTB.

We need to disclose the truth of how Humanity has been decieved absolutely globally by the Humans they have dealt with we must say this to these OTHER CELESTIAL RACES with as much veracity and energy as we are trying to disclose their very existance to Humanitys masses.....BECAUSE.....if the truth gets to the right places this mess will be cleaned up for all of Humanity overnight.

TPTB are simply facing annihilation if they do not immediatly and ultra-quickly spread this tech globally STAT.....because they are now in a bind and way behind.....they better hope they can get enough spread in the name of good before their resources run out or they will PERSONALLY BE HELD RESPONSIBLE ALONG WITH THEIR BLOODLINES.

Once the focus is upon you you cannot hide your intentions and individuals cannot physiclly hide themselves....TPTB and everyone who knowingly worked with them are ALREADY EXPOSED......just not to the average human.....but they will NOT BE HARD TO FIND........they will NOT be able to explain how they ammassed money and resources without taking full 100% responsibility for the hardships this hoarding created globally for HUMANITY and by proxy of possesion they will CONVICT THEMSELVES of crimes against THE GREATER HUMANITY as represented by many celestial Races......this is the basis upon which they will all be remediated.....and WHY WE NEED TO CLEARLY DEFINE THEM FROM THE MASSES AND ILLUSTRATE THIS SEPERATION IN AS MANY WAYS AS WE CAN.We DO NOT want to be mistkenly remediated WITH TPTB.

Orchestrating the bastardistion of the democratic process so as to manipulate and misrepresent demographic populations defined in agreements makes you a member of TPTB and when the processes used are exposed so are the individuals....then it is a matter of intentions..if you knew you were doing it you are guilty...simple.

There are really VERY FEW people who require remediation....but they are making it look like HUMANITY REQUIRES REMEDIATION because they have misrepresented us all and have withheld technologies and prevented HUMANITYS BETTER SIDE FROM LEADING US ALL INTO THE FUTURE.

People like Chris are helping expose the 10+ of humanity needed to tip the scales of the status quo acceptance process...this is great.....lets also remember to put together some clearly illustrated videos showing how we have all been screwed out of our voices as a Global Race....use visual representations more than verbal cues......we need to show seperation to show what has been done to us.WE dont have to fix TPTB....we have friends who would do this overnight if they knew the full story right now......there is another type of disclosure we must push for now-Celestial disclosure of the wrongs committed upon us BY SOME OF US.

We have the right to request remediation,we have the right to experience global communications to bring our perspectives together.We have a right to ask celestial races for help,this has been done by TPTB but under the wrong pretenses,the technologies which enbabled us to experience GLOBAL BROADCASTS were GIFTED to TPTB with the GOOD INTENTIONS OF SHOWING ALL OF EARTHLY HUMANITY UNIVERSAL TRUTHS....then this conduit was is that simple.

Celestial Disclosure is now on the menu.Its time for US to show THEM what TPTB have been doing.methinks they got rid of the old television signals for a reason to do with this process,possibly to give them more complete control...they need to keep the Charade running at both ends of the spectrum.

We will need to use imagry and lots of non-verbal messenging to illustrate what TPTB have done to us all....once this is accomplished then TPTB problem is solved 100% because Humanity as one voice happens to have very big friends in very high places been decieved by TPTB ,who DO HAVE PHYSICAL INTERVENTION PROTOCALS.

Keep it coming Chris...good work.

edit on 3-5-2015 by one4all because: (no reason given)

posted on May, 20 2015 @ 12:31 PM
Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world, of course we'd get a lot of UFO sightings. As to why aliens would want to go in Canada? Perhaps to study the earth climate, wildlife, fauna and flora since our country is 90% uninhabited forest.

posted on May, 21 2015 @ 06:16 AM

originally posted by: glimmeringneon
Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world, of course we'd get a lot of UFO sightings. As to why aliens would want to go in Canada? Perhaps to study the earth climate, wildlife, fauna and flora since our country is 90% uninhabited forest.

Yes...they could also be coming to visit their Illuminatti contacts at WCB Canada.....or any other potential major Insurance Money Laundering location of which there are hundreds of thousands.

But you do have a good point that there is a lot of empty space in Canada....makes you wonder how we DO see them with so much open road available to them.....maybe they just cant keep their hands out of the cookie jar we represent to them.

I wonder if they consider us to be Flora or Fauna?

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