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But I'm just a crazy conspiracy theorist

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posted on May, 2 2015 @ 08:31 PM

originally posted by: bally001

originally posted by: ItVibrates
Perhaps you are too?. Maybe you have friends, family, co-workers, drinking buddies, who like to remind you that you are a "crazy conspiracy theorist". They will ignore your education, life experience and knowledge just because you happen to hold a view that goes against the status quo. They will dismiss any journal article you present as "a conspiracy website" even if its from JSTOR, Oxford University Press or some reputable institution, without even clicking the link or looking at the URL.

Some will even hide behind their own education while they ignore yours; "but you're not a scientist" even if you studied the same degree. Some will use logical fallacies, and then call you deluded when you present rational argument. Some will just straight out call you an idiot.

I just removed a handful of people from my FB friends list, I dont need that kind of negativity in my life.

Sure, this creates a "feedback loop" of confirmation bias, but I really dont need the abuse.

Yeah, nahhhh, yeah, I get where yer comin from cobber. Trouble is, where I'm sittin at a table after a week of herding with me mates havin a schooner, talking about getting the cattle in and someone starts talkin about "man didn't land on the moon," or " crikey mate!!! they flew drones into the twin towers" or, the best yet, "see yon trails in the sky, thems a thing that's sprayed, called chem trails." Me and me cobbers look yonder into the sky and see a trails through the sky at about, and I'm no expert on distances, I'd say about, yeah, nahhh, yeah, 30,000 feet.

I tip me schooner to the conspiritist and say, well, "youse had gotta be one of them experts!! and anyways, getting back to roundin up them fat cows gents."

Sigh, another schooner of unadulterated ale please barkeep!

Kind regards,


Time and place and audience mate! Then you'll get some listens.

What the hell did I just read...

posted on May, 3 2015 @ 05:15 AM
a reply to: FaceMyBook

Strewth cobra,

Hard for me to put it in anything else but Austwal twang. I understand yer difficulties in comprehension possum, must just be me aussie accent.

Tragically I have no one watchin me rear end so to say in this forum from the aust point of view. These cobbers would understand me lingo. Lookin for the likes of 'pronto', 'hutch' or 'expat 3 x 8' to help with the translation. Sorry FMB. Really sorry. I may try to explain the intricasies as thus,

"We all have time for those who inexplicably raise subjects outside the norm, particularly on a Friday night after a weeks herdin. When yer talking cattle and someone bleats subject material outside that norm regarding perhaps a conspiracy. We're polite but tend to 'politely' piss them off as qucik as a pube on the porcelaine"

I tend to have those working on the line, so to say, not subject to a conspiracy theology as this seems to distract from the practical application of mustering cattle. And afterwards, we celebrate the week with a few golden ales or I thnk 'suds' as they call them elsewhere.

In 'practical', I mean the days to day living standards of dawn to dusk hard working types. So, before the weekly shower, shave, sh#te and shining the shoes and havin a beer we tend to have a conversation in an even manner and politely but don't get to be star struck by someone, who's expertise is outside the everyday simple working persons perspective try to tell me that a mauled beast could be the result of alien experiments when observation tells me the animal was injured and pulled down by wild dogs/dingo's who selected the softest most succulent, easiest parts to devour.

Now, I can't explain it further without resorting to paragraphs of a particular aussie persuasion, suffice to say I have employed and been employed with types that think just about anything is a conspiracy including castrating young bulls for market.

I sincerely hope I've explained it in the kindest terms to you. perhaps other aussies could entertain a more logical approach.

Presently, although only Sunday here, I've downed me lamb roast with rosemary and mustard complete with roast spuds expertly prepared by 'truelove' and I'm as dry as a dead dingo's donga so I'm about to wash me wide wally with ample amber fluids.

Regards to you and yours,


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