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posted on May, 4 2015 @ 11:28 PM
a reply to: hearows

The strange thing is that I know about ten people around here that have had the same problem. It is like I hang around with the kind of people who seem to react to them badly. Could it be that we sense a genetic similarity. We became friends before we ever talked about this reaction to some vaccines. The people they are related to, like sons and daughters, do not get vaccinated for the flu either but they do have their kids get the required vaccines for school. Now, a good friend of mine's wife, she had a violent reaction to the flu shot about forty years ago and the doctor said never to take another one. She has not got the flu in that time, and she rarely gets more than an occasional cold. Now my friend, he is 84, has taken the flu shot with no problem and their kids can all take the flu shot without any ill effects. So what we share is not always passed on genetically. Like I said, my second daughter with my present wife has no problem with the shot but my first daughter and her kids can't take the shot. Now my brother cannot take the flu shot either, he gets the same severe reaction that I and my daughter and her kids get.

Now, when I tested the alum pickles on myself to see if they gave me a problem, they did after about three days of eating about two gerkins a day. It is like an accumulation intolerance. But the reaction was no where near the reaction to the flu shot. So I can't say for sure if it is the Alum in the shot or not, but I am sure that I can't take the shot. I actually did it twice, the first time I was around eighteen and as stupidity goes, I got talked into it again by a doctor when I was in my early thirties. My wife talked me into it. Then my wife says to me that it probably was a coincidence that I got so sick. Now I can show her evidence that it is no coincidence.

My daughter has no problem with the doctors with the kids not having the flu shot, but she gets hassled by the people in the schools for not having her kids get them. The school nurse tries to convince her that the kids will not get sick every year. They ignore her when she tells them what the doctor says, thinking she is just making it up because they are led to believe that vaccines are safe for everyone. My grandchildren also think she is overreacting, they were so sick when they had the reaction that they don't remember it. It is a good thing they require parents to sign a form before they can give the shot.

I believe people when they say they got a severe reaction to the shot. I have been told many times that my reaction was a coincidence, even by doctors over fifteen years ago who did not know of the reactions that were possible. But now, as soon as you mention you had a reaction and explain how it was, they say not to get vaccinated. A couple even told me this will probably never change.

Maybe they should require the health clinic nurses that they should not be hastling people who say they have a bad reaction. My wife retired from the health department and the nurses giving the flu clinics would not believe people. I know a few of the nurses, and they said it is probably a coincidence. Don't they even read the pamphlets they give out, it is in the pamphlets about the reactions some people get. But they think, you don't look defective...but they don't understand, people who need the shots are the ones that are defective. They are looking at things backwards. We have the resistance, but can be plagued with autoimmune issues. My sister had RA, my brother and I have Ankolyzing Spondilitis. The doctors want to shut down his immune system permanently even though he has not progressed in five years since he quit taking the calcium supplements he took for two years. Calcium was prescribed by the doctor when he tore his hip socket requiring an operation at work. I warned him about how calcium supplements do weird things to me. So we can't take calcium, that is no reason to kill our immune system, both of us are allergic to milk too.

I used to hate going to the doctor for my milk allergy, Oh, your lactose intolerant. No, I am allergic to milk I would say and they would think I knew nothing about the subject. I am allergic to the protein in milk and also I am intolerant but the intolerance is nothing much compared to the allergy to the protein.

I keep telling people that just because I can't take the flu shot does not mean I will get the flu. I do not have a medical condition, I have been told I have natural immunity by doctors. They can't fathom this though, they are under the impression that everyone is like them and need the flu shot.

Now people claiming religious beliefs for not getting vaccines, are they actually claiming this because they once had a negative reaction to a vaccine or someone they are related to did? I think that many people hide behind religious belief so they don't have their kids go through the hell they experienced. But like I said, my one daughter does not seem to have this natural immunity, she needs the shot. I would say that people need to try the shot on their kids and watch closely before saying no. Maybe their kids need it, maybe they don't. The thing with my daughter that needs them is why does she need them. Having all our DNA analyzed, both daughters are definitely mine. But my second daughter does not have nearly as many homogeneous variants as my first daughter and I. My second wife is not nearly as much Finn as I am, but she shares one thing in common with me, her genetics also shows homogeneous AIP. She actually eats a diet exactly like they say a person with porphyria should eat.

To summarize this, I just have to say, I will never try to convince someone else that vaccines aren't necessary for some people. And if the risk is great enough, a person should get vaccinated. Measles and the flu do not fit this criteria in my thinking though. The chances of a person dying from them is not high, so being immunized if you have a severe reaction should never be required. When needed because of a bad cut, I get a tetnus shot knowing I get a reaction to it. The last shot, the DTAP, I'll never get that again, I'll stick with just the tetnus or the DT or not get one. My lungs built up with fluid almost like when I had pneumonia. I only got the pneumonia because the meds I was on suppressed my immune system. As you can see, I don't trust the meds much, when I asked the doctor why they suppressed my immune system I was told that if they didn't they could trigger a bad reaction. So, she was aware of this but never told me of it.
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posted on May, 4 2015 @ 11:48 PM
Well , a lot of substances are added to drugs to adjust their "bioavailability" or their half-life in body .

for example , ions like sodium or potassium may increase bioavailability (how much of the drug is absorbed) in a lot of drugs .

many more examples of these substances being added to the initial drug to promote its pharmacokinetics and increase their half-life

now this does not mean you cannot increase your immune system's power without chemical drugs .

take a look at this :

now this special drug is very expensive and is only used by HIV positive patients , but all in all , i can assure the OP that there is always an alternative to "Chemical drugs" if thats her only concern .

posted on Aug, 18 2015 @ 11:34 PM
Ok, ran across this article today. It states that the timing of certain steps is critical for a proper immune response and if the timing is wrong the body cannot sometimes protect against other threats.

Now the reason alum is added to vaccines is to boost inflammatory cykotines, it is an adjuvant. It is given in the shot which is not the right timing for the adjuvant. Here is an article on Alum.

So I am getting that the adding of alum to the vaccine can cause a suppression of the immune system to fight other things. I think I am reading this right. Now the Alum in pickles can do the same thing. Alum has always been a medicine, why is it now a gras food additive when it has properties that can cause so many problems. I can see the Pharma companies mistakenly putting it into medicines to help, but it appears the timing is wrong. This new information may be very helpful if it is researched more and applied properly.

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