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Prostitution and the War on Drugs

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posted on Dec, 21 2004 @ 07:22 PM
Should we make it legal? Holland has and it seems that they have been doing well.

But lets look at this. Prostitution has been around since Biblical times and so far the US government has failed miserably to stop it. Go downtown in any city and you'll prolly find a few hookers on the corner.

My thesis is that if we legalize it some good can come out of it. If its legal, it will become a legit business and brothels will be able to be built in cities. Once a brothel goes up, the majority of the streetwalkers will seek legit business there since they can now get healthcare, worker's rights, safety, STD checks, and so on and so foth. By them getting off the streets we not only lower crime but we weaken the crime lords sinec a part of their business has been crippled. It is safer for these women to work in a legit business like sense than on the streets.

The government both federal and state spend millions and millions tyring to stop it, and it does'nt work. One study showed that LA spent in one year more money trying to prevent prostitution than on healthcare.

Prostitution is now a victimless crime, hurts no one. Sure you can get STDs but you can get them from hooking up in a bar.

To end this section a Carlin quote comes to mind.

"If selling is legal and sex is legal, why can't selling sex be legal?"

Now on the war on drugs. I have not done much study on it but, a basic look can tell you that it is failing. What does jailing pot users and drug users do? Nothing, fine 'em and send them to rehab so they can get off of the stuff. What we should be really focusing on is going after the pushers and suppliers. Get the guy who brings it in, stop it and cut off the dealers. Jailing users is only cutting off the tail, we need to cut off the head.

Let's get at it.


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