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Have you had enough of politicians and Banksters and Wars? Well, become a citizen of LIBERLAND.

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posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 07:00 PM
a reply to: Sublimecraft

Being from Australia, Libertarian is relatively new concept for me that I have really only discovered since my time on ATS (better than democrat or republican though....imo)

IMO, A persons political party should be on a need basis. Pick the right tool for the job kind of thing.

At this point in time I'm in favor for libertarian ideals because its for: Small gov't ,fiscal conservative and the freedom for the people to decide what social issues they agree or disagree with on an individual basis.

More importantly, In the US there is an obvious control of our gov't by the lobbyist and special interest groups. All our laws are drafted and created by the dream team of Oligopoly Corporate lobbyist in this country. That is why we had our Representative in congress actually say “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it” . Pelosi wasn't lying they have no clue, because they aren't the ones with a team of lawyers on standby to draft those laws. Our congress are just robo signers for the lobbyist who control our politicians image via the corporate owned media, control our debates by their corporate owned two party system, and by their half billion dollar campaign requirements to run and stay in office.

That is why the market is rigged for the incumbent corporate behemoth. Competition seldom happens .If it does happen, its because of pure luck and conflicting Oligopoly industries but never because of the consumer demands (ie: Net neutrality - Online Tech company [Google,netflix,amazon] VS Telecom [comcast,verizon,att])

Now the Democrats have their hearts in the right place, but their brain is obviously near south of the border.
The fact that everyone in the US is aware of the blatant corruption by congress , you would have to be a fool to believe its a good idea to give them more power and control.

Now the Republicans have a smaller heart and you would think their brain might be bigger , but in reality its a wash. They are aware that big gov't doesn't work because of the corruption, but then they totally fall for the used car salesman tactic. The truth of the matter is the Republican PARTY is no worse than the democrat in a compromised congress. Despite what Republican leaders spew out of their mouth they give you: increased gov't involvement, rigged the market with corporate welfare bailouts, taken state rights away and trashed personal rights which are totally contradictory to their supposed ideals.

The moral of the story on how I see it:
1. Corporate Oligopoly lobbyist dream team of lawyers create the laws in this country. Hence they want bigger gov;t and why #2. below happens.

2.The Democrat (DNC) and the Republican (GOP) party are in cahoots together. They are a tool of the Corporate Oligopoly lobbyist to make sure you get: Bigger gov't, more taxes, less rights so they can control the consumer and the market by creating the laws. So far they are extremely good at their job.

3. Common sense tells you: If your gov't has corruption issues than you don't wan't to give them more power or control nor should you expect for them to fix things FOR you that will break the Corporate Oligopolies sponsoring them.

Long story short In a corrupted gov't you need to downsize (Libertarians) , remove corruption loops holes, regroup, then look at the other ideals.


Sorry about the long rant but its beyond ridiculous to me how people allow themselves to be manipulated and not see what is happening to this Great Country. Nor how they can't see the real issue or chose to ignore it . I see a sad picture for our future generations , for your and every ones generations to be honest. These companies are no loner American companies they are GLOBAL companies with the world at their finger tips.

Unfortunately, they would never allow for a small gov't country to be successful. Liberland will surely end up being an axis of evil if successful. Peter Thiel has been working on a libertarian island for years as well.
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posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 03:53 AM

originally posted by: Podroom

Another lie is about Serbs as 50% of Vukovar population. Here you are, check out demographics, it is at its max. of one third or 30-35%.

Who cares about serbs (Americans don't even know where Vukovar is) because it is Croatian, it has always been Croatian and will always stay there ... haters can just keep on hating and twisting the facts on internet fora.

Also the part about no man's land is incorrect because serbia is still following communist teachings where they (think they can) just take the land of your grandpa and nationalize it. Those days are over, cadastral measurements have shown Liberland is on Croatian land and if someone goes to EU court those data will of course be respected instead of some folk tales by internet warriors.

posted on May, 1 2015 @ 02:41 PM
a reply to: Exitt

Why do Serbs and Croatians hate each other?

Just wondering.

posted on May, 2 2015 @ 10:21 AM
a reply to: John_Rodger_Cornman

Both nations have committed horrendous crimes, despite what their propagandists would have us believe.

The blood-feud stems from the early Middle Ages when Europe was just beginning to recover from the collapse of the Roman Empire. The Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches were leading the effort to rebuild civilization. The homeland of the ancient Slavonic tribesmen was the area where the two church's respective spheres of influence met and clashed. Some of the Slavonic people converted to Catholicism and these became the ancestors of the modern Croats. Another large faction of the tribe converted to Orthodoxy and these were the ancestors of the modern Serbs.

The two proto-nations fought repeatedly during Middle Ages until the "Ottoman Turkish" conquest of the region ended their struggle.... for a while. This however also deepened the cultural schism between them because the "Austro-Hungarian Empire", a relatively modern Western state, regained control of Croatia more than a century before Serbia was liberated from the Turks. Because of this, Croatia's Catholic heritage received a modern Western update, while Serbia still stagnated under the primitive and oppressive rule of the Ottoman Empire.

Although Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia may all speak the same language, they are culturally far more differentiated than Ireland, Britain, and America are from each other.
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