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Indian sex video scandal threatens international trade

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posted on Dec, 21 2004 @ 04:14 PM
Basically... what happened was that two Indian teenagers filmed themselves performing an intimate act with a camera phone. When word of this hit the press in India influential elements of the population were infuriated. The government, to appease them, put an Ebay executive in jail (under stretched cyber porn charges... as the teenage boy bought the camera phone over ebay's indian subsidiary).

Why does this matter? Because international firms will only do business in a country if they feel that their people will not be subjected to unfair and extralegal searches and arrests. Making innocent businessmen scapegoats not only tells companies NOT to invest in a country... it also scares away the very trade connections that help make the world a more peaceful place. This article points out that the US State Department is very worried about this incident:

"Caught in the controversy's stinging sweep is Avnish Bajaj, the Indian-born American who heads eBay's Indian subsidiary, where the video clip shot by the schoolboy himself using his cell phone camera was put up for sale.

"Arrested last week under an ambiguous Indian law on cyber porn, Bajaj was freed after posting bail Tuesday, but his U.S. passport remained confiscated.

'"This incident has certainly given us pause and raises concerns about the safeguards that are in place for businesses operating in India," said Henry Gomez, an eBay vice president in the United States.

'"This situation is one of concern at highest levels of the U.S. government," State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said in Washington"

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