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How is naturopathy any different from old wives tales?

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posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 08:59 AM
The answer is no. No ifs, ands or buts... Game over. Or is it?

Naturopathy has been dealt a one two punch recently-research has suggested that it is little more than a placebo, and that in turn affects sales of products such as echinacea, which has yet to prove that it has beneficial effects.


Many people will claim that a crushed clove of garlic can relieve the sinuses, and I for one can attest to that claim. Others have claimed that a bit of pumice found on a beach is great for removing dead skin, and I can attest to that claim as well. So why is naturopathy shunned when dear ol' grans family recipes aren't scrutinized?

I think we all know the an$wer to that question and that leads to my next question-if studies are quick to point the finger at bogus remedies then is it only a matter of time before grandmother cakes tried and true remedies become bogus as well?

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posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 09:13 AM
I have been studying the chemistry of medicines a lot lately looking for the natural sources of the basis of the drugs. Many drugs are based on things found in nature. They just alter the chemistry a little or just patent a process of making the chemical and they introduce it into the drug line.

There are a lot of nitrogen based drugs and also sulfur based drugs. Much of the basis for these medicines is very old. You have to remember though, just because it is natural it does not mean it should be used all the time. Medicine is to be used when needed. Many common foods have medicinal properties.

Sometimes the negative properties of natural medicines can cause problems in the body. Just like using garlic to clear the nose. Garlic thins the blood also, sometimes this can be a problem for some people. Just look at the problems people have with certain blood thinners, overconsumption of any sulfur foods on a regular basis can cause problems with people on blood thinners because they thin blood.

Naturopathy is real, we are still living here on earth, if most of our ancestors did not know these things we would not be here. Plants have many healing properties and they also can make us ill. Milk is a strong medicine, so is alcohol. Alcohol is actually naturopathy. I have studied these things a lot and know that much of this stuff is real. Of course there is also some quackery out there, snake oil salesmen. Just happens that snake oil is actually related to coumadin.

Fish oil also thins the blood.
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posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 09:34 AM
You are blissfully ignorant on the topic you chose to speak on. Naturopathy is not a herbal medicine practice, it is an amalgamation of hydro therapies, homeopathy and other naturally based sciences.

Echinacea is a fairly broad genus, however the angustifolia species was proven and used as an anti septicemia with great success...populairzed by the Eclectic physicians of the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was never used as sold today, however there are studies sjowing efficasy with a preparation of the purpurea species while combining the extracts of both the seed head and root...but only durin the phagocytosis cycle , the 1st 2 days of the onset of a cold. Most herbalists who have practiced for years do ot rely on the purpurea species as there are far more effective compounds and singles.

this is just a quick phone blurb...I am happy to debate anyone to the bitter end on any of this. There is more data on plants minerals etc... as medicine empirical and otherwise than the few short years of pharmaceuticals.

reply to: Thecakeisalie

posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 09:42 AM
a reply to: rickymouse

There are many anti coagulants in nature and they come from the least likely of sources. Snake venom has been considered as a treatment for angina but eggheads will poo poo that idea while giving them Nitro Glycerine.

Sure nature plays it's part; but it is not the be all and end all of medicine. it is no coincidence that life expectancy has grown since the invention of modern medicine.

posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 09:55 AM
If all these natural therapies, tricks and tips are such old "wives tales" then how did humanity make it this far based on such unscientific methods? We just got lucky for thousands of years?

I support your premise.

Science is awesome and needs to be practiced with humility and rigor.

Extremism are present in the scientific community and they are cunning and ruthless. Science when driven by money can lead to the failure of meeting the pillars of what makes anything worth considering: honesty, integrity and rigor. Sadly, the compromise of the previously mentioned pillars leads to falsehood and panders to the bank accounts more than the bank of true knowledge and wisdom.

You cannot patent nature, thus some will reinvent nature to acquire it for themselves. Nature is the best tech around, I sigh when man tries to even compete with this superior technology. Such arrogance.

We should work to serve nature not make it serve us. I find this to be a much wiser position to take, alas as of now much much much needs to be undone for us to demote ourselves from this power trip we think we are having with nature. Better us than letting nature decide, because nature will let us know when the balance has tipped.
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posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 10:03 AM
a reply to: BlueJacket

I'm sorry-I am not a botanist.

But when you say 'homeopathy' i'm reminded of those recent studies that have suggested that homeopathists play duck duck goose when it comes to the effectiveness of their products.

There is a place for natural remedies but there is not a place for psuedo remedies just like the standard model doesn't allow for backwards time travel.

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posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 10:09 AM
a reply to: Thecakeisalie

posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 11:06 AM
Im still on this darn phone. Please stay in tune with this thread od your as I have a lot to add, but not the thumb dexterity of the younger crowd.

I hope I didn't come off as inflammatory, it's not my intent. Peopl just make these suppositions as id the wasn't/isn't a HUGE volume of science available throughout many countries as well as history. The scientist and pharmcist John Uri Lloyd actually isolated and created some of the first precursor compounds to modern pharmacy. He and his contemporaries decided the use was out weighed by the side effects and discontinued their use.

Galens mateeia medica in 100 AD Rome had the exact same ratios of plant animal and mineral based medicines as rhe USA pharmacopeia 1n 1976 in regards their source material. Check out a Bensky and Gambles Chinese Medical Pharmacopeia you will see in arguably indepth science throughout.

Again Im on my phone, but I will leave you this to chew on....longevity ofbthe human race has more to do with the availability of clean drinking water and waste disposal than ANYTHING else.

a reply to: Thecakeisalie

posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 11:20 AM
a reply to: Thecakeisalie

Old Wives Tales can be used to cover anything from 'it always rains on St Swithins' however many so called OWT's are born out of experience using plants gained over the ages to help cure or ease ailments that have been found to work.

Naturopathy was the accepted means of doctoring until the allopathic doctors gained the upper hand along with the drug manufacturers. It also has a scientific base, not failed from old wives tales.

To quote from Henry Lindlahr M.D. a pioneer of natural cure movement, "The Three primary manifestations of disease coincide with the three primary life requirements of the cell. Biology teaches us that these are innervation,nutrition and drainage. By innervation anything therefore, which obstructs the nerve connection of the cell with the sympathetic and central nervous system lowers the vitality of the cells, tissues and organs and of the organism as a whole and interferes with the transmission of afferent and efferent nerve impulses." (nutrition and drainage are obvious etc).

I am not referencing any more but a read though the principles of naturopathy is especially interesting when one considers the side effects of the allopathic drug system and past unquestioned acts carried out by doctors, such as tonsil removal and electric shock treatment etc which works to suppress the body's life force instead of working naturally to improve it.

I think people should be able to choose between they want to build up their immune systems to fight an ailment or to suppress it - and hope it stays that way. However a choice between both methods depending on the ailments suffered is not open to many people.

posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 11:28 AM
Well said
a reply to: Shiloh7

posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 11:37 AM
a reply to: Thecakeisalie

My daughter was a little over three years old the first time she was sick enough to go to the doctor. I didn't have a pediatrician for her because I simply got her, her shots at the health department..

I made an appointment with a pediatrician and went to see him.. he was surprised she had never been to a doctor before, and asked what I did for this, that and the other thing (fever, cough etc) when she had gotten sick in the past.. I told him everything I normally do for all the common ailments children get..

then he said, "if you had ever brought her in here I would have told you to do exactly what you did... how did you learn all that?"

I told him my grandmother...

more years went by before I ever needed the assistance of a physician again with her... but I think everyone, even doctors.. forget that all our grandmothers and their grandmothers got us this far in life... without their knowledge.. humanity would have died out long ago...

some of the natural stuff is just a bunch of BS... but some of it is good... and it hurts nothing to try..

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posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 01:30 PM
S&F for this one. Back 20+ years ago , I had kidney stones bad .I could not even get off of the sofa. Called the doctor and he phoned in a prescription for pain pills. No medicine , just pain pills. The next day my aunt came over with a large gallon glass container. She told me my uncle's mom had made this tea. The first 24 hours , I was to drink it hot with nothing added. After that I could drink it just like any other tea . I had to drink it all in 5 days. I did and not only was the pain and the kidney stones gone , but I have not had any kidney problems since. I later found out it was a natural growing herb called "Queen of the Meadows" .

posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 02:20 PM
a reply to: Thecakeisalie

Sure nature plays it's part; but it is not the be all and end all of medicine

Plants play a massive role in finding new drug products.. strongest pain killers opates been used for thousands of years and not improved on by modern science..


posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 05:21 PM
a reply to: Thecakeisalie

Naturopathy is what was known before the discovery of bacteria?

I guess there are questions about it ...because the medical cabal pretty much tries to destroy everything that is not patentable. Especially things that are effective like cannabis.

How does everyone like the outcome turning over your health to the false prophets of the medical cabal?

-The US is the most drugged and vaccinated population on the planet Earth.
-The death toll form ODs, mistakes and side effects runs around 100k/yr.
-Autism is 1:88 and rising fast.
-Don't worry, it's genetic. Trust us.

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posted on Apr, 25 2015 @ 07:27 PM
As a former health food store owner I can say some products are propaganda and some work. Im speaking of herbals, homeopathics and vitamins as a whole. Here are a list of things from the health food store that work for me, not all of it is nature or homeo and some just taste good.

Tea tree oil cream for insect bites and shaving rash, relieves itching in seconds.
Digestive enzymes, the right ones for stomach discomfort and heartburn, Im cured
Coconut oil for the skin and to eat,oil pulling, and coconut water for hydration before runs, try mixing raw coconut water with ice cream if your a foodie.
Local Raw milk and raw chocolate milk,yummmz, farm eggs, farm butter and meats
Coconut based ice cream
T tree therapy soap and toothpaste, Vicco is a good ayurvedic fennel tasting toothpaste, very interesting, I like bronners soap and Jamaican black liquid soap.
I like vitamin C and D3, I take them both.
Millet bread, brown cow whole milk yogurt,,,have fun

posted on Apr, 26 2015 @ 03:55 AM
a reply to: InverseLookingGlass

One statistic you didn't mention is the cancer increase - which has to be down to some kind of intervention into our health. The question is, is it a side effect of the current enforced medical dictate or something else such as irradiation of our food supply or even a combination of things. However its rising fast and we can all within our families look at each other and wonder who is next, which is dire.

I did watch a video talking about our actual dna and how inefficient it is in comparison to animal dna regarding disease. it said that we are open to 1000 different health problems that animals don't face. What to make of that goes under a huge umbrella but, if we do have such a dodgy dna then we need to do something about it genetically.

Regarding bacteria though I wondered if you read on here, the MRSA cure found in the British Museum in writings kept there from Anglo Saxon times which supplied a cure for that particular little nasty - so I am wondering whether there were other cures known in the Middle Ages for bacteria and other types of disease that have simply been lost or drummed out.

I was taught that Henry 8th alarmed at the allopathic forceful surge to grab the lucrative medical cure market wrote a law to protect herbalists in the UK. The web's a wonderful thing but its amazing how stuff can get buried if its likely to cause a problem for corporations etc. (Yep Boots ((and a number of others)), I hate you for what you did concerning the essential oil growers via tony blair and the removal of committee members just prior to the vote on imposing huge licenses on producers which most independent ones couldn't afford so went out of business)

In the UK if you don't toe the medical line you can even get doctors going to court to force you to - which is taking personal choice away from the individual (except if children are involved and of course the circumstances of the case).

posted on Apr, 26 2015 @ 08:02 AM
I think rather than reply here with an extensive report, it may just be time to write a thread on the truth regarding the volumes of science throughout history etc

posted on Apr, 26 2015 @ 08:03 AM
a reply to: OpinionatedB

My mother always made us homemade chicken soup when we were sick and it always made me feel better, and so now I do the same.

I have also been reading a book on native Canadian aboriginal life back in the 1800s and the knowledge of medicine through identification, gathering, preparation, dosage and teaching relied heavily on 'wives tales' or word-of-mouth.

Another study by Mount Sinai researchers in Miami also suggests that chicken soup has more than just a placebo effect. They looked at how chicken soup affected air flow and mucus in the noses of 15 volunteers who drank cold water, hot water or chicken soup. In general, the hot fluids helped increase the movement of nasal mucus, but chicken soup did a better job than the hot water, according to the 1978 report, also published in Chest. Chicken soup also improves the function of protective cilia, the tiny hairlike projections in the nose that prevent contagions from entering the body, according to a 1998 Coping With Allergies and Asthma report.

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