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NEWS: Homicide in Detroit: Echoes of violence

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posted on Dec, 21 2004 @ 02:40 PM
There have been over a 1,200 people who were shot in Detroit this year; 341 were killed. There are six amazing stories that tell the tale of the plots surrounding six different homicide events. In the first story innocent children were sitting inside their homes on the couch when bullets started flying through the window over their heads. In story two, a woman named Margeree Jefferson pulls back her curtain to find a man she remembered when he was little lying on her front porch with gunshot wounds to the stomach. In story three, a black male, Barrett DeWayne Pettes Jr., was shot while attempting to rob a local bar.

Story four - a man, Michael McGill, age 23 with one son - was found inside a vacant two story house lying on a wooden floor dead. Story five - a woman, Vernita Robb, searches desperately for her missing nephew Dwan Stowers who has been missing for nearly two months at the time of report. He is presumed to be dead. Sources say the body was buried in a place where it will never be found. Story six - a man by the name Robert Thompson shot and killed five of his own family members. Lt. Roy McCalister, recently placed in charge of the Detroit Police Department Homicide Unit, is ready to take his job to a whole new level of command structure with military expertise.
Outside the house, in the darkness, a man pulls out a gun. It is loaded and ready to fire. Somebody is going to die. Inside the house, the children sit shoulder to shoulder on a thick couch pushed against the window. Eight adorable children. Little targets in a game of chance against the devil.

After James Ford was shot, he ran to a house and collapsed on a porch, bringing Elisha and Margeree Jefferson into the violence.

Armed robbery turns deadly for the thief when the victim also has a gun.

Michael McGill went to the corner to meet someone and never returned. His girlfriend and his father go to the morgue to see his body as detectives search for answers

Some say the violence in Detroit has become hopeless, that the culture makes murder inevitable. Homicide Lt. Roy McCalister has other ideas.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I just want to get the attention of people who may have been raised in nice areas all of their life. Everyone can't live a perfect life. No two people are ever alike. This world will never be perfect--proof of which can be found in the life of Detroit natives all over the city where on any given day, the likelihood of some type of homicide or unexpected shooting event is at an all-time high. It is a place where you're lucky if you're bold enough to walk the streets not only at night time but also during the day time as well and not worry about being caught in a crossfire or being the victim of some type of deadly crime. It is a place where you leave your home and pray that by the time you get back, your family is still together in one piece. It is a place where nothing or no one is taken for granted nor is anything for certain. It is a place where nearly every home has some type of gun stored away. People trying to protect themselves and their families and also people planning to attack other people and their families. All of this helps everyone to realize one thing. Crime not only in Detroit but anywhere in America, may never end.

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