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GAME: Conspiracy Libs #1

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posted on Dec, 21 2004 @ 01:10 PM

For those that know the game, you already know what to do. No cheating. Post your results afterward, if they're funny... For those that do not know the game, you need to fill out the first part by choosing a word that corresponds to the type of word given. For instance if you saw VERB - ________ then "run" would be good choice, but "yellow" would not. Once you've come up with a word to match each type, fill in the blanks on the paragraph afterward to come up with a (hopefully) funny story. Post your results afterward.

YEAR - _________
POLITICAL FIGURE - __________________
ORGANIZATION - __________________
COLOR - _______________
PLURAL NOUN - __________________
ADJECTIVE - _________________
PLACE - ___________________
RELIGIOUS FIGURE - __________________
COUNTRY - ____________________
DISEASE - ____________________
PLURAL NOUN - __________________
COUNTRY - ___________________
PLURAL NOUN (WEATHER) - ________________
NUMBER - __________________
NUMBER - __________________
RESTAURANT CHAIN - __________________
PLURAL NOUN - __________________
NOUN - __________________________
NUMBER - _______________________
BODY PART - ______________________
COLOR - _____________________
PLURAL NOUN - ______________________
VERB - ______________________
EMOTION - ____________________
NOUN - _____________________

(scroll down once you are finished to fill in the paragraph)

In the year YEAR the Earth will see a New World Order arise. Those who are blind to the fact that POLITICAL FIGURE is secretly controlled by the ORGANIZATION will never notice as Men in COLOR cause legions of PLURAL NOUN to arise from the ADJECTIVE depths of PLACE. This has been foretold for a long time by RELIGIOUS FIGURE, but their writings have been collected and hidden by the Government of COUNTRY. The first sign has already come and gone in the form of DISEASE plaguing the poor PLURAL NOUN of COUNTRY. The second sign is the drastic change of climate: for instance, the NOUN (WEATHER) only happens NUMBER times a year, as opposed to NUMBER times a year previously. The third sign is the nutrional famine resulting from a New World Order controlled RESTAURANT CHAIN, where mind-controll drugs are being placed in the PLURAL NOUN. Lastly, from the stars we can see that the constellation NOUN has rotated NUMBER degrees on it's BODY PART and now points to where the gate shall open up into the COLOR dimension, spewing for the viscious PLURAL NOUN who consume everything in their path. There is no way to stop it, one may only VERB with EMOTION at the uncaring NOUN, and hope for the best.


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