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There Can Be No God If We Truely Are Part Of a Multiverse..

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posted on Apr, 19 2015 @ 12:24 PM
a reply to: MysterX

Not when you really consider the implications of infinite realities in infinite Verses...what you say is logical, but you are ironically missing the point of your intelligently constructed point! If you see the point... Truly infinite realities MUST include both least both. God existing in / creating all Verses, and ALSO, in none, in some, in half, in most, in 99.9999% of them (and so on..infinitely).

You are correct sir - all and nothing at the same time...a logical loop & a completely unfathomable arrangement.

posted on Apr, 19 2015 @ 01:06 PM

originally posted by: MysterX
a reply to: luthier

There is no way to prove or disprove god and men many times smarter have tried.

I am attempting neither.

Thought experiment is confined to our minds only, none of this requires proof or evidence of either a God, a Multiverse or even Infinity.

The only requirement is the ability to unleash your mind.

Sure but some guidance and understanding of the philosophers who have historically argued these cases would be a little better than going through thoughts that already existed and are readily available to read.

The fact of the matter and Imanuel Kant already showed the word through reason and thought that arguing or making claims about metaphysics is pointless without some sort of empirical evidence.

You make an obvious claim about the existence of God so I would say you are in fact implying a multiverse discredits a creator (which it does no more so then evolution.

How could we possibly know anything is infinite? Can you observe infinity. No. So there for it will always be a concept. Even if theories can be proven using the presumption of an infinite multiverse A. Infinity can not be observed and its existence there for is a mere concept not a reality, B anything that can not be proven is theoretical.
To me theoretical is no different then a diests view of god. It can't be proven but can be assumed through reason.

posted on Apr, 19 2015 @ 02:30 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

False, infinite does not mean everything, it's a theoretical numerical value. It applies only to that which it is assigned to. Even if we assume there is a multiverse, that it is indeed infinite in number is itself a theoretical assumption.

A line that stretches off into one direction infinitely is a perfectly normal theoretical concept which exists in the theoretical world from which the term infinity comes. Something can easily be both infinite and limited. All infinite means is that a certain aspect of something, often singular in form exists with a never ending number of permutations.

The reason you can have infinite drawings with infinite paper and infinite blue and green crayons, and infinite time, is because the amount of permutations by which that paper can be drawn upon is beyond the scope of counting for man. One could suppose that given infinite time, that yes, you will eventually have every picture possible with those limitations, but then again, even if we assume that there were no limits to what could be applied to every multiverse, then even still you could count for every possibility and it would not be a true infinite.

That said, there is zero good plausible reason to assume that, in having a multiverse, that there are no limitations which apply to the multiverse. That there is no underlying physics to reality that binds us all. To assume that just because there is a multiverse that it in turn means that everything exists somewhere.

There's two different things, conceptual reality and reality. What's truly possible is that which conforms to what is fact as defined by reality, which exists outside our skewed perceptions and limited knowledge, it is what is, what's true and what is fact. We can attempt to deny reality, we can think things about reality that are not true, and we can go about our entire lives completely thinking the wrong things about reality. In fact, I would argue, that none of us are truly so enlightened that we know and can truly perceive true reality as true reality exists no matter what we ourselves may personally, think, feel or observe. It's greater than our flawed being, it's what simply is.

Conceptual reality is what we flawed beings, forever lacking in the capability for omniscience, are limited to. As ultimate knowledge of true reality is too grand in scope for us to truly know. In conceptual reality, anything seems to be possible, because we in our failed ability to truly know true reality, do not know what the true limitations of existence truly are. Therefore we can make up any multiverse we wish and claim we believe it to be possible. In theoretical thought, any number of universes are plausible, since, lacking true knowledge of reality and it's limitations, we do not know what is not in truth impossible.

In life we need to, based on observations and experience decide for ourselves, a bit of what is reality, at least, what seems most plausible based on our observations, for without doing so, we cannot act, for every move, every action we take involves us reacting to reality in ways where we trust what we have learned and observed about reality.

In fact that's what science is really, the study of reality, the attempt to create an understanding of reality that is more accurate and more prone to satisfactory predictions for success.

So when you say the universe is infinite, when you say any numbers of universes in the multiverse are possible, and that every imaginable universe must exist, know you are speaking at a theoretical level, because reality, true reality, doesn't give a crap about anything nor our limited ability to truly perceive it. It exists period, irregardless of ourselves.

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