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Unexplained gaps in the big bang theory

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posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 04:37 AM
There is a universal consciousness that exists beyond time - beyond this reality. This ineffable consciousness do not exist in any time like past or future to which we can intellectually relate, still it does have a presence in our reality which we call the universal soul. The universal consciousness's thoughts of self-investigation creates reality, and once it invented time (Kronos) it created the cosmos'es, which within one we currently exists and which is our cage that we call our reality. Anyone that connects to the universal soul within themself through introspection realizes that we are the essence of that one universal consciousness, and thus we are all connected together in self-investigation.


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posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 05:04 AM
a reply to: MerkabaMeditation

I would agree that there is a Universal conciousness / Soul ... A higher Intelligence as you describe

posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 10:01 AM
I believe its all different densities and rooms that exist always there, every variation of density always exists, all variations always exist, and they may recycle from "time" to "time" too.

Something from nothing is not possible however. Infinitely something.

posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 10:23 AM
a reply to: Unity_99

Mass is really difficult for modern physicists to define and none has a really good understanding of it yet, thus determining what is "real" equally difficult.


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posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 12:47 PM

originally posted by: Elementalist
The very first flaw I have with this theory; is the fact that it would assume nature came after spontaneous production.. then nature goes on to create things from nothing, for no reason.

I do not think "nature" is the correct word...

The problem here is you are under the assumption that everything has a beginning and end because that is how our universe is. How it is in our universe doesn't mean that is the same outside too. We need the chicken or the egg theory only within our own universe.

How and Why is nature all of a sudden creating things; and what faculty would nature have that allows it to create miraculously flawless geography, designs, and numerical consistencies?

In human logic, it would take quite a large brain to process all this information/knowledge, especially coming from nothing.

How would nature get the information to be so flawless in sciences, mathematics, geometry down to the MICRO and up to the MACRO scale?
Where is the knowledge and information coming from, if from nothing at all... surely nature doesn't think like the things it created, right?

Chemical reaction? Chaos theory? Flawless is a human concept that has little to do with anything outside of our perception. I could say the Hydrogen atom is flawless, but that statement means nothing in the universe.

Once again you treat nature like a thinking entity, why?

Secondly; how does nothing create everything is ONE side of this debate.The other side is; how did nature (which apparently came from nothing) create things that can think on their own.
Said creations can think about anything and everything. Things that exist and things that don't our brain/mind can create things (mentally) that don't even exist within the universe.

The inability for our own simple minds to comprehend? Once again WE have establish how things should be, that really does not mean anything outside of our own perception.

Thirdly; why did nature decide to create bodies, that think and feel, but also have TWO counter parts?
If nothing (represented by 0) created everything (represented by 1), why would it then create a counter part (like eve from Adams rib story) for further reproduction of that created body (represented by 1+1=2)?

What is a body? Is a star a body, a planet, a single cell animal, a virus, a germ etc...It seems everything is just a function of chemical reactions and a continuous increase in complexity and change that chaos theory might explain better.

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posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 12:58 PM

originally posted by: IAmPhoenix7
a reply to: JUhrman

So what is nature?
who made nature?
You seemed to be banking in the notion that nature shoukd be the starting point of creation. Did i get you right? Enlighten me i am quite confused.

There isn't an entity known as nature. Nature is a coined phrase that WE made up to generalized life on earth. So I guess their point is we could be a small part of a bigger lifeforms, and I agree, maybe such as a mite might have a relationship with us and it is completely unaware.

As a starting point, if the universe's mass was completely made up of the single atom Hydrogen and the other 91 naturally occurring
elements were crated under extreme conditions in massive suns I do not see nature starting for a long time since we associate that term with life..another term coined by us with little meaning outside of our perception.

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