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Post FenFen, Vioxx, Celebrex FDA warns about dangers of importing drugs?

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posted on Dec, 20 2004 @ 11:35 PM
IMO this is pretty ridiculous. The organization that has let numerous unsafe drugs and food supplements on the market recently is warning about state goverments importing drugs.FDA warns

It is only currently going after private organizations that import drugs. But is making noises like it may eventually go after state governments that are ignoring the law banning imported drugs.

It would be laughably rich if it weren't so sad.

The FDA is now majority funded by Drug companies. When any doctor, scientist or researcher that works for them raises questions or objects to a new drug they are squelched or fired.

Some of FDAs own outstanding recent failures:

Frontline: Dangerous Prescription
FenFen - They knew before it was approved in the US, from studies of use in Europe that it was causing heart problems, but superiors over-rode staff that said it was unsafe and approved it anyway.

Baycol - Sold as a cheaper alternative to Lipitor. When the company found people started dying from a muscle-wasting condition, rhabdomyolysis, they didn't reveal this and perversely started marketing the drug more heavily.

A very revealing program, shows how scrupulous persons at the FDA are run over by management's incestuous relationships with the Drug companies.

Vioxx - Merck had data from a study in 1999 that showed a five-fold increase in heart attacks, but continued to market the extremely profitable drug until the end of 2004.
60 minutes VioxxSome internal memos expected heart problems 3 years before that

Plaintiff's attorneys cite that and other Merck internal memos and e-mails as far back as 1996, which they say show some Merck scientists anticipated a higher rate of heart problems.

Now comes Celebrex:
Celebrex Pfizer & FDA
It like Vioxx is simply a pain killer. The only difference between it and Aspirin is that aspirin sometimes causes stomach upset and occasionally bleeding.

The FDA instead of stepping up to the plate is playing around while more people die needlessly for an expensive pain killer.

America is being convinced to become drug junkies by these companies. If you get involved with this, become an intelligent consumer. Find the non-promotional studies that show clear across the board comparisons. Often the latest [expensive] 'miracle' drug is essentially the same as some older off-patent drug that is cheaper. Grill your doctor to discuss the alternatives. The State of Oregon has done some excellent comparisons that identify which drugs are worth paying for and which ones have cheaper [sometimes also better] alternatives.

posted on Dec, 30 2004 @ 08:01 AM
they problem is, that they meter the ampoules wrong. That could make a overdosage for the patient.

We had to stop a anesthesia drug, because of that.


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