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posted on Dec, 20 2004 @ 11:27 PM
I can't believe that with a site this informative, educational and extremely, well informed with all the links that people are still buying into the disinformation that the media is dishing out.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Hi everyone, nice to join and be part of a unique group-diverse, very well informed and helpful. I thought i'd finally add my 2 cents worth, (in Canadian currency that's equivalent to about .........zilch.
I live in Toronto, 38 years old, self employed and single. The only reason I mention the fact that I am single is that it's allowed me to spend endless hours reading, researching the hidden truths and trying to save myself from the "b.s" hitting the fan in the upcoming years.
I've been studying / reading about many of the (site-related) topics for about 22 yrs, however not an activist in anyway. It seems that the unlearned are still not putting the pcs. together - don't disassociate religion, history, politics, movements, revolutions and all of their nuances. They all fit together like a webbed puzzle-pardon the pun.
I have an artistic background of sorts and studied perspective drawing for years. It is the principal of creating a 3-dimensional illusion on a 2 dimensional plane. All the lines always converge to a vanishing point (or the "one")
This is a wonderful analogy for what we are all doing here on earth-the search for truth.....the term religion in it's ancient root word means back to the one, similar to perspective.
I just thought that I may add this to help people see a different way, perhaps through the left side of the brain.

I see some of your members still question many things ie.

1. Jesus and Mary Chain-
the gnostic gospels, found in 1945 are written scriptures by the 11 male apostles and 7 female apostles. The Holy See as they unrightfully call themselves have admitted in 1967 that Mary was married to Jesus.
Laurence Gardner and the late Anthony Sutton were extremely knowledgeable and privy to the info-they remind me of the characters in the DaVinci code. (National Geographic aired a documenatary in the U.S. only.)
Dan Brown was smart enough to combine all the components and write a great novel-this is the catalyst for the Holy Grail phenomenon as of late.
Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden also wrote many songs with the same theme and also about the "white man"- run to the hills. Watch for the Vatican boys to change their tune on evolution, outer space, aliens and probably reform a third Vatican Council.

2.The ozone layer
-issue is a fear based tool the n.w.o. uses to conceal the truth- the two openings into the earth.....uh..hmmmm...did he just say the openings into the earth - yeah (and I don't have to worry about being killed like Galileo was for stating that the earth was round!!!) like a hollow basketball.
Canadian/U.S govt. will never tell. There are some great books by indy publishers- Dr. Rudolf Steiner-"The Smokey God" and Admiral Byrd-american military-who stumbled into the crevice. The vikings and celts also knew of the lore.
Greek gov.t just confirmed "Atlantis" relics off the coast of Cypress. Really they were discovered probably about 1500 yrs. ago he-he, but the "ROMAN" guy with the obelisk cap keeps it under his hat.-it all fits together! Silly....they can't show you photos of the holes in the ozone layer-you just might see the other holes!!!

3.Global Warming-
another scam campaign to "occupy" the masses with the need to recycle. They don't want to give the people time to think or to look to the skies. The disinfo they are feeding you is to distract you from seeing the comets (or planet)
heading this way. Recycling is a sad, sad solution!!

I should have paid attention in my english class- didn't care much for G.Orwell back then, I saw the movie instead. The big brother theory was and is scary, but "animal farm" is overlooked.
The animals represented the culmination of different human character traits and the struggles amongst themselves.
In the end the poor horse, which represents hope for mankind was killed. There isn't much hope for the blind....even worse for the ones doing the blinding- story doesn't get enough credit.
They will do as they will. In the end they can try to build their "x" planes in order to escape planet earth.

That's all for now-I won't add any links because there are too many-I really regret however, not saving the page from the Vatican website where I read that the Holy See admitted in '67 that Jesus and Mary were married and that she was not a prostitute!
Anyways, I really missed that kangaxx guy-he had some good info on the alien factions
Ciao for now-God bless us all!


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