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Radio interview - John Moore

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posted on Dec, 20 2004 @ 10:50 PM
I found this on The Surfing The Apocalypse Network in this post:

In the post there is a link to some radio archives:

I found it quite interesting. Basically this is a discussion on what is currently happening regarding the possible arrival of Planet X.

"John Moore,, to talk about his forthcoming speaking tour for the prophecy club regarding the US governments concern about the approach of planet X."

It may have already been posted, certainly the topic has been discussed quite a bit here. Hopefully this is something new to bring to the discussion. A quick search on his name doesn't reveal a previous post on him.

For perspective (imho) this guy is more like Jason Martel or Sitchin, rather than a Nancy Leiderman (forgive me if name spelling on those two is not correct). He looks for evidence on Earth and our history.

Personally I haven't known of Moore or the radio show until I stumbled across it earlier today. I found it well worth the 2hrs listening to the broadcast (luckily it was quiet at work today), so thought I would put it up here. The STA link gives instructions on the specific MP3's to listen to. (H3 & H4 on the Dec 10th Show).

If you are into the possibility of a Planet X, then a lot of the info is almost a rehash of others' info, but I thought it was a relatively fresh look at it.


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