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What's Your Favorite Type of Alien?

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posted on Apr, 26 2015 @ 06:09 AM

What's Your Favorite Type of Alien?

The ones with the military insignia on them.

posted on Apr, 26 2015 @ 06:42 AM
My favorite type of alien is the Alien. The xenomorph. I think that's probably the most likely type of organism we will find. Not necessarily a monstrous killing machine, but an insect like intelligence. It's way of thinking would be so completely different and it would be absolutely fascinating.

posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 03:53 AM
Unsurprising. Most people's favorite types of "aliens" are actually just silly looking humans.

Aliens probably won't look anything like humans as they will have had an entirely different evolutionary history.

Take a look at the life on Earth. There's not a lot of life which looks like us.

Now take the Earth and give it twice the gravity, or half of it, or a stronger magnetic field, or a weaker one, or higher atmospheric pressure, or lower atmospheric pressure, or a different mix of gasses instead of Nitrogen/Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide.

The chances of aliens resembling any of the Hollywood Sci fi "actors in a silly costume or makeup" are small.

The more likely aliens might be something like the xenomorphs or "skitters" from Falling Skies.

When I think about aliens I think of things which would be biologically adapted to a very different alien environment.

Something truly bizarre with no earthly analog.

Walking trees.

Beings which are shaped like balls and roll around, which sprout could sprout appendages to manipulate their environment.

Giant "sky whales" full of helium.

Stuff like that is my favorite because it truly would be alien to us.
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posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 11:34 AM
a reply to: JadeStar

Sorry, cosmic human with memories of joining into the lessons in Lyra system. Humans are one of the most common species in the universe. Along with countless others. And every combination you could imagine such as feline humans, from the moons of sirius A and B, combinations that involve plant, mineral, reptiles, mammals.

Please don't make that mistake.

Just use your imagination on one thing, drake's formula, and the levels of civilizations out there, and contemplate that out of a number of seedling planets, a few them make it to the highest levels, and even if we use our false science and determine this system is only 14 billion or so years, there are stars, billions of years older than our sun, for example, Zeta Reticuli. And you can imagine that there would be nothing natural occurring anywhere, every single asteroid could be housing whole populations, every real estate would be utilized.

Couple that one concept, which is actually very conservative, with the knowledge we only see a very tiny limited portion of the light spectrum, we're on channel 98.5 FM and all the rest, all the different categories of planets, timezones even, things aren't clocking our star, are all invisible to us, and I don't think throwing off opinions on matters like this really furthers the field.

Some of us experience not only the ufo's but the pilots of them, have been shown layers/levels of civilizations working in and around earth and with our militiaries, and taught not fear the little guys, because nothing happens here by coincidence, there are teams on higher levels who are only Love watching over everything.

Humans are very common, and one of the most common body suits they manufacture as well as inhabit the natural ways, by the way.

Also, appreciation of the higher concepts of beauty, arts, science, music, creation, altruism is also related to soul and spirit, not DNA.

Emotions are not bio chemicals firing off in you, though somewhat they are, you certainly need to overcome the lower primitive dominating and angry ones, for pulling away from materialism and primitive nature is part of our tests to reach higher levels.

But there is no designer of a computer, or AI that does not program that Bot with its own knowledge and understanding.

These containers we inhabit are created by Higher Beings who understand and feel all of this.

And appreciate enormously beauty and abundance. However, not everything that is beautiful is good, there are so many levels of tests.

This is boot camp, and higher humans aren't the end of the human spectrum. You wouldn't really want to be immortal in these lower form bodies.

We don't want to stay here, in this gravity quicksand in primitive body suits that have to use bathrooms, and aren't telepathic and in tune with others in a profound way that enhances all relationships and compassion.

Higher Level humans are beautiful. While it might be fun to run in a panther, and leap over waves like a dolphin for a time, most people don't want to stay there indefinately.

And i never want to be in a ford truck warrior reptilian body, with teeth and fangs and all that.

Me, just like most loving souls, prefer to hold someones hands and run my fingers through their beautiful hair.

Those principles are the same the whole universe over, and Beyond on higher realms.

And most spirits don't want to fly around as little soul orbs either.

Creation exists because Spirit/Mind is very very creative.

All the different forms, from ford truck reptilian humanoids, to feline humanoids, to insect and plants, mainly humanoids, to Humans, are all different work stations for the soul.

Some people get lost in the details of their journey and get stuck in a groove too long.

The warrior and strong species, who learn too easily to dominate other species, are not the end tests .

The end tests always are about Love and giving to others and often are in HUMAN FORM.

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posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 11:42 AM
Only races and beings that want to dominate and scare the crapola out of people, people being a word I use for all beings with intellect, and don big scarey monster suits, or anything ugly.

Its a very macho, warrior domination type thing.

Some of those ford truck reptilian suits they use to intimidate peaceful people are just that, suits, they're role playing to bully others.

Mental health appreciates beauty not ugliness. Hands and lovely soulful eyes, not sharp teeth and scales.

thats a real macho dominating thing.

And me, an experiencer who has skyped with lots of friends in ufology across the globe and heard some of their mysteries, has stood out there shaking my fists at the cosmos, and skies and reminding them that Mothers don't like this crapola and maybe they need to take a big coffee break so that mothers and grandmothers can fill up all those councils, so kids grow up in happiness the universe over. Had quite some interesting experiences out of that.

I don't like bullies, don't like ugly things, can see through the whole thing had ET contacts call me Claire de lune, ie the Energy of Mother, and yeah, that is why bullies and warriors always suppress it.


Every single one of those warrior macho reptilians and predators types out there, just needs a Mom really badly. And we're supposed to step up the plate.

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