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The Last Generation, or ET will prolong the lifespan?

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posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 12:18 PM
Jesus is explicit in the Gospel:

King James Bible
Matthew 10:23 "Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled."

Most Bible scholars connect the This Generation to the Last Generation that would have seen the restoration of Israel according to the Old Testament prophets.

Some scholars relate it to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Preterism has roots among the big churches for a number of reasons found back in history when these churches played definite state functions. If that is the case, where is Jesus' coming? "All these things" include, not exclude the Second coming.

We either have fulfillment of Jesus' words within the generation we live in, precisely within 2 to 3 years from now, or we will witness the die off of the Generation. Then we have to admit the Gospels were somehow exchanged with something else, other than the words of the Son of God!

It is equally dangerous for religions as well as for state sponsored doctrines, to have a big fail of Jesus' explicit words that just don't happen in history, no matter what. I will not elaborate what it means further politically.

The option different from "End Times Now", is this one:

ET race (probably Angelic, anyway higher than ours) to come and prolong the lifespan of the Last Generation, to reach the Biblical duration of 147 years of Abraham, to more than 900 years before the Flood.

Genesis 25:7 New American Standard Bible
"These are all the years of Abraham's life that he lived, one hundred and seventy-five years."

posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 01:49 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

I don't think we need ET to prolong our lives.

As soon as we have a breakthrough in areas that many are currently researching, it'll spread like wildfire.

Just a matter of time.

posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 01:58 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

Of course it won't be the last generation. Millennials are already starting to grow up and have children. They are the newest generation.

posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 02:38 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

What's your opinion about that part of the scripture referring to living life in the spirit?

posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 09:00 PM

originally posted by: 2012newstart
We either have fulfillment of Jesus' words within the generation we live in, precisely within 2 to 3 years from now, or we will witness the die off of the Generation.

How do you come to that ridiculous conclusion?

posted on Apr, 15 2015 @ 02:55 AM
a reply to: dffrntkndfnml

I don't talk of that part of the scripture, in this thread I talk of the prophecy of Jesus.

posted on Apr, 15 2015 @ 03:03 AM

originally posted by: AdmireTheDistance

originally posted by: 2012newstart
We either have fulfillment of Jesus' words within the generation we live in, precisely within 2 to 3 years from now, or we will witness the die off of the Generation.

How do you come to that ridiculous conclusion?

The duration of one earthly generation lifespan rarely surpass 80 years. It is more convenient to talk of 70 years, having in mind the children at that time had to be at least 7-8 years of age to remember the events.

The events are clear: 1948 restoration of Israel.

No matter how you estimate, if you look around yourself you see how THAT GENERATION DIES OFF. It is not for one or several individuals to survive, it is about a whole generation to survive to witness of what Jesus is taking about.

I don't have time to restate things already said, or things that could be easily found in Bible scholars' works online. The Last Generation is not a new theory. With the end of this generation not only they will face incredible difficulties in doctrine. But also countries, albeit secular, who put quite much effort in the religious foundation of a society, and who explain some of their political activities thru religious postulates. I will not name them, practically it is all the biggest countries today who once were Christian.

Such rift in prophecy cannot be allowed to happen in society, unless the society (and its leaders) is ready to abandon the prophetic significance of the Gospels/OT altogether. That by itself will be much bigger problem. Having in mind the controversies between traditionally Christian and Muslim world, and so on.

May be a better option than the mess above, is simply to give some pills to the population and to prolong its lifespan with 20-30 or more years. No need to say the pills come from ET origin.

I think however the ET input will be manifested pretty soon, and many things now in question will be explained in plain language for the masses to understand.

posted on Apr, 15 2015 @ 03:21 AM
I don't have time for meaningless controversial replies. I find hardly time for meaningful discussion on the topic with reasonable answers longer than one provocative line. Sorry. This is all from me. I put it forward. Let those in position think what is easier to do:

1. To say /act as if Jesus was non existent, with ALL consequences that follow (I don't speak of all of them). The mega-churches and televangelists will notice it first in 2017 and will say the inconvenient truth, regardless of the position of the well established big churches who leak people at drastic levels for decades. The preterism simply doesn't work when you don't have rural economy and every family to grow its own food, to be satisfied with the only possible explanation given on feast days in churches. We are in the era of internet, if someone still haven't noticed. Much poorer and desperate, people seek answers. 2017 and even before that signs and answers are expected by no negligible number of people in developped countries (let alone the Muslim 1.5 bln who have their own set of prophecy).

2. At least Russia cannot afford that. Paradoxically it is not only Russia but much more secular Western countries who don't have interest to ruin the faith of billions. They'd rather offer explanation thru new/old gospels. Explanation alone does not suffice but will help keep population calm.

3. To allow ET disclosure to happen and prolong human life to normal frames set by the Bible itself. With the absence of End times and Jesus' coming, that is the only possible solution to let the prophecies run their course for another set of years and keep the society. Or the choice is they don't really want to keep the societies? The absence of response on these fundamental questions, raised by too many preachers to be just ignored, will result in antichrist-ajjal- armageddonic scenario, although it might be not the real one prophesied in the Bible. I don't know how to be more clear but I am sure there are people who read and understand. To them, not necessarily to the posters, I will tell:

Everyone who cares knows the time is running out for proper decisions. Although there is more than one scenario out of it. And more than one power. Including off-world. It is better to do something that will be seen as wrong and will work, than do nothing or enter in the above mentioned possibilities. Actually, many people openly talk of antichrist already here and now, with several most likely candidates. Is this the goal or the reality then? And if it is not, please allow the other solution to happen.

posted on Apr, 16 2015 @ 09:21 AM
The paradox is out there:

1. Either we have End Times literally now, and we are already within the 3.5 Great Trib
2. The duration of the Last generation will be prolonged, although you may omit the word ET (why)
3. The Gospels are a total forgery. It cannot be a small forgery, it can be only big one.

We were not told basic things of the life of Jesus Christ, for his 33.5 years on earth. As well as for his 1980+ years in "heaven" that well may turn to be a far away galaxy. If he walks and eats after the resurrection...

I do not dismiss any idea that sounds logical. I try to be as far away from fanaticism as possible. At the same time firmly believing in Jesus Christ our Lord.

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posted on Apr, 16 2015 @ 10:21 AM
There is much more to comprehend and learn. The Last Generation is not the final conclusion it is just the start of revelations.

For example, UFO landed and lifted up from Temple Mount in 2011. Did someone come? How about that someone to be a relative of Jesus, a cousin if we cannot say the word son, descendant, because of doctrinal inconvenience?

Some will say, the false messiah the antichrist has already come.

Tom Horn says that in one recent interview, although he envisions the last pope and probably someone to come from CERN portal, as he explained and quoted some officials. Apollyon, he said. Tom Horn is erudite and respectful. Although I disagree with him on almost all of his conclusions, derived from otherwise true observations. It would be good if we would have 10 or more people like him, inside and outside churches who tell us more.

It would be good if the idea of continuous coming and going of "Angels" is popularized more by officials in Vatican and elsewhere. I am sure they read here. We don't have to say on everything that flies or moves thru portals (as expected by CERN) to call it either demon or Second Coming, or false one. All we need to do is to reread Ezekiel chapter 1. Such coming and going was something "normal" int he days of the prophets. It is good Ancient Aliens told us of that from different perspective than the Medieval doctrine. It would be good if others church and lay men tell us of that, too. We don't need the ongoing demonization (as that of another respectful writer Steve Quayle) to continue to substitute the lack of proper knowledge and theology, and FACTOLOGY.

For ex. CERN is either clouted in super-scientific language thus non understandable for the people, OR is demonized by people like Tom Horn. Why not simply to be told the truth? If there is portal between far away points of the universe, in space, time or other dimensions, why should we be told the "11-dimensional space that could connect points on quantum level"? Perhaps Stargate serial is closer to the truth than the language of the scientists.

But that would mean Disclosure. Well, it is already overdue by a decade or so. Should we wait for all our children to become smartphone-addicts before we learn the truth? It is a danger by itself and Bill Gates already said it. What therefore are we waiting for? The things could be said in 1905 together with Einstein's theory, or shortly after that. It is not a secret for the scientists and the knowledgeable, including among the hi clergy.

Therefore, there is nothing dangerous to admit what Ezekiel wrote is what he wrote and not imagination. It is not dangerous to say angels are coming and going even now, or may be not angels but not demons either. Better admit the truth of Jesus Christ now, some 1980 years post factum, than to spend another set of decades of lies and half-truths. (certainly not centuries). The history won't be merciful towards those who keep the silence now, especially if that will be accompanied by any of the 2012-failed doomsday predictions.

As I put forward the paradox of Jesus' own words of the Last Generation, other paradoxes exist as well, and they could be resolved only by bold actions. The non-actions as we see from the hundreds of cardinals who practically didn't support the pope or otherwise express their positions, will lead to making the church irrelevant very soon. Much could be said of the policy makers, but they have always the excuse that the religious matter is in the authority of the churches. Do you expect Putin or Obama to talk of Jesus' second coming and the truth of the Gospels? It concerns all of us, and some must say it finally.

Tomorrow many will cry "false messiah, false christ, demons!" as they already cry for CERN (see above). It seems this is the sought solution by a faction of those in power. To replay the end times.

If they were in real, other events would have happened so far and before. Not scientific discoveries that were known and abandoned, partially because of the doctrine of all-powerful Church in Europe 5-16 centuries. If this is the danger of the doctrine, I wouldn't call it Christian doctrine, based on Jesus Christ. You can't have Galileo case backed by absurd and say that is what Jesus wanted us to do. Galileo is the example of course. No matter the Pleiadians, Orion and Draco were all known by the time of the Egyptians, Greek and other civilizations. Moses came from there, with that knowledge. Is that against the teaching of Jesus Christ, or is this what Jesus also talked about, but someone powerful enough never wrote it down 2 centuries later?

The paradox is absurd, and its continuation in 21st century is even bigger absurd, AFTER all of that has been carried out online to the public domain available to many of the 7 blm people (although not everyone would click on it).

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posted on Apr, 17 2015 @ 02:04 PM

originally posted by: 2012newstart
a reply to: dffrntkndfnml

I don't talk of that part of the scripture, in this thread I talk of the prophecy of Jesus.

Can you have one without the other?What if he never left?

posted on Apr, 22 2015 @ 04:35 AM
a reply to: dffrntkndfnml

you can certainly develop your thought without answering any of the questions I put forward. As well as the other readers who don't even bother to notice that paradox does exist in the Holy Scripture. That doesn't make it irrelevant, that doesn't cancel it.

Let remember that the majority of the Bible texts (70% or more) speak of Israeology, of the life of God's chosen people Israel. Not of theology studied in today's religious schools. All of that is later build up. I do not oppose the spiritual and if you think I do please show me which paragraph or idea expressed by me oppose it. I spent hours, days, months for these threads, and I think they are dedicated to a better understanding of God's way, in both spiritual and physical. If you think otherwise, please do your own work then, develop your own thoughts, in this or another thread. You are free to do so.

The clergy will be very soon bitterly disappointed it didn't find time, or spiritual strength to answer legitimate questions and concerns of the people. Far not only questions of some poster like myself in a forum. They, the clergy, may not have another historical chance to do it. They already had 20 centuries, 15 of which they were the ruling power in the European Christendom. Kind of played history, isn't it.

posted on Apr, 22 2015 @ 05:08 AM
The hierarchy of main churches should not be surprised that tomorrow a different explanation will be given to many questions. I don't know whether Jesus is Second Coming within 3 years or not, rather not in the meaning of the Final Judgment. I don't know if ET will prolong life, rather yes be it called ET or be it called scientific invention. I don't know whether this last generation will witness all those things happen. If it doesn't, then we will have new books and new explanation of the old books.

That status quo cannot be kept forever. It was a bad idea to try to preserve it at all cost in already 21st century, when the people already knew much of what is being discussed. Perhaps it was meant to be in that way, in order to have a new beginning.

It is staggering how some people still think God created the world in 6 days, and some of them are old congressmen. Or how everyone on earth is descendant of Noah, if human bones lay down for 25,000 - 30, 000 years or more, and it is a proven fact that the nations of the Pacific settled there long before Noah's Flood. How then? I don't know. I don't know because I am never told, and I can only guess. Some of those old people were told the truth and they spread lies.

This is not what Jesus taught. He never told Peter: you are the king of the kings until I come. He never told any "Christian emperor" : you will burn heretics and books that you don't like, until I come.

Sorry, but the history is not electronic game "Civilization" where you can change the start conditions again and again. We were lied and lied big. I never pretend to know the truth. Jesus is the truth, and we'd better be told the truth of Jesus, of his entire 33 years life on this planet. Al the rest is trying to postpone that revelation and keep the status quo, no matter the ruined human lives and generations. Sorry but it has nothing to do with the Gospel i.e. Good News the Early Christians were dying for it. It has nothing to do with God of Love and Mercy. Perhaps it has much to do with a secretive cult to Satan.

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posted on Apr, 22 2015 @ 05:48 AM
If therefore tomorrow the ET show the video record of the entire 33.5 years earthly life of Jesus, I will watch carefully.

In fact most of the catholic apparitions in the last 3 centuries are a "final try" to correct the ill understood teachings. Every next apparition says it is the final attempt by God. So said Fatima, and many others since then. I don't know what it means.

Many protestant churches try their best to decode the very hard coded books of OT. Nobody guessed correctly until now.

Should we have the fire of Peter 2nd, or should we have the End times? Nobody knows, not even the angels, said Jesus.

One is sure, today's status quo is desperately outdated and maintained until the end only to DELUDE more people not to accept the salvation. Exactly the goal of Satan. If no one survives (physically), obviously the plan of God promised to the Old Testament prophets, Abraham and Noah, would FAIL. Even if every single one goes straight to Heaven, something I hardly doubt it. Because many if not the majority will go to what we call Hell, whatever it means (perhaps much different from what the churches tried to imagine all those 20 centuries). Anyway, even if every single soul on this planet is destined to meet the Lord in Heaven, still the mass death of the Earth would breach the promise of God given to Noah, Abraham and their descendants. God cannot fail in his promise. Therefore, that is the masterplan of Satan - to depopulate the planet Earth. Or to leave a handful of minions to survive and populate the real Armageddon after millenia.

Sure God wants to save His own, and He will do it forcefully beyond any earthy imagination.

posted on Apr, 22 2015 @ 06:32 AM
With all of that being said, may be more than once, the following conclusion I make is:

The very likely ET intervention, no matter the exact form, should not be demonized by the churches' hierarchies. Unless they serve the above glimpsed evil plan.

Perhaps the prophecy of the Last generation will be kept by prolonging its life. Or a new info of the life of Jesus will be given, and all the lies thru centuries -exposed. (i.e. if Jesus never made such promise in first place). Or both of them, if we have intact wording of Jesus in the current gospels, that wait to take place in some future.

I don't know whether that will be called science, or whether we will witness a limited ET contact with offered assistance ON Earth, or a massive rescue operation out of the planet. How many and what would they look like. That is beyond human comprehension. Ezekiel 1 gives the best example how human words are not enough to describe what is seen in reality.

What I will not accept, is a handful of earthy people who try to steal the place of the chosen ones in God's plan. They will not succeed, but they wil try hard to convince if possible event the elect ones that their place is among the martyrs because "the will of God". We have heard such words already in history.

I don't rule out more than one plan of more than one agenda as well. It has to be seen first ,and you will know them by their fruits.

The ongoing stagnation, slow down, or you call it, in these processes, starting from the Vatican and extended to the farthest province in the Russian Far East or South America, is not a good thing. Many religious would say "God awaits the repentance and gives more years of "grace". With such a "grace" soon there won't be survivors of the generation. I consider the slow down of events after ...let say the time of John Paul 2, as the last attempt of the devil to stop the plan of God. If he cannot use nukes NOW to derail it, he can postpone it to times unbearable for human endurance and see how one by one the chosen ones give up their souls to God. I.e. the paradigm not to leave a single righteous in body to be worthy to physical salvation, as Noah's family were. I find it rather satanic to play with expectations of people for better life on earth, and to exchange it with promises for afterlife. We already know that for 2000 years and don't really need leaders, spiritual or political, to say that again as the only alternative for humankind. What is needed are real deeds on the table.

Perhaps one day Medvedev will say:"the ET contact already happened, didn't I tell you in 2009?" At the moment, we know human organs have been 3D printed, no need anymore of transplantation from another person. Is it what is being sought for prolonging of lifespan, or something even more than that? I don't know. The truth will take us unprepared. But I don't know if I will survive it personally. Despite I am not from those in the last generation. So much of how "spiritual" I am, actually I am ready to meet the Lord in spirit. But that is not the solution for everyone.

posted on Apr, 22 2015 @ 12:39 PM
Cardinal Maradiaga, is now practically the second after the pope (in unannounced activity of the committee of 8 to "reform the church"). We didn't hear much of what kind of reform would be, or when.

Instead, He recently built in his home country a giant Cross on a hill, replica of Medjugorje Cross Mountain. How much money were spent for it, will ask not only Judas. Perhaps there is a reason for that, bigger than the gathering of crowds who could gather at any other religious location in the catholic country Honduras. Similarly, John Paul 2 consecrated large new shrine of stones resembling Greet ancient theater in remote place in Mexico. Perhaps they know something we don't. Do they expect someone to land there? What if that someone is some religious person, not Jesus, that they know for certain from apparitions and secret books he is going to come? Elijah, Enoch, Melchizedek? Or a 3rd coming of Jesus between the two, as St Bernard said about?

I would add, Jesus could send everyone if he has to keep prophecies and wait for the Second Coming. He could send not only Enoch and Elijah. He could resurrect anyone He wishes to, like Peter. Or He could choose among the angels, those who are not pure spirits but who have flesh. Or if He has descendants, as not few ancient books say about, He could send any of them. Or all of that combined. "Jesus prepares for manifestation" said the catholic stigmatic Maria Esperanza.

Is the place Medjugorje, Mexico, or Russia (as Malachi Martin said the conversion would come from Russia and Kiev), Jerusalem, or may be everywhere?

Why don't they just tell us the secrets in Medjugorje, Anguera, and other ongoing apparitions? If they are as important as Fatima...

I wouldn't step back from what I already argued with logic, not with apparitions. Because we have all kinds of apparitions, may be both true and untrue. As pope Francis said, Virgin Mary talks to everyone, including to himself. One is sure the religious world is prepared for supernatural manifestation. While the non-religious world is prepared for the biggest war after the Flood, this time with fire. It doesn't mean you wil have the first one tomorrow, and the second one, after tomorrow, it will take time for everything.

posted on Apr, 22 2015 @ 01:05 PM
If we want to rule out any direct descendant of Jesus (although it doesn't contradict a single word in the Law and the Prophets, or Jesus' own teaching...) then we could think of His 4 cousins who were all chosen to be apostles. They were all married, presumably, except John who was not one of them. So...Jesus Christ while on Earth had at least 4 cousins worthy enough to be 4 apostles out of 12! The tradition says they were martyred. But we don't know of their children and the grandchildren of their children. God could take to "heaven" (or whatever the place is) anyone at the end of his earthly life, exactly as He took up Mary the Mother of God. It is not a precedent, it is what happened with Enoch and Elijah in the OT, and with Melchizedek according to Dead Sea Scrolls (that are not revealed by even 50%). The travel from earth to "heaven" of people with their bodies who do not die and are not transformed, did take place (if transformed, Elijah wouldn't need the so well described chariot of fire that flies thru clouds, but would have flown with his own body. He did not.)

We reach the crumbling block to accept the flight to another place as means of God's works being done on Earth. That another place should be fit to accommodate people with bodies and their needs. I.e. it should have enough land for growing food, water, other people who would do the farming, etc. It looks more and more like a new paradise garden or better say it, a new planet. If it was inconvenient for the Christian leaders' thought to say that before the crowds during centuries, now it shouldn't be a problem. Now such beautiful places are being discovered as we speak by modern telescopes. Some of the best of them owned by the Vatican observatory, traditionally operated by Jesuits-Astronomers. Those same people who are among the few to support pope Francis in the part of hos teaching of the "beings in the universe".

There is nothing wrong if the angels land tomorrow in any holy place mentioned or not mentioned here or anywhere. The wrong will happen when church groupings will start demonizing that.

posted on Apr, 22 2015 @ 01:22 PM
Another way of "making all things new" is God to resurrect even one important person, may be pope, may be Peter himself. There are catholic seers who are canonized, who claim that Peter will descend from heaven appoint directly the next pope after the chastisement. Whether Peter in spirit only, i.e. a ghost, or whether a resurrected one, we are not told. We used to think of heaven as virtual place of spirits and clouds may be too much of it. Virgin Mary in apparitions says Heaven has flowers, has walking people in robes of 3 different colors, have songs, have a WALL and a Gate with Peter staying infront of it with the keys. We have to start thinking of Heaven as a place more fittable to accommodate our human needs, although spiritual and later in resurrected body, rather than Dante's clouds. It is said, God will wipe off every tear. How, if we don't have tears, I mean much of the talk is not fit unless you accept more earthly way of understanding.

So what's wrong if Jesus who raised Lazarus for the mission he had to accomplish, for the temporal life, raises someone else to accomplish a mission in today's crucial times? Some groups already called a hypothetically resurrected John Paul - antichrist. What a nonsense! Was Jesus - anti-Christ when He resurrected? Isn't it said that ALL OF US will RESURRECT? Or those wordings are good only for Sunday school for kids, but have no practical usage when we talk of the world problems, and especially of what is coming next in terms of prophecy and possibilities. The Resurrection of key persons to change things is a very possible action of God, although I have no way to know if THAT or something else will be used by God as instrument.

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