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Ethiopia, Sumerians, Nimrod, Ark of Covenant, Hitler, Berghof, Lost Tribes Connected?

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posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 12:50 PM
Let me jump right into this .... while looking for the lineage of my male line ancestors I created this grand theory. I'm curious of your opinion.

My grandfather the furthest back is Dutch, born around 1620 and we don't know his parents. Our DNA is e-v13, and a subclade of e-v13 called L117. This points to Jewish roots, which I knew of zero history of.

Not only is Adam's last name debated, but so is his surname. His last name is either Brouwer or Berchoven. It is debated that Brouwer is just a profession as near his end life Adam wrote that he was "Berchoven". The confusion is that he was known as Brouwer his entire life.

Adam was from Cologne, Germany which raised additional questions because many then doubted that he was even Dutch. To me, this is easily explained as current day researchers are attributing current day boundaries to 17th century residences. Adam's wife had long Cologne connections also. She named Verdon. Not only was she descendant of the Habsburg/Verdoun lineage, but her father "Verdon' was of lineage of Master Gerhard (first master mason of Cologne Cathedral).

I would love to be able to connect Verdon straight to Verdoun, but the diverted Habsburg lineage is also important to my theory.

So, let's go back to Adam Brouwer. His family crest is fairly simply, yet I have not fully deciphered it's meaning or history. There are two crossed swords with a single star of David (filled) above it. (this comprises the lower 2/3 of the shield). On the top 1/3 of shield is 3 doves. Above the shield and helmet is a single bird holding a twig of something. The motto "Vrij Vochten Nederlandt" translates to "Free Fight Netherlands". It has been proposed that this beckons to the family's service during the Crusades.

Hitler's first action was to capture the Spear of Destiny. This was from the Habsburg museum. While it is proposed the spear that pierced Christ's side we do know that this is the spear of Charlemagne. As a man with a devout studying for the occult, it was very "interesting" that this was his first step, for it must have been the utmost importance.

Hitler himself was e-v13, which made me curious to find out the reasonings behind his actions. Unfortunately, we have none. I propose that he left us several clues. Of course, the first clues were his actions. As second and third clues, I propose the residences that the built and named at the far south of Germany. First is "Eagle Lookout' and Second is Berghof. Berghof was very interesting, because of my works to find Adam's father.


In the search for Adam's father, the best clue that we have is his annoucing that he is "Berchoven". Doing some research, I found a region that was once ruled by a Theodoricus de Berchoven in the 12th century. Something happened and the family was forced out. This region was called Berghof and is near to the present day city of Dortmund.

But wait, if Berghof is Dortmund and Dortmund is by Cologne, then why did Hitler name something Berghof up in the mountains a thousand miles away. Perhaps it is a clue. If we look at both of the southern residences, we see Eagle Lookout Berghof. I am not accounting for the German, so if it is substantially different, please correct me. What is interesting about the Eagle reference, is that the black double headed eagle is an ancient Hamitic symbol. With the knowledge of Hitler's e-v13 lineage, was he drawing parallels to his lineage. Was he possible saying to look for the Eagle from Berghof? I like to think it is the latter. There is no proof, but Hitler was a very overt guy. The things that he wanted, he talked about often as they were his obsession. This is one reason I draw references to his quest and the naming of his residences.


So, what do we know about e-v13. It is half of the dna of Ethiopians. This is the general region that is said that my ancestors are from. That they come from north eastern Africa, and that on a 60 thousand year migration they traveled to north western Africa, back to North Eastern and then out of Africa. I believe myself to have African origins, even though people see me as "white"

It is known fact that there are north African tribes whose oral histories say that they came from white people, that their originators were white.

We know that Hitler was searching for the Ark of the Covenant. One story says that the Ark was smuggled to Ethiopia. I give a strong possibility to this theory based on several reasons. There was a King Solomon connection to the Ark. He built the temple that housed it. The Solomons were from Ethiopia. It is said that many families journied with the Ark as a military escort. Could my family have been one of them? They would have been going back to their ancestral lands at this point. Could this be the origins of "Free Fight Netherlands"?

The theory of the Ark's removal to Ethiopia is strengthened by the acts of the Ethiopian people themselves. They say that they have it, and they parade replica statues around in honor of such. The Ark is said to be housed in a Temple. There is only one person allowed to see the Ark, and that person is rendered blind. There are clues that something is there.... do we have reason to disbelieve what they say is there?


E-v13 - there is a Hamtic.wordpress website that proposes that e-v13 is the Hamitic DNA of Nimrod. Is it possible that there is a connection with my family and Sumerian descent? I have no proof of this, just the DNA and that Hamitic website does not seem to be the best sourced.


In my research of my family, I have been studying alot of ancient religion. The stories of Abraham's sons tell of them buillding wells and travelling to Beersheba. I found the name of this town "odd". Beersheba, what did this mean?

There was a reason that I was interested in this name. It said Beer. The Adam that I was trying to find the lineage of was a Brewer. He had one of the first mills in North America.

So, Beersheba was called such because of the ancient word Be'er, which means "well". It has been shown that there have been Beers of Israel built in this tradition all over. Such brought my research to the Lost Tribes of Israel.


I went into studying the Lost Tribes as an absolute skeptic. The more that I read, the more that I could draw parallels to my family. Tribe doomed to wander the Earth. This sounded like us. I'm sure that many people could draw this vague parallel. But I did find some interesting suggestions into Lost Tribes being on North America. I'm including this to show that perhaps the Lost tribes extends to a much more broad ancestrage than we initially though.

I would really suggest that link.
I'm a bit lost here. Not sure if it's all connected, but would love your opinion.

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 12:59 PM
Sephardic or Ashkenazi?

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 01:00 PM
a reply to: kenzohattori69 Sorry, posted before I had read the whole thread.

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 01:10 PM
I wouldn't have known how to reply to your question anyway =)

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 01:16 PM

originally posted by: ThreeDeuce
The motto "Vrij Vochten Nederlandt" translates to "Free Fight Netherlands". It has been proposed that this beckons to the family's service during the Crusades.

I have another suggestion for this one.
The Dutch Revolt against the Hapsburg rule, which by then had become Spanish rule. The second phase of this war, after a 12 year truce, had just begun when Adam was born.
Can the motto perhaps be translated as "Fight for the freedom of the Netherlands"?
If the motto was fairly recently adopted, then this thought would have been uppermost in the family's mind at the time. A recent origin would go with the fact that the motto is not in Latin.
In fact, come to think of it, that recent history effectively created the Netherlands as a political unit, so the motto could not have been older.
Yes, the Netherlands at that stage were still legally part of the very loose German Empire. Moving up and down the Rhine to Cologne would not have been difficult.

I would not attach much significance to the coincidence of Berghof. Descriptive names like that would naturally arise in multiple locations.

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posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 01:51 PM
Beghof is indeed a commonly used term. I don't think that I mentioned the region was named Berghofen.
What threw me off about Hitler's use of Berghof, is that this residence was so far removed from any other location known as Berghof.

12 years was the other suggestion.

I admit that connections would be easier if we knew Adam's father. This is where some of the speculation comes from. The only connection that I have currently is to Ethiopia, and that is connected to the free fight of Crusades. I will agree that this is complete speculation on my part.

I have gotten some evidence about a possible father of Adam recently, that hasn't been discussed for Adam's lineage. That one part that makes it difficult, is his living in Cologne. The two proposed fathers, Pieter Clementssen Brouwer and Frans Simmonsen Brouwer come from Amsterdam and South Holland respectively. The Pieterse name is used heavily as Adam's middle name and in his children. One set of his grandchildren even all of the females have Pieterse middle names.

I found VOC records showing a Pieter Brouwer from Cologne that died on his way to Batavia in 1641 (the same year Adam travelled to Brazil). Adam did get 2 power of attorney to recover wages from the Dutch Indies company, so I propose that one may have been from his father's death. They hadn't reached the port of Batavia (Jakarta) yet.


Oh, that's right I didn't mention Batavia yet. Batavia was another interesting revelation into the possible origins of Adam. I found out that there was a region called Batavia where the Batavians lived. The Batavians are at the center of the Dutch origination theory. This proposes that the Batavavians were one of the major originators of the Dutch.

The Batavians lived at the Rhine delta from 000 to 300 AD. Cologne is very close to this. I can't say that Adam is Batavian, but to suggest that he is anything other than Dutch because of his location is ludicrous.


So, a Pieter Brouwer died on his way to Batavia in 1841. He was a midshipsman, which was a beginning officer.

Part of the mystique behind the allegation of Adam's descent from Pieter Corneilssen Brouwer, is that he was one of the cofounders of the Dutch West Indies Company. This could not only explain the other Pieter's position as a midshipsman, but also the prominent marriage of Adam to Habsburg (who wasn't shunned).

Contention against this, is that Pieter Corneilssen Brouwer was from Amsterdam, while Pieter and Adam were from Cologne. There is the possibility that either Pieter moved their family, however the different locations create suspicion. As it sits now, all I can suggest is that Adam's father is a Pieter Brouwer.

We know that it is not THE Pieter Corneillsen, because he died in 1615 (a full 16 years before Pieter died enroute Batavia).


To extend the lore, there are no known descendants of Pieter Corneillsen. My theory would support this, but does nothing to prove.

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 01:57 PM

originally posted by: DISRAELI

Can the motto perhaps be translated as "Fight for the freedom of the Netherlands"?
If the motto was fairly recently adopted, then this thought would have been uppermost in the family's mind at the time. A recent origin would go with the fact that the motto is not in Latin.

I just read over this again, and I definitely believe this idea has some merit. Where I was reading "free fighting" as fighting away from, your proposal is a possibility. I can see how it could be "fighting for free Netherldands".

I am going to do a little brainstorming into German and Dutch sentence structure to see if either is more likely.

The part that makes it confusing, is that we don't have history of how or when it was given. This is why I was assuming that it was older.

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 02:15 PM
a reply to: ThreeDeuce
I don't see the location difference between Amsterdam/Holland and Cologne being much of a puzzle.
People in trade, not tied to working on the land, could be pretty mobile in those days. It's not as if he would even have been moving to a different country. Historically, the Dutch are just Germans who have been split away by an accident of history, so that their various local dialects of German have coalesced into a new national language. There would have been nothing unnatural about a time of residence in Cologne. If the family roots were indeed Jewish, then the fact that Holland was Protestant while Cologne was ruled by the Catholic bishop would not have been an issue.
In 1620, the Thirty Years war was beginning in Germany. Moving back downriver to escape it would have been a very natural thought, so that could explain the renewed Netherlands connection.

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 02:22 PM
a reply to: DISRAELI

I have zero reference to Judaism in the family, other than DNA.
They were members of the Dutch reformed church ( iirc).

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 02:31 PM
a reply to: ThreeDeuce
OK, I was just going by your mention of the star of David.
Being Protestant would definitely be a good reason to move away from Catholic Cologne as a religious civil war was developing on the upper Rhine.
Being there in the first place becomes a little odder, but by no means impossible, in the more peaceful times.

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 02:36 PM
a reply to: ThreeDeuce

This is really cool. It's not even my family, and I'm absolutely fascinated by your research! Thanks for sharing... I don't have anything to add to your research and speculation, except that I like how you think. But for what it's worth (which may be nothing), have you checked out the Behistun Rock Inscription?

Authored by Darius the Great sometime between his coronation as king of the Persian Empire in the summer of 522 BC and his death in autumn of 486 BC, the inscription begins with a brief autobiography of Darius, including his ancestry and lineage.

The inscription includes three versions of the same text, written in three different cuneiform script languages: Old Persian, Elamite, and Babylonian (a later form of Akkadian).

There is a school of thought among some scholars that the inscription provides information on the Lost Tribes of Israel and their travels. For example, those we know as the Saxons, which would be a corruption of "Isaac's sons." Likewise, the Cymry of Wales were associated with the Cimmerians, the people of the Israelite "King Omri." Maybe it will give you some clues or inspire new angles to follow.

I'm not sure how much -- of even if -- it will help at all, but I thought I'd throw it out there for your consideration. Good luck in your search!

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 03:49 PM
a reply to: Boadicea

I had never heard of the Behistun inscription prior to your mention. I read into it and saw that there was much room for research for me. Nothing stood out at me at first glance... but then I read your comment of how some suggest the Lost Tribes. This will definitely require a deeper look.

Did you see the Japan link to lost tribes? It's even more intriguing....

Well, you bring up Cymry, and I definitely have some Welsh connections. I am of Plantagenet descendancy also, which extends to Syria and Turkey of ancient. More digging to come!

I love the different things to look at. Any suggestion, even without a link to me, is more fun history to learn about!

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 05:29 PM
a reply to: ThreeDeuce

I'm glad I mentioned it then! You sound like a kindred spirit forever reading, searching and learning -- knowing there is no end to the journey because there is always more to learn and know....

The stories of the Lost Tribes in Japan is quite intriguing. There are also legends that Jesus studied in Japan during his "lost years," even more intriguing... According to the legends, a brother of Jesus took His place on the cross, and Jesus returned to Japan, living out his life there as a simple farmer.

Takenouchi Documents

Although the manuscripts have been denounced by some scholars, I tend to think there's some truth there. Perhaps it was someone claiming to be Jesus; for their own purposes, or as part of a coordinated plan to keep anyone searching for Jesus and/or His following false leads. Perhaps it was a disciple of Jesus and the Japanese people misunderstood who he was. Perhaps it was Jesus. Interesting nevertheless!

posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 07:38 AM
That's a very creative story S&F, although there were no such thing as "white" folks 60,000yrs ago, but the Spear of Destiny have little or on connection with the country known as Ethiopia today,although they were among the first Christian nation a close tie to Armenia, they do have a long tradition with the Ark, and part of the population is and always was Jewish/Hebrew.

Christianity was introduced into Abyssinia 331 years after the birth of Christ by Abuna Salama whose former name was Frumentos or Frumentius. As that time the Ethiopian kings reigned over Axum. Before the Christian religion was known in Ethiopia half the inhabitants were Jews, who observed the Law; the other half were worshipers of Sando, the dragon." - A History and Genealogy of the Ancient Kings

St Maurice of Magdeburg

Now the Spear of Destiny was supposed to be in the hands of one Maurice later to be known as St Maurice Christianity's first Knight, however he was never an Axumite Ethiopian but rather a Theban from upper Egypt that commanded a legion ,who were Christians fighting for the then Pagan Romans, he got him and his men decimated because he refused to kill a tribe of Germans when he found out they were fellow Christians, and thus became at saint the spear stayed with the Romans until they themselves became Christians later to be passed on to Charlemagne the Great a possible ancestor of yours . the eagle is found in Christian Nubian kingdoms as well but it's origins may have Byzantine connections although Templer looking Crosses is more ancient and predates them in that part of the world.

Christian Nobatia.
Klik here^ for early christian kingdoms of Africa.
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posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 08:20 AM
If we go by Biblical genealogy, which can be confusing as it is not science it states
And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD.
And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.
Out of that land went forth Ashur, and builded Nineveh, and the city Rehoboth, and Calah: the same is a great city
(Genesis 10:8-12).

Shinar is supposed to be Sumer, curiously the Sumerians themselves were among the first to connect themselves to Kush if Kush was indeed Meluha.

Then he proceeded to the land of Meluha. Enki, lord of the Abzu, decreed its fate:

221-237"Black land, may your trees be great trees, may your forests be forests of highland mes trees! Chairs made from them will grace royal palaces! May your reeds be great reeds, may they ......! Heroes shall ...... them on the battlefield as weapons! May your bulls be great bulls, may they be bulls of the mountains! May their bellowing be the bellowing of wild bulls of the mountains! The great powers of the gods shall be made perfect for you! May the francolins of the mountains wear cornelian beards! May your birds all be peacocks! May their cries grace royal palaces! May all your silver be gold! May all your copper be tin-bronze! Land, may all you possess be plentiful! May your people ......! May your men go forth like bulls against their fellow men!"

So here you have both the Bible and Sumerian mythology making a Kush-ite Sumerian connection, although science said otherwise, but the claim could be based off shared blackness of skin color.
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posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 02:55 PM
Spider, I understand your contention that there wasn't white people 60 thousand years ago. We aren't sure, would be my surmise.

I would like to mention about how people put times to things like Biblical genealogy. I would make the contention that they never said that Ashur was a direct descendant of either of the 4 sons listed above. Even if it says that X is son of B, then even being a grandson would still make the statement true.


What we do know, is that several tribes say that the people they came from were white. While there is no proof that they were describing a time 60 thousand years ago, I would say that the oral history of that tribe may disprove the "no whites in Africa 60 kya theory". We might never know the true specifics, so all we know is that there were whites when some tribe were started (at least 2 different tribes).

There is a pastoralist theory that proposes that the major innovations and inventions attributed to African inventions were accomplishments of this Pastoralist society that brought technology. While I haven't done the research to either describe or suscribe the theory, it is very interesting.

I have never seen a theory that proposed how dark skinned Africans lost their color. Perhaps being locked in caverns for hundreds of years, but there is no record of loss of eye sight, or any other attributes that show long term underground habitation. Other than albinoism and a few other skin diseases, I have found nothing about any lineage's skin color changing. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen..... but, wouldn't a few occurrences be annotated in history? This to me gives credibility to the theory that there were both whites and blacks in Africa.


Speaking of DNA, I would like to clear something up. When I talked about E-v13, I was talking about Y-dna, the type that is only passed through male lineage. It is important to look at the letter of the dna, as most everything is determined by this. This means that J1 and an H1 are not "equal" because of the 1, but they strongly differ based on their alphabetical categorization. I take having "E" as a sense of pride. Does it make me any better? Nope, but neither does finding at least 4 royal lines of lineage. It doesn't change who I am. It merely describes how I got here.

So, the alphabet matters for DNA. I'm E, but what does that mean? Okay DNA is categorized by the major branches of change over the entire history of humans. Very slowly through breeding and through genetic mutation, the human dna underwent multiple changes. We lump these changes into groups accordingly, and this is how they determine the major changes versus the minor changes. Major changes may create a new alphabetical reference, or give a new number/code (called SNP) to know this change as. It all depends on how drastic the change is. It is not worthwhile to discuss the science behind this, because it is ever changing. Now is the golden age of genealogy, because of DNA sequencing.

So, what does E matter? None that I can see, other than being proposed as Hamitic. That is a fun link to research.

But, have you heard of haplogroup A00? First off, what does A mean? A would be the first main civilization or group of people before any major changes. This is the generation of creation. The numbers "00" reference to the starting group in the A branch. There is a tribe in Africa that is 6 percent A00 haplogroup. That blows my mind. It does absolutely nothing to support any of my theories.... but it's just something to ponder for people.

Could A00 be the dna of Adam?


In my research, I have seen the E-v13 group proposed as some of the first rules.
How can we explain E dominance in rule over A?

Is any speculation of nobility based on dna invalid? or is it supported?
That hamitic.wordpress site definitely proposes a connection with

"The Hamitic E-V13 Nimrod was the first king of Earth to wear a crown thus creating the E-V13 Royal bloodline. We are Kings of Kings and High Priests!

Pirke De-Rabbi Eliezer (c. 833) relates the Jewish traditions that:
The Hamitic E-V13 Nimrod inherited the black garments of Adam and Eve from his father Cush, and these made him invincible, these gave him superior critical thinking abilities (he was not a follower but a leader), and these gave him the ability to exercise his free will (as God), because of this Power Noah had no choice but only to give some sort of blessing to Shem and Japhet. We the E-V13s have this anointing, it is our birthright"

It's a huge claim that Nimrod was the first king and that he was given the black garments of Adam and Eve. Is this specifically talking about the dark skin? Could my skin color and my history show that what we know about Nimord's history incorrect?

List of Notable e-v13 individuals (please help me add to this).
Hitler - white
Wright brothers - white
Lyndon B Johnson - white

Some other E - dna individuals
Ramses III
Nelson Mandela
William Harvey
Napoleon Bonaparte
Albert Einstein
Daid Attenborough
Desmond Tutu
This website also makes many more links

posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 06:27 PM
a reply to: ThreeDeuce

Well there are two things we should be careful of, folk traditions and biblical traditions which is kinda the same thing and applying science to it, now no doubt there were back migrations and some of those migrations may have include lite-skinned folks but the gene SLC45A2 is only 7-5kyrs old which is very recent, the rise of the early states were well underway by then, the question is when. Assigning lite-skin migration into Africa during the early biblical epoch is cutting it really close don't you think?

The E group especially E1b1 simply spread from east central Africa into the Levant and petered out around the Zagros Mts in Turkey about 5kyrs B.C there they met other groups and began to mix with them, some Es intermarried with folks carrying the SLC45A2 gene for white or litse-skin thus although lite you are anciently connected to East Central Africans.
Others for your list of Es would be Barack Obama and Albert Einstein .

It's a huge claim that Nimrod was the first king and that he was given the black garments of Adam and Eve. Is this specifically talking about the dark skin? Could my skin color and my history show that what we know about Nimord's history incorrect?

Well according to biblical lore he would be a "mighty "king not the first king but if he is connected to Sargon of Akkad like some believe then he would indeed be mighty,was he black?? that I can't say, but he did rule over a people the Sumerians who self Id as Black.what is known is that folks from the area around the eastern Med and Mesopotamia became increasingly diverse in terms of color and phenotype as the centuries rolled by.

What we do know is the Phoenicians and folks like them pictured themselves as diverse by the 6th century B.C although claiming kinship from the family of Ham.
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posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 10:09 PM
Darn, I wanted to add Obama so bad.... what a shame that I missed the 4 hour edit window.

I have been looking for references of Sumerians being black, but haven't found it yet....... As for Nimrod, I have always assumed that this is the black cloak of Adam.

This image shows that perhaps it is some translations that propose "first"

Bushongo first chiefs were white or semi-white &sa=X&ei=6tItVcaiFoK5sAWLloHoCA&ved=0CFsQ6AEwDg#v=onepage&q=bantu%20white%20origin&f=false

Part of African Myth of Origin &sa=X&ei=6tItVcaiFoK5sAWLloHoCA&ved=0CFYQ6AEwDA#v=onepage&q=bantu%20white%20origin&f=false

Spider, have you ever heard of the Lemba people?
They have Jewish origin, are supposedly of white origin and they built the great cities of Mozambique. Part of this group went to stay in Ethiopia.

This is a bit odd, but I found this lineage chart for Nimrod. (I've seen others, just can't find them at the moment). and the second page (follow the blue line)
If you look on this page, it proposes that Nimrod is ancestor to the pharoahs of Egypt
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Wow, check this out...... The two oldest Masonic Manuscripts seem to have Nimrod connections (see Regius Poem and Matthew Cooke Manuscript)
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Odd screenshot from a video, of a man reading a book (unknown validity), but he is talking about Nimrod and states that Nimrod's legacy has been intentionally hid for thousands of years.

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posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 11:09 PM
a reply to: ThreeDeuce

Hi ThreeDeuce about the Sumerians you have to look-up the term they called themselves which is Sag-gig-ga or the Black headed ones
The lament for Urim: translation

saĝgiga [HUMANKIND]
(4x: Old Babylonian)
wr. saĝ-gig2-ga “humankind”
Akk. şalmat qaqqadi

The above is not merely talking about hair color but of the entire self as they imagined themselves to be the first of men, like basically all people like to believe.
That some Africans linked their origins to white folks that have to be looked at in terms of more recent contacts, it is not uncommon for many folks around the world to alter their genealogy to some mythical non local ancestor after a contact took place,if we are to believe this then every Islamic ruler from Senegal to Malaysia can trace their lineage to the Prophet Muhammad. a thing that is very unlikely.
The Nimrod chart also didn't matched the Biblical begets, as he would have been the youngest.
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posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 11:25 PM
Researching Sa-gi-ga, and I find that most of it is the sagiga.wordpress site, and seemingly the same person's facebook.

Other than those, the first link with seemingly good information is:
What is interesting here, is that in Akkadian, this means Headache or sick-head. I have heard that Akkadian is the language to look to in order to translate Sumerian, and that there are even Akkadian to Sumerian translation guides that were written, because the Akkadians were fascinated by Sumerian cuniform. (trying to remember the proposed theory as best as possible).

Now, headache in Akkadian, is it possible that this is just their version of the Sumerian "Black headache"? That is possible. However Akkadia was a sister region, and was listed as one of Nimrod's also, so I would assume similar lineage or characteristics (skin color).

Really neat stuff, thanks for the suggestion.

You know... funny that you mention that tree of Nimrod not being right... because it shows Noah and Nimrod on different sides. Perhaps that isn't a direct descendency chart as we expect, because Noah to Nimrod is known. It's either a different format, or a large inconsistency.
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