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What Can We Do? ...Landmark Dutch Lawsuit Puts Governments Around the World on Notice

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posted on Apr, 11 2015 @ 09:47 AM
a reply to: soficrow

No it's not to difficult a concept. By the way you left out cow farts. ( Rolls eyes)

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posted on Apr, 11 2015 @ 11:08 AM

originally posted by: MysterX
a reply to: soficrow

The UK Government better install 4Kw worth of Solar gear on every UK home if they want to avoid a costly lawsuit.

That's all it would take, a few cheap Solar panels on every homes roof...cost will be about £50 Billion, but that's small potatoes compared to the costs of a handful of nuclear power has just got the go ahead and that is going to cost around £20 Billion on it's own!

There are plans for 15 or so of them...then you have to pay for security, fuel, reprocessing, disposal of dangerous waste and so on...with 4 or 5 Kw of Solar there'd be no danger, no additional costs and little old people won't have to freeze to death in their tens of thousands each and every year...too easy i expect.

Maybe this legal challenge will give them the kick up the arse they need / deserve.

Government just railroads right over public opinion and doesn't give a rat's poont about the environment or human life.

This is the sort of sneaky, underhanded deed that instantly makes my blood boil ...
Law changed so that nuclear waste dumps can be forced on communities

Nuclear waste dumps can be imposed on local communities without their support under a new law rushed through in the final hours of parliament.

Under the latest rules, the long search for a place to store Britain’s stockpile of 50 years’ worth of the most radioactive waste from power stations, weapons and medical use can be ended by bypassing local planning.

Since last week, the sites are now officially considered “nationally significant infrastructure projects” and so will be chosen by the secretary of state for energy. He or she would get advice from the planning inspectorate, but would not be bound by the recommendation. Local councils and communities can object to details of the development but cannot stop it altogether.

The move went barely noticed as it was passed late on the day before parliament was prorogued for the general election, but has alarmed local objectors and anti-nuclear campaigners.

Objectors worry that ministers are desperate to find a solution to the current radioactive waste problem to win public support to build a new generation of nuclear power stations.

There are now 4.5m cubic metres of accumulated radioactive waste kept in secure containers at sites across Britain, though only 1,100m3 of this is the most controversial high-level waste, and 290,000m3 is intermediate-level waste. It costs £3bn a year to manage the nuclear waste mountain, of which £2bn comes from taxpayers.

We have no right to object to this toxic gunge being dumped on our doorsteps, we're just required to pay for it financially and environmentally.

I want the first waste dumps to be sited right near MP's country homes before anywhere else. I won't hold my breath though.

posted on Apr, 12 2015 @ 01:35 PM
This is interesting...

Lawsuit against Chinese government agency for approval of Monsanto’s cancer-causing Roundup

...Beijing No.3 Intermediate People’s Court had accepted the case, but a date for a hearing has not yet been set, an official at the court told Reuters.

“The government is taking actions to deal with other food safety issues but it is not dealing with the GMO problem,” said Yang Xiaolu, 62, one of the plaintiffs bringing the case and a long-time GMO activist.

As recent news would suggest, what sparked this most recent lawsuit was the declaration from the World Health Organization that glyphosate, the chemical ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, is ‘likely carcinogenic.’ The decision was made by IARC, the France-based cancer research arm of the World Health Organization, which considered the status of five insect and weed killers including glyphosate, which is used globally in industrial farming.

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