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NEWS: Cancer Linked to Gulf War

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posted on Dec, 20 2004 @ 12:44 PM
Veterans of the 1991 Gulf War have another problem to worry about, the possibility of Lung Cancer they may have gotten from inhaling pollutants from well fires. In 1991 the retreating Iraqi forces started more then 600 well fires to slow U.S. Troops, with the smoke from these fires in some cases remaining close to ground. Recent studies have shown that exposure to combustion products increase the dangers of cancer in later life.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Veterans of the 1991 Persian Gulf War exposed to pollution from oil well fires, exhausts and other sources may face an increased risk of lung cancer, a government advisory group reported Monday.

A committee of the Institute of Medicine concluded there isn't enough evidence to determine whether most of veterans' health problems are associated with such exposures.

But it said occupational and environmental exposure to combustion products has been shown to increase danger of lung cancer.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

With more and more veterans reporting illnesses its good to see that some scientists and doctors are actually listening to their complaints. With all the dangers that troops face while in war to be faced with the possibility of being killed when they get home from chemicals they were exposed to during service is sad. I hope with all the spending cuts they wont take to much away from the medical treatment that the soldiers need in the future.

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