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Your Brave New World...Order

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posted on Dec, 20 2004 @ 11:20 AM
So the NWO crew say that we have to reduce the world's population so that they can institute their new perfect world system.

I say we don't need to reduce world population. All we need to do is stop it from increasing. There is (despite what the global elite tell us) enough resources and energy to maintain the population level as it is, but that would mean that a surprisingly small percentage of the world's population would have to accept a slight reduction in living standards.

Here's my neo-commie, Brave New World plan for sorting it all out:

  • The monetary system and banking system will be abolished, including lending, credit and interest.

  • All resources and technology accumulated by all nations will be pooled and distributed based on need.

  • All military spending and research will be ceased and all weapons will be of the non-lethal variety. All resources previously spent on military research and military hardware will be redirected to alternative energy sources, alternative means of travel, alternative food sources and medicine.

  • Nations will be allocated world-benefiting duties depending on their land type. Fertile nations will be turned into massive farming nations.

  • People will be allocated professions based upon their physical and mental attributes. Allocation will be based on personal preferences as much as is possible. However, all people, including those in the top sciences and the simplest manual labor ,will be required to spend at least 25% of their working life in multiple professions to increase experience, mutual understanding and equality. All people will have to spend a portion of their working life in law-enforcement and government. Promotion within a profession will consist of earlier transfer options to other professions.

  • People will be required to be vegetarian. A new type of tofu will be developed that tastes like meat. Those in manual labor professions will be provided with protein supplements and medically-safe steroids if required.

  • To prevent boredom due to lack of competition and repetitiveness, the arts, entertainment and knowledge will be prized and developed above all else, and people will be encouraged to pursue esoteric hobbies. Sports and entertainment will be considered a resource like any other.

  • A one-child policy will be introduced globally. The eradication of poverty and the pooling of resources will negate the need for raising multiple children to carry out farming duties. Persons breaking the one-child rule intentionally or through carelessness will have their allocated resources reduced. The guiltless child will still enjoy full privileges.

  • Any persons in a position of responsibility found to be guilty of corruption will be judged by a referendum of the people. punishment will consist of being allocated the profession of official sewer cleaner until the day of their death, or until justice is deemed served.

  • Disputes between persons in bureaucratic and governmental professions will be settled in globally-televised Monopoly matches.

Oh, and I almost forgot:

  • The Teletubbies will be put out of their misery by electro-gun to the head, abattoir-style.

  • No-one will be allowed to buy SUVs/4WDs.

  • All of these rules will apply to everyone except for me, and maybe my family if they're nice to me. I will be the benevolent dictator of the world. I will ride around the streets waving out the window of my 20-foot long SUV with internal spa and IMAX cinema and powered by five V8 engines, and people will gather to throw flowers in the path of it. My house, which will be the size of the country of Finland, will be staffed by 5000 chefs who will compete every night to make the best medium-rare stake for me. Anyone who says bad things about me or calls me the Antichrist will be held down and given a really bad haircut before being jettisoned into outer space in a life-supporting capsule that plays Britney Spears' and Tom Jones' greatest hits at full volume forever and ever, all the while showing re-runs of "Who's The Boss" starring Tony Danza.

So the New World Order is coming at it from an evil, "we-will-be-gods" angle. Maybe if we post here they'll read it and realize the error of their selfish ways.

Seriously though, maybe a New World Order isn't such a bad thing. What would comprise your NWO if you had the chance?

posted on Dec, 20 2004 @ 01:43 PM
It would depend what they wanted to do. That's what most people are worried about! No need to affect population because we can expand into space.
Space will also be a place for gathering resources [solar energy] and the Moon can be used for factories etc...

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