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What is the REAL name of this temple??

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posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 12:59 AM

originally posted by: Spider879
I am a big fan of using the terms and names the locals give to their places and themselves, much can be lost through second or third naming.
Take for Example the name of your ancestral land and or country..Eritrea it's a Greek word that correspond to Red, as in the "Red Sea"

See the Greco-Roman travel and trade guide The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, while I have read that in the days before Kmt the "Black land" lost power the "Red sea" was called Km wer or the "Black sea", keep in mind there is nothing red or black about the sea itself.
In African American pop vernacular we made use of the term Red Bone a reference to lite skinned Black folks, but I came to understand that in Africa terms like that or similar ones are used among Africans themselves an excerpt from an ancient country man of yours .


Through the might of the Lord of All I took the field against the Noba [Nubians] when the people of Noba revolted, when they boasted and "He will not cross over the Takkaze," said the Noba, when they did violence to the peoples Mangurto and Hasa and Barya, and the Black Noba waged war on the Red Noba and a second and a third time broke their oath and without consideration slew their neighbors and plundered our envoys and messengers whom I had sent to interrogate them, robbing them of their possessions and seizing their lances. When I sent again and they did not hear me, and reviled me, and made off, I took the field against them. And I armed myself with the power of the Lord of the Land and fought on the Takkaze at the ford of Kemalke. And thereupon they fled and stood not still, and I pursued the fugitives twenty-three days slaying them and capturing others and taking plunder from them, where I came; while prisoners and plunder were brought back by my own people who marched out; while I burnt their towns, those of masonry and those of straw, and seized their corn and their bronze and the dried meat and the images in their temples and destroyed the stocks of corn and cotton; and the enemy plunged into the river Seda, and many perished in the water, the number I know not, and as their vessels foundered a multitude of people, men and women were drowned.

This is repeated on the other side of the continent with the Red and Black Ibos of the forest belt.

Sometimes misapplying names or use of foreign names or terms can rob you of insights take the name Wawat , while it was a name for one of the early Ta-Nahasian polity it is simply a Kemtian name for rebels, meaning they were to be seen as being part of the Kemtian polity but rejected it.
Nubia is perhaps one of the most misapplied terms in Egyptology, there were no such political or ethnic entity known to the ancient Kemtians it got it's name from the gold producing regions of Kmt..Nub meaning Gold so they were simply gold producers, the early polity that controlled that region was called Ta-Seti or land of the Bow, it was from them that the Kmtians borrowed their royal paraphernalia, upper Kmt itself may have been a breakaway state that scorpion and Narmer sacked, this is why Ta-Seti became the first Nome.

Yeah it derives from it being called the erythrean sea aka the red sea land. Over supper my dad was saying its called the red sea because when they first came over there was a type of red "insect" (he couldnt think of a proper english translation) thatmthat made it look red.

We then (more like he lectured) talked about the queen of sheeba (he says may be known as Saaba) and how she had a kid in eritrea and thats why there is a river called mai bela (get her water) because during birth everyone started panicking. Oh yeah this was king Solomons kid! Menelik... crazy hey.

The route she took to visit him went through sudan thats why they have a halfa new and halfa old(in tigrigna its halifa- she passes by and halifa old was she had passed before. Sheeba was a biggbig deal. But the legend hahas it when she got to king solomons temple in israel she was disguised as a man (he would not deal with women). Also when king solomons eyes are open he is asleep! When closed he sees all!.

None the less she ssteps into the temple with her left leg (in our culture its believed men step through doorways with their right leg and women with their left), king solomon immediately calls her out and forces her to admit. they apparently instatly fall in loelove and have seX and she gets pregnant.

The trip back from israel to eritrea on foot pretty much is (get this) 9 months. Which lead to the birth of menelik.

Lastly Menelik goes to visit his father when israel is having trouble and king solomon sends him back WITH the ark ofthe mothatrucking covenant. (At this point im Laughing wheni hear this). Apparently thats how it got to Ethiopia. ( during this time frame I dont think there is much of a difference between eritrea and ethiopia)

None the less there is a place called saaba now that is supposed to be where sheebas dedescendants are and underneath saaba is supposed to be a whole city underground.

That was my mock easter supper talk. Next week is our actual easter for us, so if you have any questions I can ask for you aswas well.

TaThats all for now!

ETA:correction sorry Erythra Thalassa was the term used not erythrean sea thats the periplus. My bad.
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posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 01:06 AM

originally posted by: undo
okay so i did this big long thing on hatshepsut's name in hieroglyphics and then accidentally closed the browser while surfing a page that had a bunch of pop up ads.

it's essentially something like
ra aset ka amun n khnem hat tut sheps female

i haven't the foggiest notion what i'm doing, but it's interesting!

Too sick will llook into that more as well.

Btw thanks everyone I really feel like we are doing some awesome info trading and pursuing!

another cool thinkthing is some pictures of what egyptions had drawn as their world/ clothing styles and how some of it is similar to eritrean/ethopian traditional garb. The traditional wedding garb is epic.

ETA: ra a set ka can almost clean translates to "to watch her drink" or "to watch as she drank". I wish I had a wider grasp of tigrigna
to do the rest.
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posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 01:11 AM
a reply to: undo

Well that would be around Aswan/Elehantine and Lower "Nubia"

Ok see were it said Lower Nubia well that's the gold producing region part of it now lies within modern day Egypt as Egyptian Nubia and the other as Sudanese Nubia, it was from Lower Nubia the gold came from also the pre-dynastic folks who called their land Ta-Seti came from, later Kush would appear and conquer all the political entities including the rebel Wawat up to the Kmtian border of Aswan after the Border shifted.

This map shows the political entities of Ta-Nahasi before unification by the Kush-ites or the people of Yam, which was to become a super state that would one day engulf Kmt itself and have political and military pull in the Levant.
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