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Do most American Conservatives actually hate America? I'm convinced they do.

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posted on Apr, 5 2015 @ 12:16 PM

originally posted by: aethertek
a reply to: enlightenedservant

Yes & Civil asset forfeiture has been in the news recently as well so perhaps that (literally highway robbery) will be nullified soon.

Oh the fasting... Stop that, at least stop doing it that way. An overall lowering of caloric intake can be beneficial but fasting for that duration & rhythm will break your metabolism down in negative ways.
I eat very little, I'm over 50 years old, no disease or ailments of any kind, still strong, the only problems I have are physical damage that one normally accumulates from a lifetime of stupid decisions.


No no, can't stop the fasting. It's the month of Ramadan I'm speaking of. It's more important to me than most other things I can imagine. There are spiritual reasons we do it, as well as it being a requirement. But the single biggest reason it's required is as a reminder of the plight of those less fortunate than us. Charity & fasting are literally 2 of the main pillars of our religion. lol It's one thing to know "hunger". But a completely different level of compassion comes from knowing "near starvation". I even feed stray animals & throw my food scrap in the woods out here so the stray dogs, crows, and who knows what else can eat them.

And if you think that's something, you should check the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. I think they have up to 200+ days a year of fasting! Though to be fair, it's fasting from meats for x amount of days, fasting from something else for x amount of days, etc.

posted on Apr, 5 2015 @ 12:29 PM

No no, can't stop the fasting.

LOL, Well do what you feel you must.

I once spent nearly a decade as a prisoner, sometimes chained to a slab of concrete for days at a time or months in solitary, so I need no reminders of being the less fortunate.

Yes feed the little critters! Love the little critters.

posted on Apr, 5 2015 @ 12:31 PM
a reply to: slowisfast

Fun to watch isn't it.

Bring on the hate for Easter brigade...its the American Way!

posted on Apr, 5 2015 @ 07:13 PM

originally posted by: enlightenedservant
I'm seriously curious to see how conservatives respond to this, because I'm convinced that most conservatives actually hate America.

1. How do you love America when you openly hate its other citizens?

Most of us don't, but some do, and I apologize for that. I have family and friends in Kentucky and let me honest, some of the people I met in KY were quite ignorant and uncultured. I would just say that most of us want people to follow the rules (come here legally) and work for a living and contribute to society (don't be a freeloader).
As far as unions go, those are good and bad. The company I work for is non-union, but the center I was at for a year was one of the only union centers in the company. At my current center we pay employees $9/hr and they are all cross trained to work every area and cover each other and help out and are generally the hardest working underpaid people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. At my other center the union mandated a pay scale of around $13.80 for desk, $14.40 for cooks, and $16 for the bartender. They could not be cross trained and only worked their stations. If there were no customers in the bar, the bartender just stood there making $16/hr, and if I asked her to scrub the floors or do some hard work she would say that wasn't in her union contract and she would call the union boss on me and threaten to file a grievance. These were some of the laziest overpaid workers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They also got free meals and paid lunches, which cost our payroll to be more than double that of non-union centers. Because our profit margin was then much lower we got fewer upgrades and had less money to spend on equipment repairs and were ultimate one of the worst centers in the area.

2. How do you love America when you openly hate its government?

This is the spirit of the founding fathers...they didn't trust government, or government officials. If you read anything from the founding fathers, especially their personal correspondence you would understand their mistrust. Our government today has grown by leaps and bounds since the end of WWII and our civil liberties and freedoms are slowly eroding. We do not like the government, nor to we like anyone telling us what to do!

3. How do you love America when you work to destroy its land?

Again I apologize for the ignorance of some of my brothers. We need to keep our land clean and protect our waterways. However I think we can do this without burdening taxes or crippling corporate regulations. As far as protecting 'mother earth' china and india have rivers that run with various colors from all the chemical pollutants, and mexico has open dirt ponds of sewage and some of the largest landfills in the about we focus on cleaning up some of those places first before we place even more burden on the American taxpayer?

4. How do you love America when you openly support 2 of America's biggest historical enemies & threaten to leave America when you don't get your way?

Neo-Natzi groups and the KKK groups are really ignorant people. Most of them have just not been cultured or introduced to other cultures. I grew up in an area that was 98% white (though I am not full white) and while we didn't think like this in my area at all, I can see how places in the south or midwest can. It's easy for someone to hate gays or blacks when they've never truly had a meaningful conversation with one!!! I used to be very adamantly against gay marriage, then I moved to the San Francisco bay area and guess what, I made some very close gay friends and my perspectives have changed. If only every dumb white guy could have a similar experience.

Having family from the south (Kentucky is south enough!) I do love me some confederate flag....again it goes back to that rebel spirit, the same spirit that the founding fathers held. Fighting for what you believe in, standing up for principle no matter what...the states in the south thought their way of life was correct, and while slavery was wrong and horrible (and by the way almost every country at the time participated in slavery) there were also issues of states rights and the increasing power of the federal government that the southern states were fighting against. It is with that same fighting spirit that we fight for religious freedom (although I don't fight forand 2nd amendment rights.

Now I could very honestly make the same exact post in reference to Democrats and the liberal left...

How do you love America when you hate it's other citizens?
Ya'll talk a lot about tolerance but when someone disagrees with you, there is an influx of hatred, even death threats...the most recent example is Memories Pizza. There was also an extreme amount of hatred towards republicans and president Bush during the last few years of his presidency, with many movies stars, celebrities, and musicians speaking out against him.

How do you love America when you openly hate its government?
Ya'll don't seem too fond of the U.S. Constitution, which is not only the law of the land but are the underlying principles and foundation of our government. There was also constant protesting of Bush during his final years of his presidency, including much anti-war protests (that magically stopped when Obama was elected...where is Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink these days?). Resident's in San Francisco even tried to name their new sewage plant after president Bush!

How do you love America when you work to destroy its land?
Ya'll put into place extreme environmental regulations that burden taxpayers and businesses. In California (pre-drought) thousands of acres of farmland were turned into desert because of reduced water pumping to protect a small fish that is disappearing int he area anyways, despite conservation efforts. There are regulations in place to hand over land near waterways to the EPA, along with carbon taxes that will cripple businesses, further raising the already high prices of food and goods. Poor people can barely afford healthy foods as it is!

How do you love America when you openly support her enemies?
Ya'll will call gun loving patriotic Americans terrorists, but refuse to call multiple accounts of muslim extremists committing or plotting to commit terrorist acts of US soil actual "terrorism." You support Hammas and Iran, wear Che Guevara shirts, read Marx, and your political leaders openly preach their love of Mao....and not to mention you love to put people like the Weather Underground TERRORIST bomber Bill Ayers in professor positions in public universities.

posted on Apr, 5 2015 @ 08:55 PM

originally posted by: enlightenedservant
I'm seriously curious to see how conservatives respond to this, because I'm convinced that most conservatives actually hate America.

4. How do you love America when you openly support 2 of America's biggest historical enemies & threaten to leave America when you don't get your way?

There are many neo-Nazi groups and other white supremacist groups in America, like the Aryan Nation. Some of these groups openly display Nazi symbols and paraphernalia, and most openly hate the Americans I mentioned in #1 (along with American Jews and American communists & socialists). The website Stormfront is a good place to see what I'm talking about. So why don't conservatives speak out against or fight against these groups? I don't think it's a coincidence that members of these groups are right wing & tend to vote Republican or Libertarian.

Many conservatives even proudly wave the Confederate flag. The Confederate States of America was a hostile nation that waged war with the United States of America in a war that left 600,000 Americans dead. Yet conservatives openly display the Confederate flag as a rallying symbol. Conservatives also regularly threaten to secede from America when things don't go their way. How is that supposed to be patriotism or loyalty to America?


Most of the folks I know that use the confederate lived isolated and is probably xenophobic. And yet strangely he moved into a rental in neighborhood that was 98% black. This is a true story but I understand it is hard to believe. What is even stranger is that he sported his flag openly even there and never got any flack for it even when the Crips took over the house across the street to ply their trade.

The other guy I know a kid really was just a wayward soul looking for some identity in his life. He was what one would call a neo-punk and even had a black girl friend at one time.

Don't know that these guys had their politics figured out to any depth any more that some kid at college who takes up with the communist party as a freshman. Just a head full of air needing filled.

But really not around here do "many conservatives even proudly wave the confederate flag". Most conservatives around here are not at all xenophobic, don't like the Klan or any other sort of stereotype normally associated with them by some.

And what? Some strong states rights pushing was done over the last decade but it had to do with a simple fed vs state constitutional thing. Are you one of those liberals that believe states rights types equal a return toward the confederate 1860 model? Al Sharpton believes that because he is an undereducated state-phobic hack.

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posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 08:55 AM
Long time lurker and late 40-something Christian conservative living in a southern state. I speak for myself and those I associate with. Read on if you really want to educate yourself about


1. 'How do you love America when you openly hate its other citizens?'

I love America, its citizens, and legal immigrants. I can love the person and not love their behavior. There is a difference in who you are and what you do. I am addressing behaviors.

Illegal Immigrants: We admire those that go through the legal system to immigrate here. We are a country of legal immigrants. Liberals/Progressives seem unwilling to separate lawbreaking illegal immigrants from law abiding legal immigrants.

Did you put in your application, pay the fee, and wait your time? No? You got a limited time visa permit and intentionally stayed afterwards? Did you not cross the border at a crossing station? Behavior: Dishonesty, Line Skipping, Deception. We do not believe that these behaviors should be rewarded.

African Americans: I live in a southern conservative state. I have only heard the N word used twice in nine years. Once by a man in his sixties. The other was in a recalled conversation where a friend heard someone use the N word and he denounced it. Some would say that overt racism is over and 'subtle' racism is rampant. It is those who profit from racism that keep it alive. Conservatives judge people by the content of their character.

Don't believe the lie that conservatives resist president Obama because he is african-american. We don't like his divisional politics, liberal policies, and dishonesty. Remember he is theone that didn't meet with republican leaders for the first eighteen months of his presidency. He was the one that used racist language by telling republicans we could come along for the ride but we would have to sit in the back of the bus. Google it.

All other hyphenated Americans: Conservatives are against the intentional division of Americans by race or ethnicity. I find liberals/progressives define diversity by skin color, gender, or sexual orientation. We define diversity by what people think. Laws should encourage all citizens to be self supporting, hard working, honest, responsible, and thoughtful.

Private Unions: I don't believe that you should have to join a union in order to work a trade. Union membership should be a choice, not a requirement. It seems the people with the highest paying jobs in unions are the union bosses. I'm not against private workers having the right to organize. However, I don't see the personal benefit. If working conditions are bad or dangerous, then people won't work there. If salaries are low, then they can find a higher salary elsewhere. Nobody makes you work for a company.

Public Unions: I am against public unions. FDR was against public unions. It has gotten to where public union employees make more than the taxpayers that fund their jobs. That is out of balance. They also seem to shield incompetent/negligent workers. They use seniority to keep workers and fire higher performing but less senior workers. Government employees while necessary are also taxpayer expenses. I don't believe that teachers, police, firemen, or other public employees should be able to strike. They took the job in order to educate kids and keep you safe. Those jobs have a higher responsibility to not abandon those they profess to serve.

lesbian/gay/bisexual/transsexual Americans: Again breaking people down into divisions. It seems the nut of the debate comes down to whether you support gay marraige.

I've been alive long enough to hear when AIDS was blamed on gays to the 'tolerance' days to 'celebrate diversity' (Side note: Who is labeled as non-diverse?) to today's militant 'you will cheer for gay marriage or you are homophobic engaged in hate thought crimes.

What two (or more??) consenting adults want to do sexually behind closed doors is their business.

Marriage is a legal contract. I am against changing the definition of what that legal contract means. However, if a state wants to vote for gay marraige, then that is the state's right.

People inclined to same sex marry can live in those states. I am against forcing a state to go against the will of its citizens or being forced to recognize a union not recognized in that state. In most states where citizens voted on gay marriage, it failed. Liberals/progressives don't accept that and go find that liberal judge who will agree with them. Suddenly, hundred of thousands of votes don't matter. I would call that voter suppression.

Some want to turn the gay marraige issue into a civil rights issue. I ask those people to talk to who actually suffered civil rights abuses, african-americans who overwhelmingly disagree with gay marraige as a civil rights issue. If it is a civil rights issue, then change the constitution's 14th amendment to cover sexual orientation.

I also think it is infantile to accuse someone of 'hate' speech when they disagree with your choices. Nobody has to accept your choices. Since nobody is born married, that is a choice.

Liberals/progressives would like you to think they champion free speech as they shout you down or censor yours.

Muslim Americans: I'm against the crazy ones that believe either become muslim or die. The other ones don't get as much press.

government benefits: We should help those that are trying to help themselves. If you are not trying to help yourself don't expect anyone to help you. Picking up a government check is not a job. If you are able bodied you should have the self respect to attempt to support yourself. Alcoholism and drug addictions are not a disability.

women: I am for equal pay for equal work. It is disproved myth that women are paid less than men for the same work. Women choose job flexibility, working fewer hours, and time off to care for their families. If companies could get away with paying women less, they would hire only women to lower their labor costs.

I am against lowering job standards like physical training for firefighters, military, or police. Would you want the firefighter who couldn't drag you to safety to rescue you? If women can perform to the same physical standards are men, then I'll all for them working in that field.

Women's rights activists: Nobody can have everything. Stop lying to women. I guess enlightenedservant is also referencing abortion activists? If you are pro-choice, you are actually pro-abortion. Don't give me that "I'm for a women's right to choose." To choose what? Abortion. Boom.

If you were actually pro-choice, then you wouldn't have posted your lamentations about conservatives. Pro-choicers would also allow people to choose to own guns, allow parents vouchers to choose the best schools for their kids, accept conservatives, accept Christians, accept pro-lifers, and also the choice whether to agree or disagree with gay marriage.

Atheists: I am fine with your choice to not believe in God. That's at your risk. I don't believe people should be forced to pray or to repeat 'under God' in the pledge.

The problem is the religious zeal atheists have to scrub any mention of God in any public arena. You ask Christians to be respectful of you. Yet atheists do not show that respect to Christians. Don't confuse shall make no law respecting an establishing of religion with shall not mention religion.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 08:55 AM
I have a family member that claims to be atheist. However, if God is ever mentioned in a conversation, the family member has to jump in and say "I don't believe in God!". We know. Yet the

family member never says that about any other spiritual belief other than Christianity. It is my personal belief that atheists are not just 'there is no God' and that's it. Something riles

them about Christianity but not other beliefs. Do you also confront Wiccans, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, or Muslims?

2. 'How do you love America when you openly hate its government?'

Separate 'government' into Federal, State, and Local government.

The Federal government has its duties outlined in the Constitution. Google 'enumerated powers'. Powers not delegated to the Federal government belong to the states. Google the 'tenth


The Constitution is a relevant up to date document. It is the law of the land. There are provisions to change the Constitution through amendments of which there have been 27. Many wrongs
in America's past have been corrected by constitutional amendments. The bulk of governmental power belongs to the states.

Conservatives believe state and local governments are more accountable to their citizens. We also believe we have an out of control federal government taking state power. Think medical

marijuana laws. Who should decide medical marijuana, the states of the federal government?

When the Federal government acts against the interest of the states, it is a duty of the elected representatives of the states to resist. When a president decides to act unilaterally

outside their enumerated powers, then the balance against that attempted act is the check of congress. The executive, legislative, and judicial branches all have checks against each other.

Furloughs happen when budgets don't get submitted, evaluated, and/or passed in at timely manner. Unfortunately citizens suffer when their elected officials shirk their duties. The president

submits the budgets. It is also not congress's job to rubber stamp the president's budget. States set their own budgets and may be subject a balanced budget state law.

Also, the 2013 government 'shutdown' funded 83% of government while only 17% was affected. It was the executive branch who decided that workers would be furloughed and parks closed.

I love a constitutional form of government, not the government. Swearing in ceremonies require each elected official to vow to uphold the constitution. It's the constitution that protects

us from government by limiting their powers. Without the constitution, there would be no United States.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 08:56 AM
3. How do you love America when you work to destroy its land?

Conservatives do not have our own supply of air and water. It is in our best interests to not have them polluted.

There needs to be a balance between natural resource use and public lands. The Bureau of Land Management is supposed to oversee that. Obama's been in charge for the last seven years.

I've been to many national parks. Those should be preserved. I was actually concerned when you inferred there was drilling and mining in them. I have asked a friend big on environmental

concerns to get me more information about this.

I would agree that money buys political influence on all sides. 'For the love of money is the root of all evil'.

I am in favor of term limits. Two terms for president and representatives. One term for senators. I think too many politicians stay for the power. I think some politicians sell out to get

reelection money. Sometimes that sell out is to industry, sometimes to special interest groups. Public service should not be a lifelong career.

I believe elected officials would represent us better if they didn't have to worry about reelection. Also believe that after their term, elected officials and their immediate families

should be banned from lobbying.

4. 'How do you love America when you openly support 2 of America's biggest historical enemies & threaten to leave America when you don't get your way?'

It's desperate to lump conservatives in with nazi and white supremist groups. Conservatives absolutely distance themselves from actual hate groups. 80% of house republicans and 82%

of senate republicans voted for the 1964 civil rights act. It was George Wallace (D) governor of Alabama that swore he would stand in the school doorway to keep schools from integration.

Conservatives have moved way past that. We want people judged on the content of their character. You can't fix racism with more racism (affirmative action). Remember discrimination is

giving anyone an advantage based on race.

The Confederate flag is a redneck thing. I know. I'm from the south. It's a rebel, you can't tell me what to do, kind of thing. Kind of like the 'Don't Tread on Me' Gadsden flag from the

revolutionary war. It's about personal freedom and liberty.

To many, it's a reminder of slavery. However, there are no slaves or slave owners alive today. Personally I don't wave the confederate flag.

However, rednecks have been trending the last few years. Not the ones liberals love to point out as inbred, ignorant, banjo playing, and uneducated. Most are decent, hardworking, blue-

collar people that would go out of their way to help you or your family. These are not your great-grandfather's southerners. Actually, the Klan was big in the south when democrats were in


Since you you seem like the sensitive type, get to know today's redneck. They hate racists as much as you do.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 09:07 AM

originally posted by: enlightenedservant
I'm seriously curious to see how conservatives respond to this, because I'm convinced that most conservatives actually hate America.

1. How do you love America when you openly hate its other citizens?

Many conservatives openly hate African Americans, Hispanic Americans, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transsexual Americans, Muslim Americans, liberal & progressive Americans, American immigrants, American pacifists (anti-war activists), and atheist Americans.

Conservatives also seem to hate American workers who organize to get better workplace benefits (unions); Americans who love nature (environmentalists & “treehuggers”); Americans who receive government benefits; and American women who try to push for equal rights for all American women (women's rights activists). In other words, it seems that most conservatives hate all Americans who aren't conservatives.

2. How do you love America when you openly hate its government?

The conservative motto is “government isn't the solution to the problem, government is the problem”. So conservatives openly root for the US government to shutdown. Conservatives also routinely try to defund government agencies, and campaign on promises to get rid of government agencies. Of course, conservatives also don't seem to care about the Americans who are affected by those shutdowns, especially the American workers & their families who are affected by the furloughs. So how can you love America when you want to get rid of our government & system of laws?

3. How do you love America when you work to destroy its land?

I'm an environmentalist. I want limits on how much corporations can pollute America's waters, air, and land. Conservatives fight against this, appearing to want corporations to be able to pollute our waters, air, and land as much as they want. How is this love for our lands?

One of my side hobbies when traveling is to visit any national parks & other natural landmarks I can. I absolutely love America's landscape & parks & want them preserved so future generations can enjoy them too. Conservatives, on the other hand, constantly push to allow drilling & mining in these national parks. Do conservatives not know that drilling & strip-mining will completely destroy those American ecosystems? Or do they simply not care?

4. How do you love America when you openly support 2 of America's biggest historical enemies & threaten to leave America when you don't get your way?

There are many neo-Nazi groups and other white supremacist groups in America, like the Aryan Nation. Some of these groups openly display Nazi symbols and paraphernalia, and most openly hate the Americans I mentioned in #1 (along with American Jews and American communists & socialists). The website Stormfront is a good place to see what I'm talking about. So why don't conservatives speak out against or fight against these groups? I don't think it's a coincidence that members of these groups are right wing & tend to vote Republican or Libertarian.

Many conservatives even proudly wave the Confederate flag. The Confederate States of America was a hostile nation that waged war with the United States of America in a war that left 600,000 Americans dead. Yet conservatives openly display the Confederate flag as a rallying symbol. Conservatives also regularly threaten to secede from America when things don't go their way. How is that supposed to be patriotism or loyalty to America?

NOTE: I'll admit from the start that I might ignore responses if they don't address the 4 points I've outlined. Changing the subject won't invalidate the points I've made. And pointing out that “blah blah also does blah” doesn't nullify the fact that I'm asking conservatives about conservative behavior. I seriously want to know why so many conservatives act uber-patriotic but seem to hate our land, laws, and citizens? And why conservatives say they're patriots but have no problem with other conservatives waving the Confederate & Nazi flags?

The trouble with all of the above points is that they are not true--not true at all. Disagreement of how and why things are done is not "hate."

Conservatives do not "hate" the government (When is the government considered America anyway? It's not America--it's a collection of public servants we hire.) We want it to be a limited government that is limited to the Constitution with limited ability to screw with people. Liberals also object to many things government does, so you can't even say that mistrust of government is strictly a conservative thing.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 01:42 PM
a reply to: enlightenedservant

Where do you come up with this crap?

Oh...Media Matters is probably a driving force.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 02:14 PM
In all fairness it's bad to paint any side of the political spectrum with such a wide brush. Are there some far right conservatives that feel the ways expressed in your OP? Sure but they are in the vocal moniority.

If we're going to get along we need to stop demonizing each other, looking for the differences and start to look for things that can bring us together.

It seems that the media and TPTB like this "us versus them" thing we have going on. I say f*** em and let's all find a way to work together and get along to find good solutions to the problems that we haved instead of working aginst any and all that disagree. There are good ideas in every part of the political spectrum but as long as we wear our partisan blinders we'll never be open to see anything good that doesn't come from "our side"

a reply to: enlightenedservant

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 02:31 PM
"Do most American Conservatives actually hate America? I'm convinced they do."

Hmmm, how about...Do most people actually hate the idea of America? I'm convinced they do.

This goofiness of labeling others as conservative or liberal is F' all stupid.

If for only the need to think they belong to something and to feel others share the values.

Labels are dumb, period.

People can believe what they want and practice it in their end of the planet, i.e your life.
The moment a persons beliefs effect others, its stupid.

Practice what you want in your life and leave others to practice what they want, without others telling them what to do.

And America?
That's funny.

It exists as an idea and made up lines on a map.
Its different things to different people, I don't think anyone "hates" it.

Whatever label you wanna wear, what prevents anyone from going out and making a difference by helping others?
These labels are only there so people can sit on the sidelines rooting for some imaginary part of the gov. to make differences for them.

Your labels don't make anyone better than anyone else.
They are there to divide people.

These stupid threads, they lead nowhere and change NOTHING.
Why not discuss how people can make things better for everyone, that would actually make a difference.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 02:43 PM
That's a pretty good post. Most conservatives that I know personally...friends, associates and family fall into that category.

It's simple truth.

They hate environmentalists and anything that has to do with stopping pollution of any kind, yet they go camping and fishing and hunting more than any other group I know. Where's the sense in that?

They support the confederacy for some reason...perhaps we should let the southern states leave the union if they really want to that badly. They don't seem to understand that by waving the confederate flag they're being divisive, not just in wanting to leave the USA, but also loving the good ole days of slavery. Pretty sick.

They do hate homosexuals and Transgendered people and anyone that's hispanic and they do hate feminists.

They don't seem to mind that we live in a surveilance state and don't mind that we waste billions of dollars in the military and they push for war always, but don't ever seem to realize that it takes a toll on the actual soldiers over there.

They hate ObamaCare and any welfare, but don't mind welfare to corporations for some reason. Do they realize how much money our government gives to oil and coal companies every year? Yet quite a few of them get some kind of government hand out themselves. LOL They don't realize that?

That's most conservatives that I know. True post and thread. Star and a flag.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 05:08 PM
a reply to: enlightenedservant

1. How do you love America when you openly hate its other citizens?

You are painting all conservatives with one broad brush, and you seem to claim that all, or a majoritry of conservatives "are Nazis" or "white supremacists"... And simply this is not true. First of all, today's Nazis not only are racists, but they are very ignorant of history. The Nazis were LEFTWINGERS... They were National SOCIALIST... The word Nazi comes from the abbreviation of the two German words for National Socialist.

To claim that a person is a Nazi and a conservative is an oxymoron. They are two very different things. We are talking about what conservatism means in America. It's the same type of oxymoron as a "libertarian-anarchist". An anarchist doesn't believe in any form of government, while a libertarian does believe there has to be some order and a government.

The majority of conservatives ARE NOT NAZIS... Whoever told you this is lying. Nazis are a small section of the population, and you can find Nazis in many nations. There are Nazis/white supremacists in Europe, in nations in Africa, in Australia, in Canada, etc. Are you claiming that because you can find "white supremacists/Nazis" in other nations then the majority of conservatives in those nations are Nazis too and hate everyone else?...

BTW, do you even know that there are conservative Americans who are in those categories you claim conservatives hate?... in case you didn't know there are women, African-Americans, Chinese-Americans(among other Asians), Cuban-Americans (among other Hispanics) and other Americans who fall in many of those categories you claim a majority of conservatives hate, who are "conservatives" or even Republicans. oO

I am a Cuban-American, and I consider myself a conservative and a Republican. At least what a Republican used to mean, not what corruption in politics has turned Republicans into now.

2. How do you love America when you openly hate its government?

That's another misconception you have. Conservatives ARE NOT ANARCHISTS... Conservatives do believe in government, but a SMALL or LIMITED GOVERNMENT... Conservatives don't believe in a nanny state, or in a big government. Big governments over spend and are unnecessary. There seems to be a belief among many in government positions that they have a right to know everything and to get involved in every aspect of people's lives, and conservatives and Republicans among many others do not like this.

3. How do you love America when you work to destroy its land?

Sorry but you are wrong. Conservatives do not believe in "destroying it's land". Conservatives believe that we must be self sufficient. We have natural resources and whether you like it or not, in order to survive we do need natural resources. Do we need to take care of the environment? Sure, but the call of "for the betterment of the environment and Earth" a lot of leftwing ideas and policies being implemented or that the left want to implement, really has NOTHING to do with the "environment and the good of Earth", but rather on "CONTROLLING PEOPLE", and forcing people to accept the ideology of the left.

Not to mention the fact that did you miss the mass protest of 400,000 "People’s Climate March" in New York City, Sunday, September. 21, 2014 in which they left the streets littered with trash?... Isn't that hypocrisy? Out of the 400,000 people who went to that event, no one helped clean up the trash that the protesters brought, but they want everyone else "to clean their act"?...

The majority of conservatives do not go around the streets, or to the outdoors/nature throwing trash everywhere... There is a small section of people who do that, and what the 400,000 People’s Climate March" in New York City taught us is that those who call themselves "environmentalists" are as guilty of doing that. In fact, those people are even more guilty because they want the world to "clean their act" but these people can't keep the streets where they went to protest free of the trash these people threw?...

How do these people plan to "clean the Earth" when they can't keep clean the streets where they went to protest?

4. How do you love America when you openly support 2 of America's biggest historical enemies & threaten to leave America when you don't get your way?

Again, conservatives ARE NOT NAZIS OR WHITE SUPREMACISTS... That is a small group of people, and just because NAZIS might vote Republican or conservative it doesn't mean that Republican and conservatives are all NAZIS or WHITE SUPREMACISTS... Those NAZIS vote for what they see as the "lesser evil".

As a personal point, to tell you the truth, I never even thought twice before about people in other parties. You know, if people want to be liberal, Democrat or whatever, so be it. It's your life, and it's your decision.

I wouldn't call it hatred, but I started disliking leftists when i heard, and read even in these forums their responses to my comments of what life is really like in countries like Cuba. Whenever I tried to describe what my life was like in Cuba, or what my family who is still there are going through, most of what I get from a majority of leftists is disbelief. I have been called a liar, that I must be a rich government kook being paid to say these things, etc, etc...

That's when i started "disliking" leftists. Not hatred. I don't really hate leftists, but I dislike them.

I have seen leftists treat in the same manner, and even worse ANYONE who tries to tell them their real life experiences under socialism and communism. That's why people like me dislike leftists. I know that not all people who fall in the left of politics are like that, but what I have seen in responses even in these forum, many, many are just like that. They seem to think they know how everyone should live, and they think they know everything that happens under the sun, and in the eyes of a majority of leftwingers, their policies can do no wrong... Yet they are ignoring their own history.

edit on 6-4-2015 by ElectricUniverse because: add and correct comment.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 07:34 PM
a reply to: amazing

Most conservatives you know? I am sorry but I call bull on your post.

If you know them as well as you claim then you are entirely too close to these goofballs you call conservatives.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 08:03 PM
a reply to: amazing

Because you know conservatives who are like that does not mean all or a majority of conservatives are like that.

You will find among conservatives many who believe in taking care of the environment without taking it to the extreme that many in the left want.

The majority of conservatives do not "hate" gay/bisexual/transgender people. Rather the majority of conservatives believe that marriage is a sacred union between husband and wife, man and woman. It has been like that for millenia.

As for "not minding the surveillance state"... A nanny state does that, not a conservative state...

And your claim that conservatives don't mind bailouts to corporations, again you are wrong. Not to mention that Obama and his administration not only continued but they increased the bailouts to corporations.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 08:08 PM
a reply to: Quadrivium

There are many people who don't understand what being conservative means. Not all conservatives believe exactly the same things, but in the following link you can find differences between Conservative vs Liberal beliefs.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 10:31 PM
Conservatives hate the modern world, including modern day America. They also hate anyone who doesn't dissavow modern America like they do, and of course anyone liberal, atheist, non-traditional etc, so they hate of lot of people in this country.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 11:57 PM
I love America but I hate the people who are trying to destroy it with policy and greed.

posted on Apr, 7 2015 @ 04:01 AM
You say conservatives hate minorities,people on the dole and environmentalists.To paint with such wide brush strokes shows your prejudice and ignorance. I have both conservative and liberal views because i don`t pigeon hole myself into 1 side or the other,i use common sense and think for myself.You are obviously a fanatic who couldn`t have a reasonable give and take with anyone of opposing thoughts and values because you`re close minded and can`t see things from others perspectives.
I have conservative leanings towards families,society and love of country. I think there should be a safety net for people in need.I also think it should come with drug testing,job training and placement, and for a limited time.Too many people abuse the system and that has to stop.Secondly illegal immigrants should not get a dime of public assistance,period.The American people need to come first, they pay there whole lives into social security for there retirement not for illegals who are here in violation of the law and who have never paid a dime into it. No other country in the world puts non citizen law breakers ahead of there own when it comes to being taken care of.(With perhaps the exception of England) To put your own countrymen first is racist according to the illegals protesting,with no fear of arrest i might add thanks to our current president. But then why is it not racist in the countries they came from but it is here? Simple. They`ve been taught that by screaming racism they`ll get what they want because our chicken # politicians are afraid of there own shadows and will sell out the people they represent if they feel it might affect the gravy train they`re riding.
Personally i don`t think that by demanding people own there own actions and take responsibility for the way the people carry themselves in their own communities is racist. We`re not children we`re adults, we should behave as such.
I have seen racism though and it`s ugly. Reading all the tweets that Clarence Thomas gets from liberals is appalling,and for that matter any other black in the public eye that espouses conservative values. I wont even repeat what i seen them called by the left but suffix it to say these are some ugly hateful people.
Environmentally i love the outdoors and am sickened by all the clear cutting and environmental damage that has been committed. I feel big oil has screwed the planet and if it wasn`t for their interference alternative energy would have happened along time ago.

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