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My take on everything

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posted on Dec, 20 2004 @ 12:57 AM
I wasn't sure where to post a matter of fact I haven't been on this website in a few years and it definitely has changed since my last visit. I just need to vent some things that have been on my mind as of late and was hoping I could get some useful feedback in a place hopefully filled with like-minded people.

1.) The "powers that be" still can't truly be identified. The majority of the population believes in the democratic process...but any person of logic can see that something is wrong when a man like George W. Bush becomes the leader of the most powerful force on the Earth, that is, besides the Earth of course.

2.) Amongst all the conspiracies that exist, there is still no concrete proof of anything relating to these groups. Everywhere you go you'll find someone with a new theory about how the world works but in the end all you have is theories. This can closely be linked to religion too, because in the grand scheme of things religion makes a mockery of itself. Not necessarily because religion is a laughable matter(wait...yea it is), but because human nature has taken something that began with pure intentions and turned it into greed, corruption, and ignorance. Also, how can one person truly believe something without proof while 7 billion of his or her human counterparts each have their own set of beliefs that they are sure are right?

3.) Now, if you realize that anything can be anything, what is left to do other than enjoy the time you have been blessed with? If this is the case why does my life still seem hollow? I know that nothing modern society provides can bring me peace of mind, so why bother worrying about the state of it? Why bother worrying about something that you're not even sure exists? Why bother trying to prove something that no man has been able to do in recorded history? It seems like an awful waste of precious time to me.

I don't know how I went from conspiracy theories to religion...but I'm sure this is all common. I'm at an infinite-way intersection and blindly choosing a path doesn't seem too prudent. And there I go again worrying about the future when all that matters is coping with the present. Is it possible that mankind has brought about its own demise with its lust for advancement and easy living? How could things have gone this far without people acknowledging the steady decline of integrity?

Also, what are you going to do when the pending apocalypse finally arrives? I choose bong rips

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