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Johns Hopkins University facing massive lawsuit - illegal STD experiments

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posted on Apr, 2 2015 @ 04:41 PM

Nearly 800 former research subjects infected with sexually transmitted diseases in Guatemala are seeking justice–but Hopkins says it is not to blame.

Guatemalan research subjects in the 1940s and ’50s poked and prodded as human guinea pigs of the U.S. government and infected with syphilis and other STDs without their knowledge

They kept a lid on it, making sure that nobody knew about it, and they actively deceived these people. There was no consent obtained for and from anybody

It has been well established by a Presidential Commission that this unconscionable research was funded and executed by the United States Government. The President, U.S. Secretary of State and U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services have apologized to the Guatemalan government and to all affected.

The experiment came to light in 2012, prompting President Obama to apologize for the research. Johns Hopkins University says it did not initiate, pay for, or conduct the experiment.

The suit also names the Rockefeller Foundation and New York pharmaceutical company Bristol Meyers Squibb in the lawsuit.

Source here, just Google the story for more sources

So basically we have proof of illegal STD experimentation being done on Guatemalan citizens; prison inmates, soldiers, etc etc. Hundreds of people were purposefully infected with deadly diseases without their knowledge or consent. Nobody is denying it happened. However, there's some argument about whether the responsible party was the U.S. Government, Johns Hopkins University, or both.
We all know this sort of thing goes on in the world; it's just a matter of who gets caught. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

posted on Apr, 2 2015 @ 05:06 PM
Nothing will happen...This is just another example of " regulatory and law enforcement capture " Evil people run everything that is critical to achieving their goals... has been that way since the early 1900' some areas of the country even earlier...To me some our problems in this way could be solved by passing some very simple laws:

1) Limit ALL governemnt roles in all branches of government to a certain amount of time ( 2 terms, 2-4years per term or whatever )

2) Cap all of these positions salaries to somethin under 100K a year. You're here to help this country succeed, Not profit or get rich. This will also get rid of greedy/power hungry people from running as there will be no incentive for them.

3) Disallow certain people from taking political positions. A person who is a board member of a giant corp or any of his connected family members should be disallowed from taking political positions of power. I think this is no brainer.

4) Outlaw lobbying from any group to political parties..period. i don't care what the cause is. Greed corrupts people. We do not need millionare businessmen running any of the countries affairs, directly or indirectly. It helps them, not any of us.

5) Institute yearly reviews for EVERY government position including the president. I have to perform at a certain level to keep my job every year. I do not see why the most important positions in our governemnt should be any different. if wrong doing is found, there needs to be jail time and/or simple execution for treason if found guilty

6) No payments from the tax base should be given to any politician after they " retire ". Not only have they not earned it, but just like everyone elsem their future is THEIR responsibility, not the citizens of the US.

7) No governemnt bail outs to any industry, no matter what. if you have a crappy business model and that puts your business in jeopardy, thats your problem. It needs to fail because its likely you'll do the same exact same thing down the road. LET EM FAIL !!!

Sure all of these points need some fine tuning but I ythink these ideas being implemented as law would go a long way of dismantling this insane evil we allow to run our everyday lives...and avoid evil acts like the OP describes. ..A bit off topic but somewhat related

a reply to: trollz

posted on Apr, 2 2015 @ 05:11 PM
Am I right in thinking a similar experiment took place IN the usa? think it was during the 40/50s
I might be wrong but I feel sure I read about it on ats! A whole black community infected with syphilis and denied medical help.

posted on Apr, 2 2015 @ 06:14 PM
It was an experiment in the south with blacks and syphilis.

But basically it sounds to me like the plaintiffs have figured out that they are not going to win against the US Gov which is really who should be making restitution and they don't think the doctors have enough dough, so they're making a play against Johns Hopkins who was only tangentially related to the whole thing as I understand it from your article.

Basically the doctors served on an NIH board while this experiment was put together and the NIH carried it out.

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