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The Church and the NWO

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posted on Dec, 19 2004 @ 10:04 PM
As a devout Christian, and not the "stereotype", i have recently come accross what I am finding common. I joined a prayer group, called a men's morning prayer group. I am the youngest, at mid 30's . Although I attended regularly, it seems I never fit in, and subsiquently left. I have strong views on issues, and stand firm on them. Here's the point. Churches are becoming corporations. Recently I found out the people in this "group" were actually involved with "incorporating" the church. Since my ":views" didn't "match", and that i used to be Jewish, this group did what they could to "unwelcome" me. I refered to them as the "Majestic12"
. There happened to be 12 in this group ....
This is commonplace now in the church, and Theological reserach is quite interesting.

posted on Dec, 20 2004 @ 12:50 PM
Sorry if I offend anyone, but this is my opinion....

The church should NEVER, and I repeat NEVER have any involvement in the
political process. You are looking at a non tangible thing (unless anyone can prove otherwise) being allowed to twist our ideals. Why do I say this?
You mentioned "corporations", and you are right on the ball. It's these "corporations" that have pulled enough money together to push their opinions on others.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing your individual religious beliefs, but when you cross the line by pushing your religious beliefs in politics, that's where the problems begin.

There are too many belief systems to appease everyone, and in most cases as you see nowadays "religious corporations" (as I call them) breed religious fanaticism driving politics which makes enemies of any religious minority. This is wrong!

I am sure you came into that picture with nothing but good intentions, but look at what happens when money and greed is used to drive religious ideals. It becomes something that is evil and twisted. Religion IS an industry these days, especially christianity. I won't get into the others....

What ever happened to separation of church and state?

I am an atheist, as a result of the very situation you mentioned. During my upbringing I was exposed to many aspects of christianity (in my case) that made me uncomfortable to the point where there was no way I would believe in it or be a part of it. If you have no right to get respect for your religious opinions, then what good is it? You are bound to respect the opinions that you can't even trace the origin of. LOL No way, not me.

True Story: My Aunt being a single mom was told she couldn't baptize her son because she was a single mother!" Where is the humanity in that??????

In growing up I have realized that "god" doesn't give a crap whether I get thrown out of my house for not paying my mortgage, and "god" doesn't make me wake up in the morning to go to work. I do all of this, therefore, I believe in no other than myself. I face the consequences of my actions, good or bad, and "god" has nothing to do with it. Why would I then go and push religious ideals in politics. Makes no sense to me.

I wondered if it made me bad to be an atheist, and then I realized that I am a good person regardless. I don't need religion to "guide" me. I'm doing fine on my own!

Additionally when I help another person ( which i do frequently), I do it because I feel it in my heart to do it, not becasue of any religious ideals.

I believe in fairness and equality to all. What do you see now? Oh and what is the cause?

The very thing you mentioned. Religions gone fanaticism grown into "corporations" funding their twisted ideals.

I am glad you see the light. Pursue what you believe in on your own time, and on your own. Your opinions shape who you are. I respect that. But whenever you encounter groups of people with "interests that ban all "opinions", then I guess it's safe to say there will be some intention of pushing ideals and that's when the trouble begins, and is why we have the problems we have now everywhere.

And this is just half the battle........

posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 08:03 AM
Thanks Critical_mass. I am glad you see the point!!! The fact IS my old Church IS NOW A corporation!!! Scary. I also agree politics has NO place in the church, and of course being of Jewish decent, and living in Israel before, was quite offended to hear the pastor speaking about the conflict.
My views that "offended" were puely "Theocratic", meaning in regards to Biblical issues. Part of my views from a Christian point were in the effect that man views himself as too important, and unless "man" says it or does it, it cannot be. I Think relgious people put God in a little box, and try to "humanize" Him. Now as preachy as this sounds, it has a point. Man, feeling superior to all, based on interpratation, preaches that way, and thus is able to manipulate fellow man more by clever ruses like "I'm a prophet" or "I have powers". Now I firmly believe this is possible, but God also says not to be boastful. Televangelists who use thier own names for their ministries are obviously working as a business, and I know first hand in particular one "Pastor" who unloaded several dozen boxes of collection tubs of his Gulfstream aircraft...

I believe the Church is a place to glorify God, and have some one on one time, as well as hang with people who believe that too. Politics have NO place in the church. I am sorry your upbringing turned you away from God, but it is an all to common story these days.
Many peple are easily mislead to get the cheap high of instant gratification that false, unlabored faith accompanied by "a small love offereing of only 200.00 to our ministry" provides, and this is why the NWO and anti-Christ will have no problem sliding to the front of the line.

The problem with the Church today is too much religion and not enough God.


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