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U.K zero hours work contracts 2% BS, employment agencys, self employment, agency workers rights.

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posted on Apr, 2 2015 @ 12:53 AM

originally posted by: periloustimes
a reply to: marc72

Ii worked for the same company year in year out for 8 on and off years . I practically ran the bloomin place , supervisor,fork truck driver,operator,stores,security etc etc etc etc what did I get for all the hard work and dedication ? , take an extra week off for your holiday as work is running out . more like they wanted overtime for the full timers . so I told them to shove it and remove me from the books , I refuse to return to agency work.

No matter who says I have too. I now look after my kids and we are no worse off as my wife works. Stuff them
Look up apprentice jobs on the gov.UK website . apprentice cleaner !! £80 a week 40 hours .... Do the math that's slave labour. This whole planets gonna implode soon and I can't fall any lower I'll just laugh my ass of at all the dipsticks flying past from there pedestal...

One of the rules Cameron brought in was for the police for the first time since before the war and in fact for the POLICE for the first time on mainland Britain to use lethal force against rioters, he has taken a leaf out of the oppression of the masses from elsewhere and ordered these police to use hollow tipped rounds to protect property with the argument the hollow tip dumb dumb will not go through them and kill the person behind them as it will explode and be rendered harmless after it pulverises the targets internal organs, so if someone throws a brick at a government building they can then be shot dead, it has not happened yet but the threat is there, we all know the London riots got well and truly out of hand and a lot of innocent people were mugged by scum bag gang bangers but this was not for them, it was to protect the Tory offices against angry student's and other very correct minded and outraged people.

When the system is corrupt as it is and the government is an enemy of the people what other choice remains' but to go on a protest, rioting can then happen spontaneously and this lead's to severe sanctions such as armed police killing demonstrators.

In Britain this just did not happen but Cameron and co are so removed from normal, ordinary British people that this is acceptable to them as after all why should they have to pay taxes or decent wages in the economy they have raped for there own financial benefit.

Remember the sell off's of our state owned industries, today we have to use water filters just to get a safe clean cup of water, transport is much more expensive and rural community's are cut off as they are no longer financially viable for a private bus service, we used to have 4 company's all state owned that could dig up the road and disrupt traffic, now we have over a thousand and rising who can simply arrive put up diversion sign's and dig up that road that was resurfaced two weeks ago by another company.
The sell off of the state owned oil field's in the north sea has left us at the mercy of profiteering oil company's.

Remember the traditional tory spiel, It will be better in private hand's.

Were is my clean water, why am I late for work, why is my petrol the most expensive in western Europe, why is my utility bill rising ahead of inflation every year to the point you nearly need a second job just to pay that, why have we got people so poor they are having to beg for out of date cans of food at the local food bank.

Oh yeah sure it is a better country under the torys but only for the 0.1 percent who own the assets they sold themselves while swindling the state.

Then we have to hear the argument "But they let me buy my house", eh you already owned it and had no worry about a mortgage, the rent you paid below mortgage levels went into the public purse and back into public services, you got a free new boiler ever 5 years, a new front door and all your maintenance was paid for and on time, the paths outside your home were swept at least twice a fortnight by street cleaners, the flag stone and lampposts were maintained, the grass was cut on time in your local fields and parks, your kids had well maintained safe play area's then along came the privatisation and the devolution.

Why is devolution bad, it is not but when you have councils in charge of there own funding they then have councillors living like bankers and council executives taking weekend tax payer funded breaks to spars in London such as with west Lancashire council, with no oversight and state auditing they get away with robbing there tax payers left right and centre and of course no councillor wants it to go back to when they were treated as they are as elected state employee's do they..

So new labour was a sham that hijacked and stole the labour movement but the Tory's are the Devil itself and the liberals are still the Tory's lapdog.

I so know where you are coming from and have suffered worse, it is humiliating and so enraging that I feel like wrapping my hands, which I used to throw pallets around a warehouse with before going into security and now being faced with people robbing out of sheer desperation to feed there family's (though I have since left that through ill health and ran afoul of there inhumane and vile new system), around Mr Osborns' scrawny evil little pencil neck and ringing it as well as Cameron "I care about the vulnerable and the disabled so let me close remploy and force them back into the slave market" and LDS with his lies but that would not gain us anything (except short term satisfaction just like there policy's do them) as they are mere puppets and no matter how bad and detached callously evil and false they really are they take there orders from the CBI and the CBI takes it's orders from a group of ultra wealthy international interests some of which are not even based in our country and like any corporation there interests are definitely not in our nations' long term interest but are only there own short term rapid financial gain at the expense of our nation's long term stability and common sense management.

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posted on Apr, 3 2015 @ 10:12 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

Before you think I am totally off my rocker think about it,

The tory's unloaded the council (social labour government built) housing and turned those neighbourhoods into sudden home owner's, sounds nice but weight for it.
The price of that property went up but so did the cost of living, retirement became a very expensive proposition, elderly health care and death tax all took there bite.

Now we have the old day's of land lords and it is hard to buy property, Camerons offer of new houses will only benefit an extreme minority who are already on good pay or opportunist who see a method of saving money they already have and buying a new house.

So our formerly state own housing is now spinning money for the private sector (read the banks and new landlords) rather than paying for our public services and housing our people.

Even then before Thatcher you could still buy your house though you had to live in it for a while first, you had Barret and Whimpy as well as several other large private house builders who made private housing development's at then reasonable prices such as £20.000 for a three bedroom in the north of England before Thatcher sold them off.

Those who bought there council house though where actually hoodwinked as now they face having to sell it to pay for health care in old age and other rising costs that would never have materialized had the majority remained in public hand's.

Britain was never communist and despite the slanderous Tory lies and self serving EVIL attitude free enterprise was always welcome, indeed large employers could look forward to sizable government subsidies and subsidises energy bill's under the old and very functional system that really worked rather well, that is before the Tory's of the 80s and early 90's gutted the British industry and left our country divided between the have not's and the have's while New Labour acted as nothing but an insult to True labour even taking REAL LABOUR to court to close that branch of the labour party down and keep the electorate hood winked while a bunch of hooray Harry's ran both party's for there own vested interests, yes I am talking about Mr Blair who wife got away with property fraud and co.

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