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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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posted on Dec, 25 2004 @ 06:50 PM

If something destroys mankind in that 200k years it's mankind itself.

I thought the same myself. Take a read at this... This also

These aren’t the articles that suggest 200,000 years until oceans start to evaporate, however, they are found on the same site.

It takes about billion years from sun to "cook" earth which happens much before it engulfs inner solar system.

Most studies suggest that it will only take a few million years after a certain point for the Earth to die.

Some of my more reliable astronomy books suggest that they may be as small as 10Km in diameter... Other, also reliable sources on the internet suggest some are ~the size of Earth...

Anyway, take a look at these ones...

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posted on Dec, 25 2004 @ 08:02 PM
^ Mighty interesting articles there.

1. What is the origin of Space?
Personally, I ebleive God created everything in existence.

3. Are different Stars comparable, or are they different like the planets in our solar system?
Probably more different the people on this planet.

4. Do we know of other planets orbiting around other stars?
Most likely.

5. What could have caused the big bang?
Maybe that's the way God created things.

8. Why were different religions revealed at different times?
To answer the questions that plague us all.

9. If there are Aliens, UFO's etc., then where did they come from?
Experiments, Government projects etc.

10. What is the temperature in Space (say, very far way from the Sun, or in-between Solar systems)
NO idea.

11. How likely is it that Solar systems could collide?
Very slim chance. Space is too huge.

13. What is the purpose of it all?
To enjoy life to it's highest potential, try to bring happiness to people other than yourself, and to serve Jesus Christ. In my opinion.

posted on Dec, 26 2004 @ 09:37 PM
I have read that the Universe is expanding.

Is that to say that is stretching outwards in all directions, or is it regenerating as it is expanding? Is there new matter spontaneously getting introduced into the Universe (eg. new Suns, Planets etc.)

Is there are central core from which it is expanding and also emanating, or is it expanding from different places?

So then, matter is increasing, as is space?

How can we explain energy spontaneously coming out of nowhere?

What is radioactivity? Why is some matter radioactive, and some not? Or is all matter radioactive to varying degrees?

posted on Dec, 26 2004 @ 11:38 PM
aSEEKER - two words, "Big Bang".

Everything you just said is why so many people believe in the big bang theory. and yes, the universe is expanding, most planets and stars were made very early on in "the bang".

posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 09:59 PM
How about just one word:

"Abracadabra" ?

posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 11:08 PM

Originally posted by Murcielago
aSEEKER - two words, "Big Bang".

Two words: Black Hole.

Thinking fractally, look at an active black hole. You will observe two polar jets expanding out from an actively fusing event horizon at close to the speed of light. Place yourself in one of the expanding jets. Now look in any direction. Everything is moving away from you and from everything else.

If the central mass concentration is large enough, your jet will bend around and reenter the accretion disk. If not, you will expand out into infinity.

Our visible Universe could be a very small portion of a very large polar jet: in other words, The Big Spray.

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