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Main Stream Media yet again makes a mockery of ET-search... FOX Video

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posted on Apr, 1 2015 @ 02:49 PM

originally posted by: Blaine91555
You guys are aware what "Red Eye" is, right?

It's a late night, tongue in cheek show that was started by Gutfeld a well known satirist/humorist. He left the show, but it's content is still the same.

It is not a news show or even a serious show for that matter

Getting upset over a satirical / mocking show meant to be humor is pretty..................

Aside from that, the point is still valid. We've all seen how the media treats these sorts of topics.

posted on Apr, 1 2015 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: Answer

They do so because they have yet to see any real proof and you have to admit, this is a topic that attracts some people not of normal sensibilities.

In this case though, this is not a news program. It's just a group of Libertarians having a little fun for entertainment in the middle of the night.

Either way its irrelevant to ufology and the only thing that truly matters is the search for evidence. Getting upset at others for not believing is not helpful, nor particularly wise. Being upset that others don't blindly believe the same as believers do, without any proof to offer them is not reasonable.

It makes it worse getting upset at satirists for doing what satirists do for a living. But then satire is not for everyone and some don't seem to understand its humor and not meant to be taken seriously like it is in this case. It does not compute

posted on Apr, 1 2015 @ 05:08 PM
Well One Day. When Disclosure Finally Happen. When First Contact Happens...Then we will have the glorious pleasure of seeing the smirking reporters come on our screens in a state of distress, fear and jaw dropping and eating humble pie. Putting aside whether or not Contact is peaceful or not, just seeing them having to swallow the fact that we are NOT alone and that the fact is as solid as the sun rising and setting. THAT will make me laugh so hard. And I can say to the tv screen I told you so! And as an added bonus I can say to those who I have tried to broach the subject with ie work colleagues etc, that I am quite sane after all!!! What a wonderful day that will be!!!

Of course if the contact is hostile, I of course will be finding shelter in the underground train stations like everyone else, but at least I will know that one of the Greatest Questions facing Humanity had finally been answered.

Personally I think we have already started the journey to First Contact already with a reboot of the Cosmic Journey Project 2.0 (See Timothy Good's works for this reference) I point to the recent announcements about Mars for a start and all the planets found thus far. I think the real big ground breaker will be the launch of the James Web Telescope and a few upcoming SETI related telescope projects in the next few years. It should become rather exciting then.

I just hope Humanity does not blow itself up with nukes in the meantime. With Cold War 2.0 going crazy just now it is a worrying time for us all. But that is for another thread elsewhere! We are so close. It would be a shame to never know at the last moment because of the outbreak of WW3

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