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"evil is only an illusion, there is only love"

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posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 08:05 AM
So I've been marinating on this for a while.. and I would highly appreciate some of your perspectives on the nature of evil, how we can combat it, and ultimately how to retain our good nature while we combat it.

I recently had a daughter, matter fact she's three and a half weeks now. I left the street life behind and got sober, now my goal is to get "spiritual" or on the right path in life you could say. But I have seen too much and know firsthand what evil humans are capable of. My upbringing was violent and I have seen people's dark side, it has in a way become a part of me. I am not a hateful person, in fact I believe I have a very strong heart and will go out of my way to help people in need. But the part of me that is fully aware of the evil coexisting with us on this plane of existence almost puts me in a vengeful, hateful state of mind.. and to be honest that is beginning to worry me.

I brought my daughter, the most beautiful being I have laid eyes on into this world full of scum#s and it terrifies me. My girlfriend thinks I'm overly paranoid and focus too much on the negative- while I think she is naive and buys into the "all is well, evil is just illusion" ideology. Which I think is irresponsible and dangerous way of thinking- give me a #ing break. but, at the same time I do not want to be consumed by hatred towards hatred and evil itself, and become bitter and unable to enjoy the good things in life- which through all the chaos and stupidity that goes on here I know there are still good things to enjoy on this earth.

Evil, in whatever form, relentlessly perpetuates pain and suffering onto the innocent and vulnerable. so isnt it our moral duty to actively combat it, or take the new ager route of basically doing nothing and "living in love and forgiveness"? Should we utilize our own hateful and destructive power against evil, or try to remain in a state of complete positivity and detachment from anger? I may be over thinking this but I'd love to hear ATS's thoughts or methods how to combat evil, on a spiritual, mental or physical level and to take it further- how to protect one's self from psychic attacks.

I'm amazed at how many new agers seem to think we can just "manifest heaven on earth" when there is so much hell actively #ing # up all around us, with no sign of stopping. Evil seems to be winning this world.

Or am I just being negative?

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 08:19 AM

I'm amazed at how many new agers seem to think we can just "manifest heaven on earth" when there is so much hell actively #ing # up all around us, with no sign of stopping. Evil seems to be winning this world. Or am I just being negative?
a reply to: isthisreaI

I'm sorry that you're experiencing such things, but unfortunately you can't change people and their actions, you can only change you. Prepare yourself for negative events and possibilities but change the way you pay attention to things. There will always be negativity but it doesn't have to consume so much of your awareness. Stop reading papers and watching the news for a while, as they are harbingers of negativity. You have a new child, look for goodness and love and you will continually move towards those states of being while losing a lot of your old habit of digesting bad news. You'll realize that the world is our gift to appreciate and prosper, regardless of how other people are trying to live their lives. Just try, you'll see. LOVE to You and your Baby.

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posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 08:20 AM
a reply to: isthisreaI

First off, it's good to be negative. It prepares you for the worst, is arguably a realistic way of looking at the world.

I often think of similar subjects and dwell on moral philosophies for long periods.

When a human is behaving in an evil way what are that person's motivations? Are they being evil as a means to an end? Or are they being evil because they get a kick out of it?

I think both motivations take us down different paths - but I don't know if the paths end up in the same destination.

The evil act as a means to an end. The human could be blinded somewhat by the need to reach the end of what they are trying to achieve. Be it gain something material or better some situation in their or somebody else's life. This doesn't mean evil is justified but it suggests the human may be being evil because of an outside force to want something. So is the human evil or is the need to want producing evilness? If the need 'to want' comes from society then the evil seed is being planted by society. Ultimately though the human is responsible for their behvaiour/means to reach the end IF they are sane.

The evil act as a joyful thing. Without knowing the meaning of life and purpose of humans it's a tough angle to discuss but... If being evil seems wrong, then the evil act is wrong. But a sane human would not purposely want to do something which is wrong. Which suggests the evil doer who is evil for fun is mentally ill. There is something not quite right in their brain/whatever influences their behaviour.

I've mentioned this in previous threads and won't link to them here but check my thread history for a bit about what I think on evil acts and mental illness.

As for combating evil...

We should all do more. But some people's version of evil is different from other people's - so how do we effectively combat it? Like Obama is combating evil in the Middle East? Or how the Middle East is combating evil here in the west? That's a balance where IMO both sides are wrong. But it's a balance.... so maybe there always has to be a balance?

Good thread. Peace.

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posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 08:23 AM

Or am I just being negative?

You're not being negative at all. I too have seen the bad parts of people and just stand in awe of folks who go around with the "it won't happen to me" attitude. They believe since they've never been mugged, beat, raped etc, it never will happen. They see the world not as it is, but how they want it to be. They have a very dangerous sense of security.

Treat your daughter with the love and respect she needs....but protect her like a mother grizzly, teach her how bad the world can be and that not everyone is a good guy.

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posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 08:26 AM
a reply to: isthisreaI

Actually...your knowledge of evil can be a positive thing in this life...particularly for your daughter. You have the are a good person and as she grows up you can let her know what the world is really like and how to look out for herself and protect herself...with you as her teacher...she won't be naive and gullible.

Unfortunately....evil is all around us...with a lot of good mixed in too. I was raised very sheltered and not taught about the ways of the world...and as a result when I left home...I was in for a shock...and I had to learn about how the world really was very hard and very painful. The people who raised me did not do me any favors by teaching me only about the good in the world...I needed to know about the evil order to avoid it. can be a great teacher for your child...and all you have been through can be a learning tool for her.

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posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 08:35 AM
a reply to: isthisreaI

Wow! You have taken what must have been a wretched lifestyle and stood tall, dusted yourself off, and life beginning anew!
That you love so deeply, the precious life you brought into a chaotic world , tells me you will do all you can to protect your daughter from as many evils that this life sends your way.

There must be evil, for without it, how would we have definition of good?

Understanding that most people are inherently good, decent and moral people, yes, you will always have evil. But getting yourself right in spirit will help you be more alert to the evildoers.

Be proud in your accomplishment, love your baby with purity of heart, and enjoy the blessings you have.

My very best wishes to you both.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 08:44 AM
Another popular new-age concept is that there's really no evil (or good)...that it's simply "information". New-age goofiness at its finest. I know a girl who is basically a wonderful person, but she follows the new age trends like a model follows the latest fashions. She recently told someone that good and evil "don't really exist, that everything is just 'information', and it's the way we respond to it that matters."

I heard an interview recently on C2C radio with a new-age guru who said the same thing. He very condescendingly told George Noory that 'once you stop living in fear, you'll see that it's all just information'. As I listened to the guy, I realized he was parroting the film The Matrix. He was paraphrasing the dialogue, but absolutely using it.
Yes, this appears to be a popular fad with the new agers. Funnier still, is that they think it's somehow incredibly profound. It's the Russell Brand school of enlightenment.

No good or evil. It's all just information. What the hell does that even mean?

Regarding metaphysics, the simplest=the most profound, imho:

Love your neighbor.

You reap what you sow.

Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.

Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 08:49 AM
a reply to: isthisreaI

I think of good and evil as being like light and darkness. In a dark room, you can ADD light and the darkness vanishes. In a lighted room, you can ADD all the darkness you want, but it will still be light.

Is there darkness in the world? You bet! As much or even more than there is light. But light is so much more powerful than darkness, it has the ability to overwhelm even the darkest areas...

Now, what is my "job" as regards the darkness (evil) in the world? As donktheclown said above, I can only control me. So, my job is to do my best to spread as much light as I can. If I can influence, motivate or impress others in some way, that's great. But really, my focus should be on myself and my circle.

There's no way I'll ever light all the dark corners of the world, but there are a couple of bible verses that apply (IMO) and I take them literally. "The kingdom of god is within you". That keeps me focused on me and the people I love, instead of looking outside of myself for what I need or what I need to fix. The other one is "God is love". That reminds me that god isn't something that's only available to some, or a man in the sky, or something that judges. God is love. The most powerful force in the universe. And it's available to me in unlimited quantity and has unlimited power.

Just FYI, I'm an atheist, meaning that I don't believe in religion's views of what "god" is. I don't believe in "God". I believe in Love (light, good).

Anyway, that's how I keep from getting terribly depressed and suicidal about the evil (or darkness) in the world. If I didn't feel like I really know what Love is, I would be overwhelmed.

Congratulations on your 3-week-old expression of perfect Love. She'll have a lot to teach you, I'm sure.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 08:53 AM
a reply to: isthisreaI

There is evil and it must be recognized. It cannot be completely destroyed because it is integral to the existence of good.

The really unfortunate thing is that much evil has been perpetrated in the name of goodness, this is the greatest threat of all in my opinion.

Balance is critical to avoiding self delusion.

Congratulations on your baby girl!

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 08:55 AM
a reply to: isthisreaI

BTW, I can empathize totally with your attitude towards your daughter. I sometimes babysit my sister's grandchildren (they're toddlers, 2-3 years old) and I'm insanely over-protective.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 09:20 AM
If the killer clowns don't get her fukushima surely will. Just sayin.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 09:30 AM
Just remember you are her teacher yet you're the worlds student. Learn from the evil you've seen and done and create your families future knowing what you don't want out of life. You have many nights ahead of you to sit back and plan your days. Don't let the dark sides of your mind take you over and don't think you can't make a difference. Maybe not a difference to the world but you'll surely make a difference in your daughter. She will judge the world by watching you. She can base what she will think evil is by you're actions more than you're words. Enjoy being a parent and the mental challenge it presents. Peace.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 09:50 AM
a reply to: isthisreaI

Human evil is formidable but far outbalanced by love. That equation will always be heavily tipped in that way. It always has been.

There are existential threats though.

The worst threat is neither evil or immoral but it is very dangerous. It is the amoral value system of profit machines. Profit machines are actively imprinting their values on humans and having much success, especially in the US but elsewhere as well. Humans are commodities in this model and it will lead to immense death and suffering. Extermination of the world as we know it is a certainty if this evolution is allowed to run it's natural course. It's only a matter of time.

It's not too late for the world to stop it this progression, but it is probably too late for the US.

US corporations that prospered by supporting the Nazis before, during and after WW2.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 10:02 AM
a reply to: isthisreaI

Good for you that you started a family just remember how horrible you had as a kid and don't pass this on to your own child. You asked a very complex series of questions:

Evil, in whatever form, relentlessly perpetuates pain and suffering onto the innocent and vulnerable. so isnt it our moral duty to actively combat it, or take the new ager route of basically doing nothing and "living in love and forgiveness"? Should we utilize our own hateful and destructive power against evil, or try to remain in a state of complete positivity and detachment from anger? I may be over thinking this but I'd love to hear ATS's thoughts or methods how to combat evil, on a spiritual, mental or physical level and to take it further- how to protect one's self from psychic attacks.

There is a big difference between evil and just ole plain "mean people". Being mean does not mean that person is necessarily evil. Far too long people have confused the two and have even tried to tie the two together by calling it "mean spirited" but it goes far beyond being "mean spirited." There are different types of people out here.....example..... many of the elderly are known to be short tempered and mean because they either hate their life, lost their partner and are alone, or have been living in pain (sickness or disability) for years and all of these issues will make one to become bitter and even mean BUT evil is something else.......pure supernatural. It comes from a non human source. Meet someone mean and then meet someone possessed with an evil spirit and you will see the difference.

IMO the reason this subject matter is not closely analyzed by the medical world is because most scientist refuse to believe in spirits. Since they can not touch, see, communicate with it they agree this does not exist; which makes most doctors either atheist or agnostic as their monster ego grows while repairing and saving human lives. One of the main reasons why so many mental facilities are packed full of medicated people with no sight of healing anywhere in their future.

How can you protect yourself against evil? I have not seen one reply as of yet... Yes you can protect yourself against some evil but not all. It will depend on your faith and what you believe in for protection. There are various amulets and charms made for protection, blessed objects, blessed salt, blessed water, blessed oils, etc... Key of Solomon inspired later works, particularly the 17th-century grimoire list certain symbology....myself I follow the teachings of the bible and it works for me.
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posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 10:06 AM
a reply to: ColeYounger

The new age concept of "evil is just an illusion" is irresponsible and frankly speaking, Retarded. I would of love to have been a caller that night. I would love to of pulled his skirt up and exposed him. I do believe evil can be in one of its many aspects be viewed as information, but to make it the sole premise could actually be taken offensive to some people. I wonder what he thinks of one of the most evil humans in history Adolf Hitler. Does the "guru? regard him as the Dean Of Evilogy? The Jewish holocaust to me is one of many references through out Human existence of pure evil. I wonder if the "guru" has ever known a survivor of the holocaust or even studied the atrocities inflicted by the Nazi's to millions of people. Evil does exist. Its as real as the sun rising and setting. It exist's in many different forms and in my opinion many different levels. There is true power in understanding balances within ourselves, nature, the spirit, etc. So we can learn to grow and understand how to combat and create something positive from a negative. Good Post!

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 10:23 AM
a reply to: InverseLookingGlass

Saw the coolest poster representing this... It was a skeleton dressed up in a black suit pointing at you (just like the old Uncle Sam Military posters) In The background was a world that was torn apart, very hellish in appearance. A world that I can best describe as ravished by Industry and war. The skeleton's quote In big letters said " I WANT YOU- CONSUME, CONSUMERS!! THEN GO BACK TO SLEEP!! This is the direction "they" want us to go. We have to remember tho, we all can make a choice to walk a different path. It's your choice. So if we fail as a species we are to blame as a whole. If we succeed we can rise to the height of our halo as one.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 11:40 AM
Thank you for sharing a part of your internal views, and congratulations on the angel you brought into our world

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 12:41 PM
a reply to: isthisreaI
Congrats on getting straight! My daughter has a similar story to yours in terms of having a kid and how it helped her get much more responsible.

I agree with you that evil is not an illusion in the terms many people like to write it off.

We all exist in a vast field of relationships, utterly dependent on our external environment for our very survival. And yet we live on the basis that somehow we are independent entities - separate from everything and everyone.

One can notice by sitting quietly that we constantly generate a sense of separation, that seems within the body-mind. This activity is fear-based and its result is an illusion in the sense that it makes us feel we are actually separate from this whole field of relatedness we exist in. It keeps us from participating fully, from feeling the sheer energy of existence itself to its fullest, from really embracing life positively and wholly.

Such separation from our actual real condition of relatedness is "sin" or missing the mark - in other words, it is false and also is the root cause for the activity that can become truly evil.

When we really consistently feel into our actual situation of relatedness here, we are infilled with a felt morality that comes from realizing we are not truly separate from everything and everyone.

You are describing something like this when you behold your daughter - she delights your heart-feeling, you recognize something about not being separate from her in this heart-feeling of love. This feeling is the basis for true morality, and is far more effective than just trying to be "good", etc.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 12:49 PM
a reply to: isthisreaI

Congrats on the baby girl. I'm envious.

There is evil in this world. That is without hope of contradiction. It's nature? Selfishness. Evil wants what it wants, regardless of consequence to others, or even self, I suppose.

That's how I define its nature.

Yet for all the evil in the world? There is also good. Take a look at your baby girl, my friend. It doesn't get much better than that. Your girlfriend seem like a good person, too.

You're paranoid. Yes, you are. But that doesn't make you wrong. You can't let it color your life negatively. Your baby girl deserves better than that.

The fact that you worry about these things is a sign that, to me anyway, you're going to be a great Daddy. Not just a father, but a Daddy. There's a quantifiable difference, to me.

Good luck, friend.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 01:15 PM
I am, and forever will be, the voice of dissent. How droll.

Is evil an illusion? Maybe, maybe not. However, a better question is how we define the word. What is evil?

Many of you all will, of course, roll your eyes and think "What a delusional child. Evil is self evident, and apparent on its face. All you need to do is live in this world long enough and you'll be able to recognize it, you dunce."

This is not true, not in the slightest. It's an unfortunate reality, but I assure you that it's true. Again, I ask of you, what is evil? Is it the horrendous acts that we would never dream of enacting on another human being? Is it an errant scowl? Is it an institution that systematically disenfranchises a certain race, gender, or socioeconomic class? Go deeper. Is evil the intent, the immediate action, or the far reaching consequence of a decision. Is evil the unmistakable and inescapable predetermination set by an omnipotent god or natural physics? What is evil?

Surely, you'll think: "We told you, evil is simply evil. It is that which we find repugnant, unintelligible, and profane!" And to that I will say: "Are you sure?"
I ask you, are you sure of your definition of evil.

What is repugnant, what is profane, what is illegal is not true in all regions or geopolitical structures. You see, what is illegal in one jurisdiction may be perfectly acceptable and widely practiced in another. Of course, again, your brain seeks to narrow the definition of evil further. We mean things like "murder, rape, and theft."

Why are those things evil? Is it due to the inherent imposition of dominion of ones will on another that robs another of essential "fundamental and inalienable" rights. Is that Evil? Or, alternatively, have we simply formed a social contract in order to create a great beast known as a government/institution to deem it illegal an repugnant. Is this evil simply what we agree to be unacceptable in our particular society and way of life. It cannot be. Why is murder horrible? Because a life is lost? Why not an institution that jails a particular race. Why not a government that oppresses it people? Why not rampant consumerism and corporatism that we all participate in that brainwashes us and exploits slave labor. Why is evil not the systematic ingestion toxicity in food (sugars, fat, unpronounceable chemicals). Exploitation, sloth, greed, and an amassing of wealth are virtues in our society. Why not sin and evil? Because it's not something that our social contract deemed to be evil. It is not what our leviathan has deemed to be inappropriate and worth of destruction.

So, what is inherently evil? It would seem that nothing is the answer. Yet, again we look at the easy answer of murder. Yet, somehow war and certain violent acts are somehow actionable under "certain circumstances". Loopholes within loopholes create logical inconsistencies that allow for actions to be perceived as "good" when they would be "evil" if enacted by any other party other than the won who executed the procedure. Who is surviving, who is looting? Who is pious, and who is an extremist? It's all about the region, the system, and the god you live within and or under.

But again, back to murder. Why is murder "evil"? It's the easiest example, right? I mean, even theft is easy to dismantle at the end of the day. A person steals from another person incable of protecting their own goods. I guess animals are theives once they steal the lives of other fauna and flora for nutrition. Of course, we provide an exception to call this the cycle of life and the "natural order". Well, so is theft, of life, liberty, and property. It's the natural order. A stronger, smarter, more confident being takes what it needs to survive. This is the natural order. Yet we think ourselves to be something more, something greater than aggregates of consequences reaching back to the origin of the universe. We think ourselves free of particles bouncing off one another on a micro scale to result in macro consequences down the line billions of years later. We think ourselves that large and that important. Even the religious are nonseisical in their logic. Free from the all knowing eye of an omnipotent god. What madness is this. Is your god locked in time with you? Isn't it beyond space and time. Can it not see all eventualities. Aren't all things known. Somehow, in spite of science and religion, we think ourselves free agents. Foolishness I say. But, again, back to murder. Why why why? Why? Why is it evil? It hinders the establishment of a safe and productive society? Let's go deeper.

Murder and theft can be defined as anti progress, with this I will agree. I believe in the forward moving of progress and the increasing of comfort and information dissemination through society at large. However, those who will agree with me and define murder as anti progress will be the same Religious extremists (or maybe pious
) that deny progress at every route. The same anti vaccers, the same climate deniers, the same people who would hold back genetic fixes that eliminate disease. They would be the same people who denied antibiotics or the even washing oneself of dirt and grime. These will be the same people who will deny the ultimate truths of transhumanism and the battle to eliminate death. So, should I call them, those who would halt progress, evil murders. Or, should I define them as pious, sensible people who don't want technology or medicine to run amok?

Or...better yet...should I call the inaction evil? The ones who complain about evil, remove themselves from the equation that provides a solution, and ultimately provide no value except for creating more cynical unproductive adults to this "struggling" world. Ha, they could be the most evil of them all. At least everyone else is doing something, even at the risk of being "evil". Sitting back when one could do good is supposedly one of the greatest evils of them all, and passing on such passive traditions to one's child could be the worst sin imaginable.

What you see as evil, another can see as good. What you see as good, another sees as evil. What you see as virtuous, another sees as repugnant.

It's complicated. Extremely complicated yet, possibly, infinitely simple. The christian right is no more evil than isis. The axis powers are no more evil than the allied powers. Modern America is no less evil than Modern Russia. You are no more evil than I.

My advice: Follow your institution's social agreement, or discard it to create a new paradigm. Don't be a part of the "problem" by removing yourself while acting from "I'm taking care of my own" lens. That exacerbates any "problem" that you may see. That, in my opinion, is evil and selfish. If you think that you have no obligation to /not/ sit back and criticize, then don't broadcast your inaction. But at the end of the day, evil simply is. Evil is what you do not agree with.

Evil is...not an illusion. Evil is subjective. Evil is omnipresent. Evil is.

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