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Calling all defenders of US policy and doctrine, hawks, shills, honest right wingers

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posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 10:56 AM
a reply to: johnwick

Strategy is great....If there is anyone left to implement it. I found something interesting from South koreas defense industry.

South koreas robot sentries

Now Give that a water cooled/nitrogen cooled barrel and watch the bodies stack up like cordwood. Barrels have come a long way since Korea. All these people who try mass attacks of infantry will be committing suicide these days. That robot gun is not the only game in town though. I am sure there are chain guns, the land based version of CIWS and alot of other defensive weapons. Fuel air bombs will be used on massive troops columns. MOABs too. the kill count possible for a invasion force into the south makes the military planners and troops cringe.

Military electronic hardware, save for acceptable commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, area built to specific interface standards like MIL-STD-464 (Electromagnetic Effects Requirements for Systems), MIL-STD-461 (Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of Subsystems and Equipment), and MIL-STD-2169 (Classified) (High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Environment).However, the ugly truth about high altitude EMP is that no amount of shielding, save being buried deep under hundreds of feet of rock or dirt, is really adequate to protect sensitive microelectronics. By their nature, the electronics are delicate and sensitive to small levels of excess voltage, and it is nearly impossible to make a practicable sensor, communication system, or avionics control that has to interface with the outside world and yet is adequately isolated against large pulses.

And depending on altitude and power there might be No Military disruption to high power ones to some disruption. I see where you think that they are just radiation hardened but they are EMP resistent too. There is a bright side to this. the requirements rule out most countries from delivering a EMP strike. Russia,Iran and china.Thats if they get off a missile with no warning too. There is a simple way to limit damage too. shut down all power grids temporarily across the target zone if we have a launch detected. Yeah you still get some failures but alot less than would had been.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 11:12 AM

originally posted by: AdamuBureido

originally posted by: yuppa
a reply to: AdamuBureido

See my post count son? Over 2000 post. I have dyslexia too and can read things backwards still to this day at times. I need to go back and re read the TnCs apparently ya right on that part. SO many rules its hard to remember them all at times.

As for the Topic I have commented on this subject many times in many threads. ALL NATIONS are WARMONGERS from time to time. Its not a specific ethnicity. Just look at the middle east itself without Russia,chinese,or US influence. They been warring since forever.

And thank you for Acknowledging my title. Im sure it was meant as a honorific right?

ALL NATIONS are NOT WARMONGERS, all those wars throughout history were planned, prepared, instigated and carried out by a minority not the common people. societies like sparta, assyria, the aztecs, the hittites, etc; that are completely devoted to war and conquest and condition their subjects from cradle to grave for war are not the rule.
usa being the current WARMONGERING MACHINE...

given that cavtrooper7 is only 5 years older than me, i figure I'm dry behind the ears.

i should point out that patronizing people is offensive, and one of the major gripes the world has against us.
but you'll learn that eventually, once you've got some more experience under your belt.

everybody does it is not an excuse made by adults.

you should look up Karma and WATS by the way,
has to do with quality vs quantity

You got two more watts than me whoop de do. You started the patronization first i returned the favor my friend. Anyway moving on. You do realize i said ALL NATIONS "AT TIMES" ARE WARMONGERS. Usually that means NOT ALL THE TIME right?

You specifically said ANGLOS Are WARMONGERS,when ALL NATIONS AND ETHNICITIES have been such at times. Now these days not many nations raise their children to be fighters. I sure wasnt SO by your definition Most Anglos are not WARMONGERS. You contradicted yourself with the current post i am quoting here.

I use CAPS for EMPHASIS only dont take it as anything else BTW.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 12:05 PM

originally posted by: johnwick

originally posted by: khnum
a reply to: cavtrooper7

Neither you nor anybody you ever served with was in the Korean war,Korea yes,the war no,I am just relating a story as told to me by a man that actually was there whatever glorious victories you had there were matched by some first class ass kickings along the way

Are effing kidding me?

no he isn't
self delusion takes many forms
such as americans believing they won in vietnam and korea
the really scary part was americans were starting to accept this
then came the grenada invasion and they suddenly went back to thinking they were unbeatable
acting as if they'd defeated a giant when all they'd done was crush an ant, with a sledgehammer.

i've long resigned myself to this mentality, the real horror is that when defeat does come, many brains will shut down permanently; unable to accept the reality.

many chanting USA!,USA will still be in full denial while a russian or chinese boot is stomping their faces into the ground
all this tribalistic chest beating will just wind up making monkeys out of most.

i'll point out that NOBODY has refuted, disproved, or debunked the scenario i posted.

brute force doesn't win wars, just ask Goliath, or the Persians at Thermopylae, or the very 300 themselves
whose big mistake was telling Ephialtes that he wasn't good enough... but he sure showed them.
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posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 12:37 PM
a reply to: WineAndCheese9

Speaking on behalf of the US government.

We're not pushing anyone around. If any country feels threatened or intimidated.

They need to look at themselves in the mirror.

Yes, the United States has every intention of taking over this world, but in doing so - is making every effort to understand and - shall we say - assimilate every culture and respect the culture as much as humanly possible as we do so. I don't think we've made any hint of hiding our goals, ambitions, and desires.

As the second poster put - the New World Order is our order.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 01:31 PM
a reply to: universalbri

Somehow I doubt very much that you're speaking on behalf of Congress.

Unnecessarily enforcing cultural changes could be construed as genocide.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 06:35 PM
a reply to: universalbri

The problem is, that is exactly Putin's stated goal as well. Google "Russia & Third Rome."

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 06:50 PM
a reply to: DJW001

The US term is full spectrum dominance- total control of every battlefield space and it has trillions of dollars of toys for this end,the problem is and Russia had had it too is that some folks with ak47's and rpg's in old Toyotas beg to differ.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 06:58 PM
a reply to: universalbri

I dont think the world is ready to be taken over, united or even changed very much. I have said it before....If we could build a greater civilization and leave behind this era of absurdity and mental diarrhea I would enslave us all and break all our backs if we had a real chance at becoming Titans. What the US and our allies do isnt that, though that may be what is necessary. The thing is these are not the generations of man to become more so as to avoid that and this is not the world to try that in. They would just destroy all that was built out of spite and ignorance. It has happened before. Then we spend another couple thousand years learning to make aspirin and rediscovering how to get water to our crops.

We really are surrounded by idiots and even conquest of them is not appealing.

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posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 02:09 PM
a reply to: AdamuBureido

WE own conventional war ENTIRELY.
We haven't fought freely since WWII ALWAYS with restraint and limted
Incompetant leaders lost the wars by surrendering due to politics.

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 02:15 PM
a reply to: cavtrooper7

WE own conventional war ENTIRELY.

Yep, because unconventional is where he have problems.

We haven't fought freely since WWII ALWAYS with restraint and limted forces..

And that's what makes others think we are weak.

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 02:16 PM
NOW as to WHERE and WHY we fight .
I vehemently disagree with Veitnam( Let the French fix THEIR OWN garbage)
Grenada( Nice try Cuba,Ha FRIGGIN HA)
Panama (I still wonder what that damn spook pulled there)
Desert Storm( The oil was threatened so if we did''t set him up we would have had to EXTRACT them out of Saudi,WE SHOULD have taken him out THEN like the prisoners asked us to,they kept asking me when we would be to Bagdad to save their famlies)
The rest I haven't agreed with.
NONE of these were ever authorized bt ME I only fought in D.Storm.
THAT is what I had inside that I was very good at doing. I was reaised with firearms and I wanted the experice of battle.
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posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 02:20 PM
a reply to: tsurfer2000h

WE have learned,all you have to do is IGNORE collatterals,by using AUTOMATED systems so you can cover up the results easier.
TROOPS will not indescriminantly just KILL kids and women unless they have guns.

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 02:27 PM

originally posted by: cavtrooper7
TROOPS will not indescriminantly just KILL kids and women unless they have guns.

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 02:32 PM
a reply to: cavtrooper7

WE have learned,all you have to do is IGNORE collatterals,by using AUTOMATED systems so you can cover up the results easier.

I can't argue with that...

TROOPS will not indescriminantly just KILL kids and women unless they have guns.

Again you are correct, as we have tried to weed them out during boot camp but there are a few that slip through the cracks.

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 02:53 PM
a reply to: JohnnyCanuck

Unless they are broken .

No way.
In war zone the kids RUN to US troops EVERYWHERE and ALWAYS .
THE US troops would save them ALL if we could.
If I ran in into situations like that SEAL Luttrel did however ,THAT old man and those kids would have been EXPENDABLE to me if I couldn't detain them.
MY mission would have been to cover the advance of a primary force not popping an asset.
LIVES depend on reconaissance.
I have no doubt would have SHOT myself latter for it too.

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 03:11 PM

originally posted by: cavtrooper7
a reply to: JohnnyCanuck
Unless they are broken. No way.

People break in war...need I point out the PTSD numbers in Vets? Not slagging the Armed Forces here, just being realistic.

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 03:44 PM
a reply to: JohnnyCanuck

Pretty RARE in our forces.

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 04:04 PM
a reply to: VigiliaProcuratio

Yes, I do believe a nation of people's right to their own culture is guaranteed in some human rights convention.

It is another reason why millions of folk around the world hate free trade and especially anything American - because those things represent the assault upon and abuse of their own culture.

Enforced multiculturalism may actually equate to genocide.

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 04:16 PM
a reply to: Babushka

THEN don't BUY any.
Don't go to the movies and DONT get blue jeans,Coke or what ever.

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