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How can 99% get more powerful

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posted on Mar, 28 2015 @ 07:55 AM
Honestly, the smartest thing the general population could do is cease reproducing by choice if your combined income is below 100k.

Every time the poverty level pop breeds is another bonus for the 1% and the governments.
If people were to stop thinking that they deserve a child even if that child's chance at a good life is either already terrible or decreasing at a rapid rate, we could take control back over the choices made for us and stop the growing oppression of the average person.

... Because "You" are the 'other Me' let Me make sure what the 'other Me' meant... Could You have meant something like "If the parent(s) are getting some sort of 'public assistance' and their own Life is one of struggle and 'needs' not being met, why would they bring another into the same situation?

You/Me have to admit that Your opening salvo came across like a 'fart in Church'

It 'may' have improved Your point if You elaborated that the Corrections Industry is a $3B/yr. industry and most of those who were incarcerated during the "Crack War" (a skirmish of the bigger, more expensive "Drug War") are just now getting released from Prison after doing their 20-25 year sentences, so these folks will have to be replaced to make the license plates and to stitch the chic "Prison Denims". You could've mentioned that 95% of the folks that are currently incarcerated are there on a "Plea Deal"

posted on Mar, 28 2015 @ 05:07 PM
Firstly, boy do I love these responses. They really illustrate the ignorance and selfishness of humankind and prove AS I SAID - that this is an unpopular and impossible choice due to people simply being stubborn, irresponsible and unable to see beyond their personal wants.

1. Nobody wants to fight and do what has to be done to re-take power for the lower classes.
I get that. You don't want to die/suffer. You don't want your friends and family to suffer and die. Neither do I.

2. The vast majority of people think they are making a difference by "liking" a post and then bow down to the system in place and return to their viewing pleasures. We're not making a difference people. We're making it worse.

3.This is an alternative solution where people can passively eradicate the controls of the system in power. Also, this would vastly improve the world, pretty much eliminate hunger issues, end slavery and oppression of the 3rd world poor and many other natural planet-aiding benefits.

4. It would only take about 20 years(40 for optimal change) and no one would die from it. That's 2 generations.

5. To those who somehow think that we don't have a CHRONIC overpopulation issue, I guide you here:
Go ahead take a look. And take another look next week. For me, we've gone up 4 million in like 5 days. We've gone up 3 BILLION people since like, 1974. 40 years=3 billion more humans.
Yeah - we're sustaining for now, but just barely. Do some research regarding our vanishing resources. Take note of all the infrastructure issues and sprawl. More and more are being sent to prison for less and less. Entire countries supplicated by the poverty level workers in sweatshop conditions. Starvation continues to be a horrific problem. Basically, almost all of humanity's problems are due to our insane population growth and every generation has it tougher and less of a chance of a good life. We don't have a choice anymore. Population growth needs to be curbed no matter if we use it to our advantage or not.

@Cygnis: I appreciate your feedback on the cut/paste and will avoid that in the future.
It would solve everything by the PtB just not having the expendable ones(us) exist to manipulate and control. I'm not just considering the problems in the U.S., but worldwide where "lower class" people are ALL living lives of misery and passing that down to their children. It's not ridiculous to do this from an economic point of view because
A. There's still plenty of couples(or single people) from all diverse backgrounds who make a combined 100k. Many U.S. farmers clear this amount annually.
B. The responsibility will fall on them to make this a better place for generations to come. Their children have a much greater chance at having a good education, better living circumstances and a good life in general.

@DeadSeraph: What part of my original statement I had to say said for anyone to commit suicide or abortion?? I'm not talking genocide here, man. I'm talking sensible population reform through CHOICE. Your inability to read or think will prevent me from lashing out at you further for your comment.

@enlightenedservant: Really? I'm what's wrong with the world huh?
I see people abusing their children. Raising them in poverty laden areas. Children having little choice but criminal paths. Entire populations being used as factory fodder. Starvation, poor education, healthcare, human trading and slave markets, giant increases in depression and poor mental health, staggering destruction of forests and land, more animals treated cruelly and butchered for food, people with educations being unable to get decent jobs and being poorly compensated for life, ever-growing prices and taxes controlling our lives and making it impossible to get ahead much less do well, people killing each other over religion, land and oil.

There is so much more I could say to you, but it doesn't even matter. I'm clearly the problem in this world.

@Jimnasium:I definitely appreciate your information on the corrections industry. People won't get it until someone they love ends up there one day.

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posted on Mar, 29 2015 @ 05:13 AM

originally posted by: gottaknow

@enlightenedservant: Really? I'm what's wrong with the world huh?
I see people abusing their children. Raising them in poverty laden areas. Children having little choice but criminal paths. Entire populations being used as factory fodder. Starvation, poor education, healthcare, human trading and slave markets, giant increases in depression and poor mental health, staggering destruction of forests and land, more animals treated cruelly and butchered for food, people with educations being unable to get decent jobs and being poorly compensated for life, ever-growing prices and taxes controlling our lives and making it impossible to get ahead much less do well, people killing each other over religion, land and oil.

There is so much more I could say to you, but it doesn't even matter. I'm clearly the problem in this world.

1. Upper & middle class people can abuse their kids as well. And just because someone's poor, that doesn't mean they abuse their kids.

2. "Poverty laden areas". Once again, your idea that money is so important is saddening. Just because someone doesn't have certain material goods or an infrastructure that you agree with, doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to breed. By the logic of "poverty laden areas", humankind never should have been allowed to live this long. Since most villages, communities, and "civilizations" through our history haven't had basic things like sewage, electricity, scientifically proven medicines, and non-poverty laden infrastructures.

3. "Little choice but criminal paths" is a flat out lie and stereotype. I'm not sure how many shantytowns, projects, slums, or trailer parks you've been to, but people there are simply people. Just as there are criminals & noncriminals in non-poverty laden areas. Or are white-collar crimes and war crimes the result of being in poverty as well?

4. "Entire populations being used as factory fodder." Isn't that the fault of their businessmen, politicians, and other power brokers? If so, that means their wealthy & powerful are the cause of that, not the poor. Also, the alternative would be to share all of the resources of that region, so there wouldn't be any "entire populations being used as factory fodder". I actually agree with the sharing part (which is socialism, by the way).

5. "Starvation, poor education, healthcare, human trading and slave markets". Once again, who's to blame for that? These are problems caused by people who have an excess amount of things but not sharing it with the majority of people. The US produces between 300-320 MILLION TONS of corn a year. That's almost a ton of corn for every American woman, man, and child. So why is there starvation here? Because that food doesn't get shared with those who need it. And many of our nation's founding Fathers were wealthy slave owners. So why is that the poor's fault?

6. As for mental health issues. Isn't it good that health care has reached a point where more people are being diagnosed & treated for it? Or do you want things to go back to the days of eugenics, where socially unwanted people were sterilized or simply killed off? (And yes, they sterilized and discriminated against the mentally ill, too. Things are actually getting better in this area, not worse)

7. As for deforestation and animal cruelty. You're joking right? This is the 1st time in Western history that people have actually started to fight against deforestation, to fight for animal conservation, and to fight against animal cruelty. You should probably take a crash course in the number of animals humans have driven to extinction in just the last 100 years. It's only become an issue fairly recently because people have finally started to stand against it. Once again, that's called progress.

8. As far as economics (jobs, wages, social safety network). You see that there are economic imbalances & decided that people who can't make more than $100,000 a year should die off or be sterilized. Why not instead work to change the laws and economic conditions so that more people can live comfortably? More importantly, did you ever ask everyone if they wanted to live in your ideal vision? How do you know we're not happy making less money but getting to spend more time w/family & friends or out enjoying life?

9. As for people killing each other over religion, so what? Did you miss the last 3,000 years of human history? This isn't new at all. People will always kill other people, sometimes without any reason at all. So why do poor people need to be sterilized because of this?

If anything, I think your problem is that you focus too much on the negative side of life. And instead of trying to get up & oppose the injustices of the world, you chose the wretched path of weeding out everyone who you think is suffering. That's why I feel sad for you. Because you can see the problems but think its better to get rid of the victims instead of helping them.

posted on Mar, 29 2015 @ 07:30 AM
a reply to: enlightenedservant

1. Yes. Abuse is everywhere and takes many forms. Poverty is easily a catalyst for abuse.

2. Still not gettin' me. I'm not suggesting genocide, coercion, laws or regulations. I'm talking about personal choice.
A movement if you will. If you think babies are going to get the best care from the parent's fast food salary, you're wrong. Yes, poor people live nice lives too. Money isn't everything. And those of us without much, including myself, can find peace without it, because we pretty much have to. We just learn to eke by. I wouldn't want that for my children.

But what I'm proposing requires active choices for people to bow out from breeding and an economical standpoint makes the most sense. IQ is another possibility if an economical selection is so bad, but would require testing and all kinds of arguments would stem from that as well. Some level of high healthiness is another way to do this, but again problematic with testing and random genetic flaws. With a financially based selection, people know what they make and decide for themselves, realizing that they should probably skip having kids unless they can rest fairly certain of a bright future for them economically.

3. Poverty leads children into criminal paths all the time. By this I mean your children have a much greater chance to end up in jail if you live in that shantytown/trailer park. Not a straight up lie or stereotype. Most of the crimes they get charged with I wouldn't even think should be crimes. But the state sure does and keeps 'em in fee laden programs and jail because they are income and can't afford lawyers.

4 and 5: Yup. Sure is the fault of the wealthy. Sure will make 'em think twice when they don't have a large population of economically disadvantaged to take advantage of anymore and it's their own children in the production jobs. And it's a lot easier to feed less people so, bonus.

6 and 7: What you see as progress is only a bandaid for a giant gaping wound that's only festering more as we grow in number.

8. How's that working out? Are people living more comfortably? Last I knew, we were still mired in a depression where people have to have multiple jobs to support their families and an ever growing number of homeless. All the issues I see put forth in government are goals to help the upper middle class anyway. I'm asking you now. Do you want to live in poverty? Do you want your kids/grandkids to be disadvantaged even more than you? If not, choose to not breed.

9. Again, when you don't have an army filled with poverty level people that have little choice but to join or starve, how is that going to affect the PtB that are leading these battles? Yes, humanity will ALWAYS kill each other, but this changes up the game. Sterilization would be an option for people if they were concerned about accidental pregnancy and didn't wanna deal with the maintenance and hassle of regular birth control, but certainly not enforced in any way. Just make the choice to not bring new lives into disadvantaged situations. It's really simple.

The negative side of life is very large indeed. We've already surpassed the point of being able to right the wrongs and don't worry, I fully oppose the injustices or I wouldn't have written this.
What wretched path?
You don't have kids and have more money for yourselves? You lose your family surname? It's a sacrifice yes, but unless somebody makes a sacrifice soon, it will be made for us one way or the other. We have a population problem.
A very, very big one.
All this would be done so that the world benefits after 40 years. No forcing, just conscious, intelligent choice.

Don't feel sad for me. I'm proposing a very powerful solution to many of humanity's problems that doesn't require anyone to suffer and die. A solution that would rock the world of those in power and force new and kinder treatment as they suddenly don't have a vast expanse of poor people to exploit anymore.

You should take a closer look and you will feel sad for the world once you see just how bad things are.
This is one way that would save it painlessly but it will never happen because people are too selfish and stubborn.

posted on Mar, 29 2015 @ 07:43 AM
Actually, after some thought, I'm not sure sterilization WOULD be an option once the government and upper class got wind of what was happening.

I'm fairly sure we'd start seeing a lot of propaganda and manipulations put in place to breed more.

And after the first generation successfully brought down the population? They might start enforcing breeding.

posted on Mar, 29 2015 @ 12:23 PM
a reply to: gottaknow


Where to start... Ah, I know! Ok, first I'll say thanks. Your reply was well thought out & actually pretty civil. So I partially apologize for the pure disgust I had for your initial post. Partially. Though I think you should re-read your first post because it was indeed wretched. But I'll explain why in a second.

2nd, your entire argument seems to be based on money. That's where you keep messing up. You seem to assume that people care about money as much as you do. YOU are focused on wealth & poverty, and think a meaningful life can only be achieved with enough money. But don't project that onto others. As an example, I took a vow of poverty several years ago so I don't think your reply fits me. But everyone I personally know would rather be happy than wealthy and miserable. And guess what? Most things in life are cheap or free. A joke with a friend, a smile from a loved one, watching the next generation mimic your words & actions, etc.

And people are already doing what you said voluntarily. Do you have any idea how many people use contraceptives and get abortions? It's not a coincidence that so many "developed" countries have negative birth rates even though sex is promoted everywhere. Especially once you subtract the birthrates of their recent immigrants & poor. And China's had something like 400 million abortions and many millions more sterilizations since they implemented their "1 Child policy." Is that good enough for you?

Now here's why I say your first post is repulsive. Everything you're proposing was proposed 100 years ago in a program called Eugenics. That and a concept called Social Darwinism. I beg you to go read on them. America used eugenics programs to justify sterilizing the poor, handicapped, and mentally disabled, as well as on black people. Most European nations used it as well, especially in their colonies. That's why people only talk about the Holocaust with Hitler and nothing else. Because then you'd learn that they also killed almost 2 million Roma/Romani, and millions of Slavic people, interracial people, mentally handicapped people, and physically handicapped people. Then they implemented "the Hunger Plan" to starve out millions more in Eastern Europe, so the German people could have more living space (they called this "Lebensraum").

Now, I'm not saying you're a Nazi or that you want to force these atrocities onto the world again. But I really want you to think about what you're saying. Then take it a step further and ask yourself how could it realistically be implemented? People are already voluntarily using contraceptives, so if that's not enough, then what next? Tricking people into sterilizations or sneaking sterilization tonics into their water supply, like South Africa did to the black people during Apartheid? Do you see what I'm saying?

posted on Mar, 29 2015 @ 07:16 PM
I appreciate your replies as well. It's important to keep these discussions civil without blindly attacking others as some people do.

This is not an enforced program in any way. I'm familiar with eugenics and this is not. I've read my original statement and I'm still not sure how it comes across that way as I put "by choice" in bold.

The more I consider this, the more it HAS to be based on money. And I'll tell you why.

This is a movement with the sole intention to undermine the "elite" classes from exploiting the scores of us below them. Something that especially has to be done in 3rd world countries where they work 12 hours a day for $3. Or the ones that just starve en masse. But also everywhere to eliminate the ever increasing control that the higher classes have upon us. Along with the sole intention, it would benefit the world in all the other ways I've mentioned.

Using a financial basis is the ONLY way that allows the general population to make this change. If we went with IQ or another factor, do you think the upper class would care? They would still have plenty of poor to exploit, just a smarter or healthier stock to do it with. Sterilization and laws wouldn't come into it as It wouldn't/couldn't be enforced because it's the last thing they want us to do. It also could not be enforced because other countries would simply not get on board with it. It has to come from us below.

Not only that, but go ahead and TELL people they can't breed. What do you think happens next?

100k is a nice round number that could easily be used in the U.S. but obviously would have to be adjusted for other countries. Again, there are many diverse couples/singles that make that combined amount. An electrician/nurse combo might clear that easily and so would many other professions like farmers and contractors.
And I'm sorry, but money is the driving force of every aspect of our government and corporate culture. It's the only thing that hits them where it hurts.

Sure, we can have great fun on a tire swing and joke with our families in apartments we don't own, but we're running out of time where those good things are going to be overrun with increased oppression, stunted dreams due to financial strapping, passively enforced labor and large upswings in prisons that make profits off of us and our kids.

Yes, it's a sacrifice and a rather big one. Almost everybody wants a baby/family sooner or later to hand things down to and fulfill that goal. But, it's a sacrifice where no one gets killed and the further generations aren't suffering and struggling like they are now. Birth control and such are implemented and used as you say, but it's just not enough.

We've grown by nearly 20 million people since Jan. 1 of this year. (Give it a couple days and we'll hit that)

It's no joke. The resources are running out fast. The environment only suffers more as we grow and need more from it. If something isn't done soon, you'll see those eugenics being put in place again by the governments. They may well induce a new "hunger plan" or those water tonics eventually. There wouldn't be a 1 child law in China if people took it upon themselves to not reproduce in this way but be sure we'll see that in the future if we don't stop it now. More and more of our population are getting plucked into prisons for newfangled felonies. Our chances for a crippling global disease only skyrockets as our population grows exponentially.

Again, as I've mentioned since my initial post, it's completely unrealistic to think that people would do this due to our selfishness and irresponsibility. Many people share the ideal of a happy family unit. People have kids to lengthen relationships, derive support from their partner or the government, to fill a spot where they are loved and needed.
No one wants to sacrifice for the greater good in this way. Just consider the nations that are literally starving and still pop out babies. Teens/young people alone are irresponsible enough to mess up the entire goal. Because everyone wants to get what they want and the world will just have to deal with it. All it would take is one country's people, perhaps with a religious mindset for strength in numbers and boom - failed. And as soon as we started really making a difference, you'd see a big swing in the nation's governments to give reproductive incentives. Then you have people being offered money to have kids - boom, failed.
Australia already has them. They pay their people to have children. Pay for their schooling and have food programs for it.

It won't happen. It can't happen. But, it's the only thing that could solve the problems we see before us before those problems force it upon us in the forms of suffering and death.

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posted on Mar, 29 2015 @ 09:35 PM
Oh, and my bad that the words "by choice" are actually not in bold as they were in my original post that I cut and pasted here. They're still there, but not emboldened as I thought.
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posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 09:57 AM

originally posted by: gottaknow
Oh, and my bad that the words "by choice" are actually not in bold as they were in my original post that I cut and pasted here. They're still there, but not emboldened as I thought.

No worries w/the punctuation. I screw up on most of my posts & routinely have to edit them. Ok, back to the topic.

One thing I'm thinking is that you're basing the living conditions on what you know or have seen. To clarify, I'll give a real life example of some of my former co-workers from Somalia. Not from the Somalia you see on tv, but the real Somalia (I believe they were in "rural" areas, as well).

While it's true that many of the people there live on $2 or $3 a day, outsiders don't realize that the costs are that much lower as well. Most people don't have to make money because they grow or pick their own food, or trade their goods for other goods. And their clans own their much of their land & entire villages, so there's no property taxes, no income taxes (sustenance farmers), no utilities fees, etc. They get their water from nearby waterways or wells, so there's no fee there either. And they can go outside and see most of their family members & friends any time they want (except the ones who've traveled overseas). Of course Somalia also has capitalism & industrialization, especially in the major cities, but I think you're getting the point. As one lady told me, she was happy to come to America because of the higher wages ("I can get rich!") & the opportunities, but was shocked & depressed that you have to work all the time here just to survive. There's almost no time to enjoy life and everything's so expensive you can't save money.

Many "poor" places are like that. If you have $5,000 cash, you can live extremely well in most of Mexico. And it's a developed country! Of course I don't mean in the most expensive places. But many places in Southern & Central Mexico are $100-$200 a month for 2-4 bedroom homes (and that includes the other fees). In fact, most non-Westernized countries have incredibly low prices, similar to American prices in the early 1900s.

So what I'm saying is our real problem here is inflation and the cost of living. I'm not talking about the fake inflation stats govts use. I mean the real costs of living. Like a person making $8/hr here has to trade a few hours of work just to get enough money to buy some cheap shoes.

I guess my point is that the amount of money itself isn't the problem, it's the cost of goods & services. And not everybody who is poor is suffering or even cares about that stuff. Believe it not, but most people just want shelter, safety, food, a mate (or mates), some people they can relate to, friends and/or family, and entertainment. None of that stuff has to be expensive. I also believe everyone should be able to start a family if they want to. Indigenous people are "poor" by Western standards, but why should they refuse to have families? And a lot of people in the world are already voluntarily choosing not to get married or have children.

Also, the world has more than enough resources for all of its lifeforms. But our priorities are screwed up. We complain about droughts but spend billions on war machines instead of desalination plants. And there's a good ATS thread saying the UN found that it would take roughly $44billion a year to end hunger (right here). If we actually cared about ending world hunger, it could easily be solved today.

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 12:20 AM
I've been trying to find a good response for your recent post, but it just seems to be that you're, not necessarily supporting poverty and all that comes with it, but appear to be arguing that it's ok that 99% of us are under the thumbs of the upper classes' control. Just because people can sustain and enjoy life on less, does not make it ok that we're forced to live in those conditions while others bathe in golden tubs and fly in private jets as we produce for them. I'm not sure if you've seen the graphs that depict the vast difference of money between the haves, the have-nots and the really don't haves, but it's a serious concern that needs to be addressed.

In other words, your responses seem to be getting away from the solution that was asked for in the OP. I understand that the average person doesn't want a $45,000.00 bottle of champagne with dinner, but there are those that are buying them. Those people and our governments are controlling us and exploiting our classes for our entire lives. These people that live a simple life may well be content and even happier than the wealthy, but if they were given the choice to have more, they might well take it. And chances are, they have NO idea of how their lords and masters live. Allow me to illustrate:
To them (common folk as you describe), luxury is like a silly concept if they are familiar with it at all. It's just always been this way.

My only venture out of the U.S. has been to Jamaica once where I glimpsed acres and acres of rickety makeshift shantytowns. Those people survive the way they do and still find enjoyment in life yes, but does that make their oppression ok? They don't have a way out. They can't fathom a life that is different because that's all they have known. And apparently, it's even easier to breed when your neighbor's metal shack is merely feet away from yours.

The OP question was what can the 99% do to get more powerful? To me, the only answer that would achieve that in a way that does not involve murder is the proposal I have suggested. We have to make the sacrifices of the lowest 30 percent or so to take away their reigns and add power to those in the middle sectors. The best thing we can do is to cease reproduction at these poverty levels until the balance is closer.

A swift and brutal revolution would do the job as well as mentioned earlier and performed in France. But, because of France's example, we also know that the change is merely temporary (and rather short at that). Also, everyone suffers with something like that. So much loss and pain. That's why no one takes action for the most part today. It only leads to that.

While the planet may have(or have had in the past) enough resources for it's lifeforms, those in power have and continue to pervert those resources to their own ends. Those billions spent on war machines are spent by those in control and often using the taxes or gotten money of those of us in their slavery. $44b PER YEAR is an awfully high and downright impossible number and there are certainly better ways to go about the fight against hunger, but again - that's the amount it would cost to fight hunger TODAY. What about when those 20 million people that have been born since January grow up and breed themselves? By the way, we're already up another 250,000 since yesterday when I posted that, so we'll hit that 20mil mark by the time you eat lunch tomorrow most likely.

Funny thing about that 20 million. That's about the number they go with regarding deaths in the Holocaust; easily the most horrific form of genocide humanity has recorded. Now, it takes 3 months to recover from a loss like that. Hmm.

Also, we appear to be the only 2 still involved in this thread which means our responses will yet again disappear into the vast void of the archives before long. As such, this is likely my final response and while I maintain that my solution is the only truly viable way to make the difference without suffering before we start seeing some really bad stuff over the next few decades, I want to thank you for debating with me and wish you well. And of course, I will check back for your final word response.

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posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 02:44 PM
a reply to: gottaknow

Hmmm. Honestly from reading the first few paragraphs of your post, it sounds more like you envy the wealthy. I'm well aware of the graphs & numbers showing the ridiculous amount of income inequality. But our fundamental difference is I simply don't think money is the answer. If someone's happy in life & isn't hurting anybody else, what else matters?

As for the middle & end of your post: I don't believe that reducing the population is going to make things easier for everyone else. People tend to forget that it's only been the last two hundred or so years since humankind's population hit 1 billion. I'm bringing this up because even though humankind's total number has increased sevenfold in that time, our life expectancy has also increased dramatically. And our cures & treatments are literally at a level never seen before in recorded history. So not only are there far more people now, but we're living longer and are healthier than ever (in recorded history). That literally means things are vastly better now, and yet you seem to think they're getting worse.

As for the $44 billion a year. That number was to end hunger for the entire world. You think that's a lot? The US government alone spends $2-$3 TRILLION dollars yearly just on the federal budget. That's $2,400 billion to $3,000 billion dollars. $44 billion is nothing compared to that. The US was spending $108 billion a year in Iraq & Afghanistan, and that wasn't even part of the yearly budget I mentioned earlier. And it's not like the US would have to pay for it, any group of countries or entities could pay for it. For example, the company PIMCO has at least $1-2 trillion in assets as we speak. $44 billion is nothing to them, either. So the cost of ending world hunger is relatively cheap if people actually wanted to do it.

As for the OP, it just depends on the type of "power" we're talking about. Political power won't matter as long as people submit to fiat money. Because whoever creates the fiat money will always be able to purchase those who accept it. And they can create an unlimited amount of it. That's why the rich keep getting richer. Because they can keep getting the 99% to trade their work, ideas, time, labor, bodies, resources, and even their lives for money that was created from thin air. Companies borrow this fake money then ration it out to those who help them accumulate more of it. Until we get back to some form of bartering (or find enough people who won't sell out the masses for money), I don't think the 99% can get more powerful in this society.

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posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 01:02 PM
Ohhh, you are wrong. You seem to know alot of history. And in history you can see what happen to those that think that they can control people and use them as slaves.

In what power m i talking? I m talking of the power of each individual person, not 99% vs 1%. I m talking about each individual person to gain their power. If we only move all people from scale 1 to scale 2 we already have more power in 99 vs 1. And to tell you the truth we only need few people at 100 and all other people at average at 10 and World will change.
(numbers are not correct but i hope you understand my point)

That why i ask in first opening topic what can each individual do to get some of the power. It is obvious he will never have more money than any of the 1%, unless he won a lottery ticket and that does not mean he will stay in 99%, it will most probably turn into 1%. And to tell you a sad story, many 99% people would turn to 1% if they had enough money. In other words, they will fight to collect more and more.

Anyway like many of you stated, we need to improve our selfs. So i would like to know some ideas how to get our brains working for us?

In last 5 years my life turned upside down, slowly, but this last year is extreme. I have some kind of feelings i did not have before. I recognize brainwashed people or dumb or whatever you want to call them. And most of the time information from my mouth are too big to talk with them and they go crazy and hostile. that why i would like to know how to bring this people brain to start working. By working i mean, to make them understand things, to question everything, to read labels on food, to know what is good and what is bad for them and such little things.

First step would be stop watching TV!!!
I mean, you can watch TV, but stop having your television turned on all day, your brain is picking all those little informations if your not even watching, also watch only things that interest you and at commercials try to turn of voice or even whole TV.

Please give me more ideas how to wake up dead brain! (i know some more ideas, but i would like to read what you guys think)

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