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Where did the White man come from?

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posted on Apr, 1 2015 @ 01:20 PM

originally posted by: new_here
a reply to: cooperton

The REASON these people became white is because their geographic latitude was far from the equator and they required less melanin in their skin to absorb sunlight

Eskimos and Inuits? (They do not fit your mold.)

Skin tone aside, why is it that Caucasians seem to have the most variance of hair and eye colors? For the most part, all other races have dark brown eyes and black hair. (It's not a given... I said for the most part.) Conversely, it is NOT uncommon to see Caucasians with hair that is blonde, auburn, brown, red... silky, frizzy, curly, limp, you name it. Greater variance in eye color than other races too. I have always found this fact odd, and more puzzling than anything about skin tone.

I had the same questions though I remeber reading a paper and they theorized it has to do with isolation. we have nordic groups isolated from ok another do to the large area of covetage. Each group developed diffrent traits only later to combine again.

So I guess the theory goes people in say asia might develop red hair peiple in Europe blonde the two meet and have a larger variance.

posted on Apr, 1 2015 @ 02:05 PM
a reply to: Blackmarketeer

I've also seen some research that seems to link them to the Kurds and the area typically ascribed to them, Western Media coincides geographically with what would be considered Kurdistan if the Iraqi, Turkish and Iranian Kurds were all granted autonomy so there is definitely a potential for legitimacy to the premise.

posted on Apr, 1 2015 @ 03:03 PM
a reply to: peter vlar

Ahaa that very book I had in my library on Grand Army Plaza (BLKYN) many many moons ago, yes I referenced Kramer a lot on this, however I do believe it wasn't hair type being referenced but skin type, after all whatever the ancient Mesopotamian were in terms of color, Black hair would dominate so much so it would have been ubiquitous and not at all remarkable having been to the Persian gulf on more than a few occasions, lite colored hair is still a rarity to be exotic but more than that, after Enil fashioning the Black headed people he went to Meluhaa to profusely blessed it, I'll repeat this passage after all in this case Meluhaa an entirely different country is involved

Then he proceeded to the land of Meluha. Enki, lord of the Abzu, decreed its fate:

221-237"Black land, may your trees be great trees, may your forests be forests of highland mes trees! Chairs made from them will grace royal palaces! May your reeds be great reeds, may they ......! Heroes shall ...... them on the battlefield as weapons! May your bulls be great bulls, may they be bulls of the mountains! May their bellowing be the bellowing of wild bulls of the mountains! The great powers of the gods shall be made perfect for you! May the francolins of the mountains wear cornelian beards! May your birds all be peacocks! May their cries grace royal palaces! May all your silver be gold! May all your copper be tin-bronze! Land, may all you possess be plentiful! May your people ......! May your men go forth like bulls against their fellow men!"

Meluhaa was later to be identified with Kush,
scroll down to pg276 -278 ^ Meluha is described as a place of Black men, Kramer identifies this place as Ethiopia aka Kush ,Magan is Egypt,the above made it clear they the Sumerians were not just talking about hair but nations of Black men which they included themselves,
And Later Assurbanipal was to boast thus.

On my first campaign I went against Magan (Egypt) and Meluhha (Ethiopia?). Taharqa, king of Egypt and Kush (Nubia) whom Esarhaddon, king of Syria, the father, my creator, defeated, whose land he ruled over, he, Taharqa forgot the might of Ashur and Ishtar and the great gods, my lords, and trusted in his own strength. Against the kings, the officials whom the father, my creator appointed in Egypt, he went in order to kill, rob and plunder Egypt. He entered behind them and took up residence inside Memphis, a city which the father, my creator, destroyed and annexed to the territory of Assyria. A courier came into Nineveh and reported to me. My heart became furious over these doings and my liver boiled with rage. I lifted my hands and prayed to Ashur and the Assyrian Ishtar. I gathered my mighty troops with whom Ashur and Ishtar filled my hand. I made them take the road to Egypt and Nubia. In the course of my campaign, 22 kings of the seaside, of the midst of the sea, and of the dry land, my subjects, carried their heavy gifts before me and kissed my feet. Those kings, together with their troops and their boats, on the sea and on dry land with my army, I made them take the course and path. In order to hasten aid to the kings, officials who were in Egypt, my subjects, I quickly marched, going as far as Kar-Banti. Taharqa, king of Egypt and Kush, heard the coming of my marmy in the midst of Memphis, and in order to do battle and combat with me, he levied his battle troops. With the aid of Ashur, Bel, Nabu, the great gods, my lords, who go at my side, defeated his army in battle on the wide plain. Inside Memphis Taharqa heard of the defeat of his army. The awe-inspiring radiance of Ashur and Ishtar overwhelmed him and he became frenzied. The fearsome brilliance of my majesty, with which the gods of heave and earth provisioned me, covered him, He abandoned Memphis and in order to save his life, he fled to the middle of Thebes. I took that city, I caused my army to enter and occupy it.

The above was largely propaganda off-course but the important thing is to remind folks that Meluhaa was most definitely linked to Kush in Assyrian times.
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posted on Apr, 1 2015 @ 08:05 PM
a reply to: dragonridr

Egyptians referred to that area as Ta-Khenset or God's land, Lands of the ancestors or beginning this was around southern Somalia Kenya Uganda area,or mountains of the moon.
Earlier on the pg over^^ in a response to you I made a boo boo Ta-Khenset does not mean God's land or Land of the ancestors it simply meant border land or frontier,Ta-Ntrr- Land of the gods (ancestors/"saints") which was East central Africa or Pwnt.
Ma bad.

posted on Apr, 1 2015 @ 11:09 PM
a reply to: coomba98

I'm about to wade into this (to quote Han ... "I've got a bad feeling about this ....") but quick answer and comments

Your classifications of humanity .... dated, dated and wrong, but we will go with it to avoid a repeat of some other threads where "race" come up.

"White" humans, homelands? There is a problem there, homelands. There is no such thing really. All humanity came out of africa to begin with, then over time we adapted, and once we got above the Sahara, we boinked other humans species (Neanderthals and Denisovians that we know of thus far). Now what was once classified as "Caucasioid/Caucasian" really means European (hey look post two told you). SO Europe, some of the middle east etc would be what you are looking for. But there is no home land really. Enviorment is to blame. So its why an Irish person, and an Itallian (both "Caucasian" in that classification) look so different. There is actually more variation within these old classifications than without (outside). Its why they are such a crappy bench mark.

Now culture? Thats not people, that's ideas. We do know that somewhere in the Russian Steps (well most likely, its complicated) the Proto Indo-European speaking peoples spread out, or their culture did. But there were "white" people before them. The Paleolithic, and Neolithic peoples are distinctly identifiable genetically. After that "migrations" are hard to find. Culture moves however, so it does not matter.

So it returns to "What do you mean by white people". Because the other groupings you listed.... are also really varied, and thats a problem. Even sub Saharan people are a wide variety of cultures, and appearances. Mind you that group is the MOST genetically diverse of all humanity (its how we have a pretty good idea that is where Homo sapiens came from there (there is other evidence, but that is not important here).

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