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Pending Book: The Truth About America

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posted on Dec, 19 2004 @ 05:37 PM
The Truth About America

Hello, My name is Bruce W Preston. I am currently a member of the United States Navy. I've been a member for over four years now. What I have observed read and understood about how today's society currently works under the political boundaries now in place in America have been truly overwhelming and totally priceless. It has inspired me to write a book called 'The Truth About America'. Now I've just recently started writing this book and I have to say, I have a long way to go in explaining to Americans the fullness of the truth about the country we serve. When I was younger, I wasn't told the truth because the people I knew at the time either weren't concerned about it, didn't know, or didn't care. And sadly enough, I didn't care either. It's okay not to care about people or things as long as you're taking care of yourself, right? Wrong. Not caring about what's going wrong in the world around us is exactly why our country is in the position it is in now. And what position is that? I am going to attempt to point it all out in my book, The Truth About America. My pre-introduction is available for you to read below. It's not complete of course, however, once you read some of my ideas, you'll see exactly what it is I'm trying to say.

The Truth About America

Pre-Introduction To My Book

The Truth About America points out many of the underlying weaknesses that exist within the realm of this country. Several of them include: Environment, Government and Political Structure, Industry, Health, Economy, Foreign Relations, Culture, Education, Religion, Technology and America’s Future. One of the most important things we as individuals must do is be keenfully aware of our surroundings as well as know the truth about the realities we are facing in the world around us today. There is a false perception that America should be doing more to help other countries when in reality, we have more than enough problems of our own to deal with. We create even more problems when we interact and conduct business affairs with these countries. The Truth About America will educate anyone who has a deep desire to understand exactly what is going wrong with this country. I dedicate myself to informing you the reader about the serious nature of the truths that exist in our very country today. I can see the future of America. Sadly enough, it isn't a good vision I see for us. The most amazing thing to me is the amount of people who aren't even aware of the real issues affecting America. (There are many of us who may not even care.) Some people even believe that America is the best country in the world and that there is nothing wrong with the way America operates. And well, that's exactly why I wrote this book. Many of us as Americans struggle because we refuse to humble ourselves. We continually deny or try to hide our fallacies. We believe that what we are doing is right and we try to explain our problems away as if they don’t exist. But the truth is, we’re a mess. Our society, the very foundation of our culture is out of balance. This is mainly why crime and corruption besieges us. Outside of our friends, family and loved ones, many of us don’t look out for one another nor even consider ourselves to be one great community. We instead see ourselves as individuals trying to survive in this confusing world. That is many times the excuse we use for our own selfishness. Many of us also believe that the problems of people other than whom we associate with are not our problems. We make ourselves inferior to those whom we normally wouldn’t associate with. This is truly the foundation of all our problems because our selfishness causes us to close ourselves to a limited resource of people, knowledge, and truth. This selfishness is directly linked to the amount of significant problems we’re currently facing. This mindset that exists within our individual lives continually grows on us as many of us get older, get important jobs, and place ourselves in a position to make decisions that are going to affect all of us as a whole. It is our mindset that's going to hurt us. I’m referring to the mindset that continually says ‘me first’. Just as an individual will tell him or herself that, America as a whole will say the same thing. That is the motto of America: ‘America First’. That is what other countries perceive when they look at us. That’s also what our government says without regard to the fact that there are other countries out there that deserve just as much right to live and thrive in this world as we do. We’re so concerned about our shortage of resources; but we’re the ones actually consuming them and taking them from other countries not realizing the fact that we should be creating our own. We’re mass-producing food without compromise while at the same time poisoning it with pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides and eroding the soil because we believe we know how to garden. We know everything already. That’s why we’re the ones polluting the planet, our nation is trillions of dollars in debt, we have more enemies than allies, we are proliferated with diseases and health care issues, and because of this we appear to be destined for doom. If we don’t wake up soon, the future of America will stay in jeopardy until something disastrous happens. If I could sum up the sins of America in three words, they would be negligence, carelessness, and selfishness. There are several critical questions every American should ask themselves as they go about their daily lives: 1.) Are we ready to admit our faults and face the fact that we’re not a completely stable country? 2.) Are we really completely, holistically developed as a country? 3.) Will we ever learn how to operate harmoniously as a country or will we continue to live separately? 4.) Will we ever find the solutions to the internal problems that are limiting the potential of this great country? 5.) Are we ready to humble ourselves, stop making selfish decisions, and work towards a more open-minded, holistic, and truly unified representation of ourselves?

Introduction: What is America?
Anyone who believes him or herself to be a true American wants the best for themselves as well as for their country. In today’s American society, we have enjoyed many of the comforts of advanced technology in knowledge, health, industry, communication, transportation, laborsaving devices, etc. We are the hosts literally thousands of other discoveries and applications in every field imaginable. Our scientific advancements have enabled us to explore the universe beyond our solar system, create the most powerful computers using extremely minute yet highly intricate microprocessors and microchips, and understand the highly engineered complexities of our own bodies. We have explored above and beyond what our previous ancestors couldn’t even begin to see. Our culture defines who we are as a nation and today we strive to be a nation of cultural diversity, integration, community and sophistication. Many of our homes are completely modernized and equipped with many things we may take for granted like the refrigerator, toilet, shower, washer and dryer, sofas, lawn mower, bullet-proof windows, built-in fire place, furnace/ air-conditioning systems, wireless phone, television, dining sets, carpet and hardwood floors, stone/brick foundations, etc. We hardly ever walk anywhere we go because we have fancy cars to drive in (even if we don’t have cars, we can use alternate forms of transportation such as buses, trains, or airplanes for long distance travel). We are protected by a government that boasts a solid military and the most stable economy in the world under a form of government called democracy, which by definition is a government where the people are represented, are the source of political power, and whom actively participate in the law-making process under the principle of majority rule. But what are the costs we pay for our freedoms?

On The Road To Disaster

Part I
Our Environment and Pollution
America’s Environmental Decay
If there is any proof that we as Americans need to change whole-heartedly, it will undoubtedly come from the environment. There are some issues that affect a few of us at a time. This is one that affects all of us all the time. Everything from the food we eat to the fuel that drives are engines comes from the Earth.
There are several fundamental problems that places the value of our environment on the endangered list.
Air—it’s all around us. We as humans need it to breathe and most importantly to live. All living things need air to survive. We as humans use air for many different purposes. Could you imagine how life would be without air? There would be no hair dryers, no laundry dryers, no air heaters, no airplanes, etc. You get my point. The list could go on forever. Not only is the very existence of air is essential to all living beings, but also the quality of the air we breathe is without a doubt a vital necessity. How well is the quality of the air we breathe here in America? In 1998 The U.S. EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] published a report saying that 100% of the outdoor air in the continental U.S. is contaminated with eight cancer-causing industrial chemicals at levels that exceed EPA's "benchmark" safety standards. All eight are carcinogens, that is, they are known to cause cancer: bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate; benzene; carbon tetrachloride; chloroform; ethylene dibromide; ethylene dichloride; formaldehyde; and methyl chloride. (Source: Rachel’s Environment & Health News.) This is pretty alarming news. What does this mean for us Americans as individuals? It means our health is already in grave danger. It means no matter where we go in the United States we’re continuously exposed to poisonous air that is slowly and silently killing us while more than half of Americans walking around may not have tiniest clue about. The worst part is, there is no proof or guarantee that these conditions will improve in the future considering the fact that many of the industrial factories that produce these very chemicals are still actively in business today because they create many of the products we Americans use and consume on a daily basis such as foods, lumber, metals, chemicals, and other industrial products. Many of these industries form the foundations of our so-called stable economy; The U.S. is the largest single emitter of carbon dioxide in the world.
Sources Of Air Pollution
Industries are the number one source of air pollution in the United States.
Sources Of Water Pollution
While working as a member of the United States Navy, I served on board the recently decommissioned USS Ticonderoga. We took a five-month cruise and traveled to Mexico, The Caribbean Area, Cuba and South America. The very first port we pulled into was a place called Cozumel, Mexico. Before we expedited this cruise, I’d never been outside of the continental United States. As our ship pulled closer and closer to shore, I glared at the most beautiful water I’d ever seen in my life. The sun was shining and its rays were glittering beautifully from the exterior of its surface. You could see clear to the ocean bottom and the water remained clear throughout our approach to the foreign pier. The question that stood out the most in my head was, "Why on earth is this water so clear and so beautiful? How come "our" water doesn't look like this?" Any time our ship would travel from one part of the United States to the other, whether it was Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, or Maine, the water all looked the same. It appeared to be extremely polluted beyond repair. You could barely see two inches below the surface. Before I saw the beautiful waters of Cozomuel, Mexico, I hadn't even given the current state of our water any thought whatsoever. I just assumed that this was the way our water was supposed to look. I accepted it as normal.
Factory Farms produce an overly significant amount of runoff from herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and fertilizer spraying. And where does this runoff end up? In our water.
Natural Resources
Animal Extinction
Over 11,000 different types of species in the world are considered endangered. That is an overwhelming quantity and that isn’t even close to the number of animals that actually die every year in America alone.
Waste Products and Garbage

Part II
Our Government and Political Structure
A Cause For Political Concern
What would happen if our American empire suddenly collapsed? Can you imagine complete chaos? What would happen to our military, our economy, our people and our land? Are we completely immune from such a tragic and devastating doomsday? I personally wouldn’t bet on it. There are several major external threats that confront the American nation, and I’m inclined to believe that these might be capable of provoking our empire's downfall. For one, our government hasn’t paid sufficient attention to terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, information warfare, and other political threats. Secondly, there exists political and moral tension created by our empire's possession of three-quarters of the world gross product for consumption with less than a fifth of the world's population. What about the rise of government secrecy? The fact is that the Department of Homeland Security is making its employees swear to silence and criminalizing the disclosure of information to the public. They force them to sign non-disclosure agreements and if violated they could lose their jobs and suffer civil or criminal penalties to make sure that excessive government secrecy will be enforced. Secretary Of State Colin Powell even mentioned, “The Cold War culture of government secrecy has crippled the nation’s ability to fight terrorism.”
Bending The Rules (To The Extreme)
Negotiators from several different countries including the United States convened in Prague, Czech Republic On December 16, 2004, The Bush Administration announced to farmers and International
Campaign Finance
One of the most ongoing issues of political reform is campaign finance. Apparently, it is possible for wealthy donors, labor unions and tax-exempt groups to give millions of dollars to political campaigns even though laws exist that bar such partisan activity from taking place.

Part III
Our Industry
Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution began early in the nineteenth century. The basis for how the industrial revolution began was a variety of ingenious inventions that sparked demand for machines and mass-production.
Industrial Farms
Power Plants
Steel Factories

Part IV
Our Health
Health Care
Heart Disease, Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, Asthma, Impotence, Osteoporosis, Obesity, STDs, Epilepsy,
Food Industries
Food For Health or Death?
The Myths of Industrial Agriculture: Myth: Industrial food is safe, healthy and nutritious. Truth: Industrial agriculture contaminates our vegetables and fruits with pesticides, slips dangerous bacteria into our lettuce, and put genetically engineered growth hormones in our milk. It’s not surprising that cancer, food borne illness and obesity are at an all time high. (Source: Book—Fatal Harvest; Andrew Kimbrell) I cannot tell you how much I have changed my life once I found out how badly the food industries right here in the heart of America raises the produce that many Americans consume everyday. Many of us wouldn’t think twice about walking into a supermarket and purchasing foods that we assume to be safe to eat. Do we really know the contents of every single food we place into our holistic bodies? Are we precisely aware of how the farming industry works?
Methyl Bromide is a ozone depleting pesticide currently being used in fruit farms to grow strawberries, tomatoes and other crops.
Of course you know that there are several kinds of food
Pharmaceutical Industry
If the Pharmaceutical Industry is such a profitable one, then why are there still millions of people out there with serious health problems? Why are Pharmaceutical Companies making over 800 million dollars in profits for each new drug discovery? Is there a pill for every single disease in America? Speaking of America, how come we’re the nation with so many health issues? I believe we as a nation are experiencing epidemics as worse as any other advanced nation in history.

Part V
Our Economy
“Money is the green glue that holds this country together. It is the one thing that we as Americans can wholistically identify with. Aside from that, we’re completely separate.” Anonymous
“If money is the root of all evil, then America is the root of all evil.” Anonymous
Stable or Unstable
Our economy is constantly expanding. Everyday new products are making its way from the production factories to the stocking selves of hundreds to thousands of retail stores and supermarkets across the nation. More and more resources are being consumed to create the thousands of different products that are now being distributed today.
Aside from the fact that our world economy is currently in trouble, the U.S. which accounts for over two-thirds of the world economy
What Is Outsourcing? A dictionary’s definition states that outsourcing is “the procuring of services or products such as the parts used in manufacturing a motor vehicle from an outside supplier or manufacturer in order to cut costs”.

Part VI
Our Foreign Relations
Drug Trafficking

Part VII
American Culture and Tradition
Crime and Corruption
Crime and Corruption shouldn't exist in this world. It only exists as a result of the failures of our past. We need to continually figure out ways to harmoniously improve ourselves as human beings so that we can eliminate the faults that are limiting our potential.
A true practitioner of any faith should without question respect the “freedom of religion” of others as well as their desire to connect with a higher power.
If there is any country that should be guilty of separatism, it should be the United States. It’s peculiar to me how we as Americans can easily point out the problems of other countries but fail to realize that the same problems we try to point out in other countries outside of our political boundaries can very well be found to equal or greater intensity within them. The United States has been practicing separatism for many years. The United States was founded on separatism. There is no argument here because for one, the definition of separatism states: separatism is a movement to obtain sovereignty and split a territory or group of people, usually a people with a distinctive national consciousness from one another. Our government has surely established its sovereignty over the entire world with our economy and military. Secondly, history tells how we separated ourselves from Great-Britian, evidence of which can be found in the Declaration of Independence. The separatism that founded our country has evolved with all of us in our society over time and is clearly seen in us from people of other countries because many of us don’t recognize it ourselves. We continually separate ourselves but it doesn’t offend us. In other words, we want to be separate. Further proof of separatism can be observed in such statements as “He is violating my personal space.” In our political regions we can find more evidence of separatism by the existence of states, cities, counties, neighborhoods, buildings, and homes. We continually create more boundaries within boundaries. It would make us completely uncomfortable if we had to live in a large building and share it with many different kinds of people as opposed to living in our own homes and apartments. In the workplace, you seldom find people working together as a unit. Instead, everyone has their own offices or cubicles to hide in. We conduct meetings when we want everyone in management to convene in one place. Our country has smaller families living together in one house, the number of single Americans that currently exist in our society are much higher than the amount of married people. We have the highest divorce rates in the world. , the constant will to be independent and free,
The idea to keep Religion and Government apart is a direct act of separatism. It creates a conflict of interest amongst people who live within the boundaries of both. Government and Religion will always be a part of our society and the two can very well co-exist. The bottom line is this: It is unrealistic, unwise, and just plain ridiculous to attempt to separate the two.
Cultural Diversity

Our Education
Are Children Really Our Future?
Earlier this year, the Education Department assumed that 3,000 to 5,000 schools would be failing by the end of the year. Statistics currently show that students in 8,600 schools have failed to meet learning standards. What this means is the government already knows that our current education system is failing. Even more intriguing are the reasons why. The United States currently has about 91,000 public elementary and secondary schools.
Personal Experiences in the Public Education System
I remember going to school way back when I was very young and new to the world. School was a social culture for children all over America. When I was in kindergarten, my whole mindset was ‘how awesome school was’ to me. I believed in my teachers, I enjoyed playing with my classmates, and above all I enjoyed learning. I understood from day one, the purpose and importance of school. Through the years, I continued to accelerate my knowledge and understanding of everything that I’d been taught and I always looked forward to what the teachers and what the books had to teach me. I believed that everything I read in a book or heard from a teacher was the truth. In grammar school, I got excellent grades and teachers saw the tremendous potential within me. I would often hear them have conversations about me and they would brag about how wonderful of a student I was. I have to say that when it came to school, I just did everything I was supposed to do and more. I knew that school was my most valuable resource next to my family and I treated it as such. I absorbed everything and I sacrificed my time as well, staying long after school ended to volunteer or participate in school events. I graduated from grammar school, as valedictorian, an award I beforehand, didn’t even know existed. I continued into high school with the same mindset but under different circumstances. My high school wasn’t three blocks away like my grammar school was meaning I had to use public transportation to get there everyday, which meant I (well, my mother) had to spend money. School was now becoming an investment. There were all sorts of fees that had to be paid in order for me to continue my education, which at the time truly wasn’t totally a concern of mine at all. There was also great deal of homework that was assigned to me for every major class I’d taken.
At the same time, I found myself involved with a neighborhood community center called The Agape Community Center. It was like my second home. I invested a great deal of my time there because I was surrounded by people who weren’t exactly a product of the culture I was being raised in but at the same time understood my needs and were there for me when I needed them.
Potent Concerns Of The Public School System
There are four areas of concern that form the foundations of the problems with the education system.
Part IX
Our Technology

Part X
The Future Of America

posted on Dec, 19 2004 @ 05:43 PM
A sense of deja vu pervades my immediate conscious.

What's up with thie being repeated? Is there something in the works?

Lying and self-serving government, fraud and corruption, media manipulation, propaganda and disinformation, zealous litigiousness and complicit judiciaries, would all seem to warrant discussion in your chapter called The Untruth In America.

posted on Dec, 19 2004 @ 08:00 PM
I believe this is the third time you have posted this same text as a new thread. ATS is a discussion board not a personal publishing forum for people that want to receive feedback for what they have written. Hopefully you will start to understand this and act in a way that benefits the community.

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