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What if the world has already ended.. Now hear me out.. Kinda got proof.. sorta..

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posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 12:10 PM
a reply to: gerg357

Well time isn't really all that linear from the grand perspective...So yes it's already ended. We just live linear lives.
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posted on Apr, 4 2015 @ 09:31 AM
To me, this makes sense to a degree. This is all connecting dots on different things I've read, and encountered with experiences, then the next stepping stone would appear in a topic or article or video, that would be in the same area of a recent experience.

If the multiverse, infinite reality, full spectrum of Light and Energy, of which we only see a tiny amount, akin to picking up 98.5 FM on the radio, but not anything else, is like a picture of orbs, skin cells, (they seem similar in an As Above So Below kind of way, as if our reality is mirrored from something organic, and according to Native Ancient Knowledge, at places near running waters, the walls/membranes between the cells/worlds are thin and contact occurs, good and bad stuff. Higher levels and Lower, more dense.

If this all holographic rooms and realities, schools and assignments, experiences, then as my Higher Self said, "Do you think you really leave home?" We haven't left home, we're experiencing.

Time is not constant, its in the mind, and different realms experience time in different ways, "higher" and "lower" as we perceive them. So to a Higher Up, we're not moving very fast, we can even be standing still, so they're viewing this as a graphic novel. To another, they could be viewing this as a DVD or movie.

When you look at the mountains and cliffs and see all the faces, some human looking, animals, and even odd reptilian or et looking, and then the next year there is some change, the faces have changed, it makes me think of the realms and the multiverse bubbles, and that there is a realm in which things move very slowly to us, almost not perceptible, unless you're really noting from year to year, that is all around us in nature, but its really something else, those mountains are like barriers between realms. And we're seeing the surface of this.

This is all theory. But it starts to make sense of the things I've noted for years.

Now the DVD aspect, and not leaving home. If earth and the universe, that probably recycles in parts, for this digital type reality, like a self regulating system, already had its run, this could very well be akin to taking the DVD off the shelf, it could be very old and dusty one at that, and playing it again and joining in again for the experiences, or lessons, or to make changes, or to nudge someone forward who needed some help. Because while there may be an outline to the story that already occurred, a fixed timeline, anything to do with souls engaged in it is not fixed, outcomes of souls are not fixed, in the way that when you put on the 3D viewer and join in a game, you're the player, and the game is fixed.

This could be a replay of the DVD.
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