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Christians, Dare To Show Yourselves And S&F And Leave A Comment On THIS Thread.

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posted on Mar, 28 2015 @ 12:25 PM

Do you need a new private jet or something?

posted on Mar, 28 2015 @ 12:32 PM

originally posted by: HD3DSURROUNDSOUND
The worldly powers that be have criminalized, alieniated and attempted to destroy this ONE TRUE message of salvation from Jesus to the world, but...

I sure hope you've taken extensive lengths to hide your identity with your use of this forum! I mean, you're talking about Jesus! And the worldy powers criminalize that, right? That's why no one identifies with Christianity in the's illegal...

Oh wait, that's not true, millions of people are open Christians, and it's the most popular religion in the western what's all this 'criminalization' you speak of? Just more complete BS?

posted on Mar, 28 2015 @ 02:33 PM

No stars or flags. I'm Christian, but don't agree with you on the "only way" bs. And don't bother trying to tell me I'm not a true Christian if I don't believe your interpretation. The Bible was not written by the Hand of God, and so I don't give 100% of it merit, especially the parts that clearly make no sense.

posted on Mar, 28 2015 @ 02:42 PM

What an excelent exercise. Bravo! I'm checking in.
I have to give your thread a flag so it can be seen.
And I give you a star as a sign of love. Love is the commandment of the Lord, isn't it?
At first I thought it's not clever enough but not at all. Sure you can demand love and call for heads up!
The participation of those who try to judge your imperfection is almost funny. Who is judged here in the end? The lack of more Jesus' lovers is somehow expected as they may play another game here or just hesitate to stay politically correct. Your OP is perfectly christian without embellishments.
I say let's play the game and give it thousand of S/F just because you can give stars as you can give love.

To the second part. To me Jesus is who He said He is. The Lord and God's own manifestation. I see no reason to doubt His words or seek for a doubt poison. May I will be blessed with the dust of His feet in the end even when I'm denying Him everyday with my own deeds and the lack of love. No other path on this world is strong enough against evil nor redemptive and free of charge. I know I must learn sweet obedience and to root love and purity till it's still time or I'll get smashed when my own judgement day comes. The Lord is judging nations without love with His love commandment.
People usually don't kill one another with love. Aren't we ankle-deep in blood? I know my own shame will kill me when blessed to see His Face for a fleeting second without any love-history. It's the only thing I have to realise here on my earth's stressfull pilgrimage.
However my words are probably empty as I read it now 'cause I have little in common with Jesus recently. My eyes have no vision. Just a mind talk in a world of darkness.
Keep it up! Gotta go now and will rethink it later and maybe come with something better

posted on Mar, 28 2015 @ 03:01 PM

originally posted by: HD3DSURROUNDSOUND

Don't forget to S&F


posted on Mar, 28 2015 @ 08:04 PM

originally posted by: ccseagull
Hello again WakeUpBeer - I agree, proof of things is good. For me there is enough proof in the Bible of past prophecy coming to fruition and I can see prophecy unfolding in the world now. There is enough physical evidence in this world that backs up the Bible – for me anyway. Again, these are just my beliefs.

I disagree that any prophecy has been fulfilled, or that there is physical evidence to back up the Bible. I'm curious as to what you consider “smoking guns” of proof though.

I completely agree – too many people have twisted the words of the Bible for their own benefit and hidden the truth from those who didn’t have access to what the Bible said. We can go all the way back in history and prove how the Bible wasn’t allowed in the hands of regular folk, or how church leaders give a nice Sunday service but don’t reveal all the Bible has to offer. Unfortuantely, there are many church leaders now who have lost their faith but don’t know what else to do and so they continue to lead their church and the Holy Spirit is missing. This is where personal accountability comes in. But I believe many people don’t want to know the truth as that means they are accountable and they know how they should be living but it’s too easy to slack off and be a lazy Christian.

We can also go back and see how the various texts that ended up in the Bible were influenced by the surrounding cultures and such, of those who wrote them (Take Zoroastrianism for example). And see that there are different versions of some of the texts. How do we know the versions we have are the inspired ones?

For me I believe the Bible is the word of God, that he inspired humans to write it down.

Why isn't God a better author? Did he not foresee that the numerous inconsistencies and contradictions would cause some people to ask themselves if the words really came from divine inspiration? Or how the Bible can be read in various ways making it so that there is no clear message? Why wait so long in the course of human history to inspire the scriptures? Why wait to have the Bible compiled? Why wait even longer to have those Bibles in the hands of the everyday person to read them?

I didn’t make the rules, God did. He created me. So there’s a lot I have struggled with such as homosexuality. I know God says it is wrong and I have to trust him, but I am not going to judge anyone on it. I believe it has to be more than just a choice for homosexuals. It’s no different than my own struggle with depression. I didn’t ask for it, I’ve changed my diet, done this, done that but I can’t seem to make it go away. So I say live and let live. I will continue to love homosexuals and have them in my life. I am not going to belittle them or say they are evil or wrong. That is between them and God. But yes, I completely agree with you: “One man’s message from God is another man’s lie from the devil. And I think I understand what God means now when he warns that not everyone will make it into the kingdom of heaven, e.g. King James 2000 Bible - “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.”

Well my point was, what are the rules? There are Christians who read the scripture and find an interpretation that shows according to the New Testament homosexuality isn't a sin. They pray about it and everything. On the other hand, you have the exact opposite interpretations and messages from God. So which guy is getting real approval from God and which guy isn't? Could it be more likely that the persons personal beliefs on homosexuality (or anything) are going to effect the outcome of their internal dialogue with “God”. You said before that one only needs to open their heart to the Lord. Why is he giving out mixed messages? What's the deal with the messages from God during periods like the Inquisitions?

That sounds like I know I’m going to make it and I do believe I will, but only because I do everything with all sincerity with Jesus at the head of all I do. And so saying that, even those we humans think can’t possibly make it, well who are we to say? Only God can decide.

From a Christian perspective, I would agree with you. Only God knows.

My take on the devil – he roams about looking for ways to steal, meaning where do we let him in? If I watch porn tonight I’ll have allowed him legal access into my life, to wreck havoc.

What makes porn evil!? Haha but seriously.. What makes porn evil? I can see where it could be a problem in a marriage or can be addictive. But does watching porn automatically open a door for the devil?

If I don’t pray for protection then I haven’t requested God to intervene. So my thoughts on God are that he is always watching, always wanting to intervene but we have to request him to. Otherwise freewill is meaningless.

Freewill is meaningless to God, despite what you may think. There are plenty of scenarios and situations where God does and has played with the freewill of men. Idk if you saw my morality thread, but I touch on it there. A perfect example of this though, is the story of the Exodus. The constant hardening of Pharaoh's heart. There are also other examples. So freewill isn't exactly a priority to God.

I consider it my job in a sense, as well as a way to stop the devil in his tracks, to pray for everyone I see when I’m out and about. I pray for healing over those that are visibly sick or seem sad, in the doctor’s office, I pray for God to intervene in people’s lives when I see something on the news or I am wondering about abused children. This is something I can do, ask God to intervene in other people’s lives that I don’t even know exist. I think that’s what every Christian should be doing. Not for rewards or my own glory but so that I can act as a conduit for the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of others and to defeat the devil’s influence in other people’s lives and to glorify God.

You seem to be a genuinely good person.

Continued below.

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posted on Mar, 28 2015 @ 08:04 PM

I am really enjoying sharing our thoughts on our beliefs. I am fascinated by people that have had faith and then have lost it. And I’ll be honest, at times I struggle with feelings of doubt thinking am I insane to believe in a being that supposedly made everything and then look at how this world is so out of control. This world is out of control but God has it all under control. And if we think of time as a human concept then it’s easier to understand how God is watching over everything and that what he knew would play out is playing out because there is no such thing as time. And at the time that he deems fit then He will step in. So when I feel doubt I just remind myself that I am a human flesh ball and if I put all the pieces of all the stuff I’ve looked at over the years and they fit – like a puzzle that is there before us but so incredible, almost too wild to believe. And the Bible backs it up. I have been studying faith healing and have had good results. Nothing miraculous, but almost miraculous. It is my personal walk that continues to grow.

I'm enjoying this conversation as well. Again though, I disagree with the Bible backing things up. In a way that would prove Christianity of course. One thing I find interesting is the bit of doubt you sometimes have. I see it as a positive, and would seek to take advantage of that to de-convert you. But if any attempts were made I think it would only solidify your position more. Because I would be fulfilling prophecy in a way. Being a wolf, or tool of the Devil in these supposed end times.

About ufos - but first, the candy trail I mentioned, ha, ha - it was my own personal take on what I found - tantalizing tid bits of paranormal goodies that kept leading me deeper and deeper, and in turn it kept leading me farther away from God. The more I tried to understand the more bizarre it became and the more frustrating. Once I realized what sasquatch really is (demonic) and how other crytpids behave, i.e.: dogman, then I see the similarities. They're demons but just a week bit different and I think it's to entice every different type of person and it leads to the same end result.

All those subjects are fascinating. Despite living here in Sasquatch country (Oregon) I've never witnessed one.
I have a pretty interesting shadow person story though. I wouldn't go so far as to say all those things are demonic though. Not that it would make me any less terrified to end up face to face with one (Sasquatch that is)!

I do believe that aliens are demons. Anytime one is having alien encounters and use the name of Jesus they flee. This indicates demonic forces.

Yes, I have heard that. Though I'm inclined to not believe that is the actual case. It would be hard to prove one way or the other though. I'm personally not convinced alien encounters are necessarily real. At least not all of them. It's a huge complex subject though, of course. Whatever is going on, using the name of Jesus to get them to flee, would probably not work if those words came from a non believer. Too bad we can't easily run some experiments.

I used to wonder how we will be living in the end days, like the days of Noah. How could it be that we would be interacting with nephilim, giants? Another ATS poster posted a Sid Roth video a few weeks ago, on the Creation topic I believe, and I watched it and suddenly it made sense. These alien abductions where eggs and fetuses are harvested, medical experiments being performed - sheer terror - demons are messing with human dna, making hybrids, and this is their way of polluting human dna. And they could be downsizing the nephilim and making them appear as humans but inside they are not humans. So in this way I can easily see how we can be living as the days of Noah and not even be aware that we are working, marrying and hanging with hybrids.

Again, another conspiracy theory I am familiar with and find very interesting. I used to be a huge Stephen Quayle fan, and he talks a lot about this subject.

If I may ask, was your past relationship with God a personal relationship? As I mentioned I used to think God was angry, that he hated me, that I was a filthy human, yet he created me. I was so confused. I have come to know Jesus as real as any other person I interact with daily. And I see him interacting with me in the way he answers my prayers and communes with me. I don't think anyone can know him unless they have that intimate relationship. I only ask because I have often wondered about people who have given up their faith to one of non faith.

You can ask me anything! Pick apart my brain if you want. I would say that yes, my past relationship with God was personal. When I initially became a Christian as a child, it was unforced and completely up to me. There were times, especially in the early days, where I felt Jesus speaking to me. Leading me to do this or that. It wasn't a go to church on Sunday then put the Bible down for the rest of the week type thing. Well, not the whole time. My path to atheism was a long one. It's not as if I went from speaking to Jesus one day to disregarding him the next. It was in my teens I didn't read the Bible as much, and eventually stopped going to church. I can't recall when I quit praying but it was in more recent years.

Well I hope that all made sense. I lost my writing half way through and I have a doozie of a headache and can't seem to do anything right today. I am going to go and have a nap. It's been a pleasure sharing thoughts with you.


Take care ccseagull!

posted on Mar, 29 2015 @ 12:45 AM
a reply to: WakeUpBeer

WakeUpBeer - I've been on the go all day. Will get back to you. Time for some zzzzz's

posted on Mar, 29 2015 @ 04:10 PM

originally posted by: HD3DSURROUNDSOUND

(Let's make this one huge!) I want this to be a (who is Jesus personally to me) megathread.

Don't forget to S&F and comment sincerely on this: who is JESUS to me.

Howzit dude, from a fellow South African
My reply is harsh, but not ill-intended (believe it or not).

To me Jesus is... an imaginary, made up fairy tale by people who are trying to impose cultural control over me. Christianity is a hijacked, modified, tribal religion, useful only for social control.

I grew up Christian - my mother is a pastor. I've been through the whole emotional fight to get free - it took me 20 years (of time that could've been spent doing something more enjoyable).

Christianity IS the ONLY true way to heaven and we can share this message so God can save a few who hear.

Ok... the burden of proof is on you. Please prove your words - or live life as a swindler and a liar. Can you PROVE the *identity* of your God without your Bible? Can you prove the existence (of your flavour) of heaven or hell? If you can't, what are the implications?

The worldly powers that be have criminalized, alieniated and attempted to destroy this ONE TRUE message of salvation from Jesus to the world, but...

Proof dude... claims like this need proof. Yes the world is a mess... but honestly, most of it could even be Jesus' fault... he's in control... isn't he? And if he is and letting all of this happen... well... what good is he? Is he worth worshipping?

There are those of us who still hold fast to this ONE TRUTH.

"NOTION" is the right word... not "truth." Truth is only truth when you can prove it to be so...

S&F if you are one of Jesus children, thanks.

Jesus to me is... My love, my life, my freedom, my God, my king, my future and so much more. He is my eternal life and everything pure, holy and good. He showed me holiness over filth and blessings over curses. I am in Him and He is in me. My creator, my father, my friend. My savior. I would happily die to be with Him forever. He is the creator of ALL things. I LOVE HIM and will eternally. He is beauty and power. He is GOD... as a man.

Thanks and good luck brothers and sisters, Jesus be with you always.

Shot bru.

Proof... yet again you only have fuzzy feelings to express; feelings can be inaccurate - and unfortunately, subjective.

No offense intended man... its nice seeing a fellow South African on the board...

Which is why I guess I had to respond

Have a good one,
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posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 12:19 AM
a reply to: JDmOKI

I wouldn't call skepticism wolves howling. It is a natural tendency to question and seek out answers - DENY IGNORANCE a place to lay it's head. Because of the weird and geeky way the author pimps out Jesus for stars and flags of course there are going to be people who mention it. But I think he or she is going to get a great many that will be happy to agree and even happier to star, flag and comment. Right on the verge of Sainthood most people are, if Saints resemble ordinary people and criminals that is. lol Still, even saying that, I have more respect for someone like this OP who takes a chance and sets himself up for ridicule to defend a belief, than someone who says nothing and takes no position, but plays both sides of the coin to be safe. Those people have no personal integrity - they will go whichever way the wind blows them.

posted on Mar, 30 2015 @ 12:11 PM
I think life and the way should be about thoughts and actions. I too think that Jesus is the way but actions of S&F not so much. Why would pervert His actions to serve your needs?

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 10:36 AM
a reply to: HD3DSURROUNDSOUND Great thread, Jesus is the light that I follow. If everyone followed the light, the world would be a difference place. Without him I don't think there would not happiness, pursuit of money, sex and power are false paths.

That's for me.

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 12:52 PM

I respect your beliefs and your choice and freedom to believe in what you choose.

My reason to being drawn to this topic is to just actually gain an understanding to your understanding of what you understand when reading the Bible (three understandings lol). Its clear that not once does the Old or New testaments (Injeed) actually profess that Jesus is god, nor son of god.

Furthermore from reading the Bible i get the notion that many of the incorporated beliefs of modern Christians are self added, but i doubt that many Christians actually read and understand the bible, as if they did they would understand that the bible is against idolism(cross,statues of Jesus or Mary) , the bible is against polytheism (trinity), dealing money in the place of worship(offering) .

i don't want to mine any more of this large ice berg, if you could just show me the understanding you get to believe what you believe.

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